Smile-Gang 518 – More Interesting Search Engine Results

水樹奈々 スマイルギャング 第518回

Long opening for Smile-Gang this week. It almost feels like we got two “Head Nanau” corner. ^^;;

A little bit of a warning. This post is written under the influence of medicine. So if any part of this sounds weird, blame it on that and my weak immune system. XP

The reason Nana sounded so excited right from the beginning was due to having her mail being read on Konya mo nama de Sada Masashi. It’s as she posted on her blog a couple of days ago; during Music Fair, while talking with Sada Masashi and saying that she’s a big fan of his show, he told her to send in a letter for the mail reading section. And obviously, she did. XD Her mail was very random though. She asked “Please tell me how to be a better MC.” Hilariously, Sada’s reply was “Uh, I’m a singer.” XDD
What’s funny to note was that when Misato realized it was that show, she was shocked and reveals that, under the influence of her friends, she’s a fan of that show too. XD

The Head Nanau corner itself was about Doraemon. As some of you may know, Nana has a role in the most recent Doraemon movie. As with most movies, they held events for it. The one main thing you that will always appear for movies aimed at kids would be — mascot costumes. At first, Nana compliments the people in those costumes. These people seem to be moving and dancing nonstop during the entire event, despite having limited vision.

Anyway, there’s a part where they act out a little play. The mascot costume does the physical acting whereas the seiyuu voices them. For the most part, it’s a normal course of event for both seiyuu and mascot costume actors.

Except something out of the ordinary happened on stage this time. In the words of Nana: “Tragedy struck.” In an unplanned happening…

Doraemon fell flat on his face.

Cue seiyuu and their adlib skills to the rescue. Doraemon, as we all know (or SHOULD know — because you’ve got to have been living under a rock not to know Doraemon) is a robotic cat. The impression I’m getting from Nana’s initial words is that… Because Doraemon is a robot, falling flat on his face wouldn’t result in much injury. ^^;; Um, ok? I guess that’s kind of true…? Except, I know our beloved Doraemon is fully capable of feeling pain. I hope they didn’t forget that little detail. XD;;
That aside, Nana is glad that they were doing the voice acting live instead of having it pre-recorded or else… The recording will continue playing while Doraemon is still on the ground. ^^;;

To end off, Nana hopes everyone will go watch the movie. =3

Up next is the quiz corner. There is one month left for Nana to accumulate 10000 yen. As of now, she was 3400 yen, still lacking 6600yen. Originally, it was said that if she doesn’t get 10000yen by the end of March, the yen will become kilometres, and she will have to run the difference… meaning if she doesn’t earn a single yen from now until end of month, she will have to run 6600km. ^^;; Of course, we all know it’s a joke because there’s no way they’d make her do that. XD
Smile-Gang staff suggests something else now. The yen should be converted to ‘points’ instead. What points, you ask? Well, the obvious of course! Punishment game points! XD Nana probably paled at the thought. She said she barely survived the 40 points she once got, never mind 6600 points. XDD

The theme for this week’s quiz is “March.” They’re all random questions sent in by listeners with regards to March.

As usual, I’m going to skip over the questions… At any rate, she got 15 scratch cards. Is there a chance for a hit…? We shall see in the end.

Following up is the mail reading corner. Remember how last week, someone sent in a letter saying that if you searched “Curry daisuki 32 year old”, her name would show up as the second result (3rd for me, for some reason). This week, there is more of these “funny” search results.

If you searched “tomato kinchan noodle and M” (トマト 金ちゃんヌードル ドM), you’d get Mizuki Nana as first on the search engine. And yes, it’s true.

If you searched “Protein CD 30 years old” (プロテイン CD 30歳), Fukuen Misato will show up as first on the search engine. True again… The first link is an Amazon ad so it doesn’t count. 😛

If you searched “Magiclin stage destruction” (マジックリン 舞台 爆破), Fukuen Misato will be first. The first two keywords, I can understand (so does Nana and Misato), but destruction? XDD;; Misato reacted to “destruction” obviously, and Nana’s first reaction was “Misato, what did you do?” XDDD Misato then wonders how the person even came up with these keywords. Lol. Nonetheless, her wikipedia page does come up. Hahahaha.

