Billboard Japan Award & MUSIC FAIR 1st Night


^Anyone else think the award caption is highly misleading? Of course, with this being Billboard Japan, everyone would know “artist” refers to “singer” but the words “Animation Artist” makes me think more of animators. XDD
Anyway, congratulations to Nana-san! Her short modest speech is… well, modest as usual. XDD She sang Junketsu Paradox, which was strong and stable. What we’d expect from her usual performances. =3

Nana: I’m happy to have received this award. Thank you very much. As a seiyuu and as a singer, I’ll continue my part in bringing excitement to the animation world. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu.


But this Billboard news doesn’t compare to the first half hour of MUSIC FAIR that aired last night in Japan.

No screenshots until I come across a higher quality version… But let me say that, despite Nana not having a big part here in the “first night”, it was still truly enjoyable (and she did sing).

Gou Hiromi (for those who didn’t watch Kouhaku) is fun to watch (as some of you already pointed out in the comments from a previous post — he’s charming XD). He’s much more enthusiastic than the other singers and simply took the spotlight away during his talk session. XDD

Nana’s appearance consisted of being in the opening theme song (at the very beginning – no solo parts though), sitting in the back during one of the talk session (didn’t say a word, unfortunately), and having a short solo part in the super long song – Satou kibi batake. It’s a collaboration between all the female singers present, but all the male singers joined in near the end too. It’s definitely worth the watch. =3


10 comments on “Billboard Japan Award & MUSIC FAIR 1st Night

  1. Congratulations on the award, Nana. 😀 Glad that she got an award two years in a row (though different category).

    I love Satou kibi batake performance. All female artists singing it is too epic and the male artists joining in later also make it greater. Miriyama Ryoko’s voice gave me goosebumbs and I love hearning Nana singing some verses and chorus with other great artists, ear bliss indeed. I need HD video for this program (but still can’t find one). Looking forward to seeing the other sessions 😀

    And, yeah, Go-san is very charming. He really did steal the spotlight XD

    • *nods* I agree. The entire program (despite being only half an hour for now) is bliss for the ears.

      It’s almost funny looking back on it now. It’s nearly impossible not to focus on Gou-san when he was singing. And the talk session was lol. He stole the spotlight with just one sentence. XD

  2. woot gratz to Nana ^^ sad she didnt get to be interview like the others DX

    wow…i amaze that all the singers sang well…..O.O…even Satou kibi batake different type of quality voices XD k looking forward for next wk show ^^

  3. Banzai banzai for Nana. \(0_0)/

    Didnt she won the price also last year? I was platinum mad when I saw last year performance. No one cheered for Nana and I saw stiff audience. Must have been hard.

    • Yes, Nana did win an award for 2010 as well. Except it had been for a different category (I believe it was “Top Pop Artists” award — but don’t quote me on that). ;D

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