Finally, “Bunka Hosou and Batsu Game” will result in Smile-Gang being first. I’m not surprised about this one, though Misato and Nana wonder if other programs under Bunka Hosou does not have Punishment games… Their conclusion is that they probably do, but simply doesn’t rival Smile-Gang in leaving behind a big impact.

They suggest that people should try “radio and Batsu game” (to broaden the scope of search) to see if they still get the same results. I tried it, and no. Nothing related to them show up in the first 5 results.

Proceeding toward the conclusion… We get the official “Live Union” announcement. Yay? Except we all knew that already, right?
Now the long-awaited Scratch Card time! At the end of the 15 cards… She got 100 yen… ^^;; We’re all kind of used to this by now, aren’t we? XDD;;


11 comments on “Smile-Gang 518 – More Interesting Search Engine Results

  1. because you’ve got to have been living under a rock not to know Doraemon-> tell me about this, I’ve got friends who doesn’t even know that Doraemon is a manga/anime :/ Whatever happened to civilization?

    And I didn’t know that her concert’s called Live Union…huh. Man I gotta catch up orz

    • Now that I think about it, I suppose Doraemon isn’t very well-known in North America… Even though his fame could rival Hello Kitty elsewhere.
      It never really struck me until now since all my friends happen to know Doraemon despite having grown up here. ^^;;

  2. Haven’t listen to SG yet … will do it asap orz

    But I also caught the news up Nana starring in Doreamon voicecast. But which role does she have? As a narrator? I also found the a website of the said event ( One thing that struck me cleary, the photographer really like Nana. Because In the photo gallery there are more photoshots of Nana then entire cast combined.
    About the recent update of Nana blog made me HHHNNGGG … her cuteness is killing me (

    Recently Nana is doing more voice acting in anime movies, last time – I guess – weren the pokemon movies. Which I couldnt find any subbed, only dubbed from CN. Luckily Nana’s voice remained the same. I only skipped to the parts of the movie where Victini appeared….. Yeah I am a horrible person OTL

    About Live Union … ano~ isnt it basically the same as Live Journey? I mean I have read it’s also a nationalwide Live trip.

    Anyone preordered the Live Journey x Live Castle yet?

    • Nana’s role is that of a very young girl by the name of Coron (or Koron).
      And lol. I didn’t go through the entire gallery, but you’re right. It seems like there are a lot of single shots of Nana whereas we get more group shots for everyone else in the photos. XD;;

      I haven’t managed to to get a chance to watch the Pokemon movie yet. ^^;; I will definitely one day watch it though! If just to see what Mijumaru did to become Nana’s second favourite Pokemon in the entire series (though I suspect a large reason is due to Misato being the seiyuu behind Mijumaru XD).

      And it’s ok. I only watched the parts of Shugo Chara where Utau appears. It’s normal and a part of how Mizuki-Nana-fan-minds work. XD

      Yes, Live Union is also a tour. However, she’ll be visiting areas/doing lives at places where she hasn’t been to before. Not to mention, she covers yet another baseball field. XDD

      I haven’t. I have a general tendency of not pre-ordering anything until the cover art is up. =3 I’m weird like that. XD

      • ^May I know who’s her favorite pokemon? though I probably won’t know since I can only remember the earlier ones…like pikachu and jigglypuff ^^

        I’m with you on watching only Nana’s parts in for me I like Shugo Chara even before Utau appeared, but when she entered the picture, I only wanted to watch the parts where she’s in ^^;;; Then, that carried over to other Nana roles…

    • You know, it is Smile-Gang we’re talking about so… that’s actually possible. XD
      Except I can’t really imagine how they can rig scratch cards since they’re actually bought from stores. ^^;; Nonetheless, I will really laugh if that was the case. XD

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