Smile-Gang #517 – Music Fair

水樹奈々 スマイルギャング 第517回

We’re back with our silly openings. Let’s admit it, Smile-Gang isn’t Smile-Gang without them. XD

Nana: Uwa, what’s this?
Misato: Nana-san! You need get in with the latest boom.
Nana: What?
Misato: The latest boom. I know you hate it, so your excitement with regards to it is low… But in the world outside, everyone is crazy about tomato and tomato juice.
Nana: Eh? Really?
Misato: It’s a sad thing when people become ignorant of the latest trends due to being buried by work. You wouldn’t want that, either, right?
Nana: Well, that may be true…
Misato: Yosh! Then drink this. Go with the boom. It should taste good. Please drink this and say “It’s delicious!”
Nana: You know… This isn’t something I’ll suddenly develop a liking towards…
Misato: But I thought you were challenging yourself with tomatoes every now and then
Nana: I am… I try it every few months, hoping that my taste for it will change… *clinking of glass can be heard in the background*…uwah…
Misato: It’s the latest boom.
Nana: *sniffs* *wails*
Misato: Go for it!
Nana: …itadakimasu…
Misato: Go.
Nana: *weird ‘blegh’ sounds followed by coughing*
Misato: How is it?
Nana: It tastes bad.
Misato: This is currently sold out everywhere right now! You should be extremely grateful to be able to drink this!
Nana: *more coughing* I’m sure people who like it will think it’s delicious, but… I want to say it’s delicious, but no matter how many times I challenge myself to drink this, I still can’t stand it…
Misato: For all you people out there who hate tomatoes, learn from Nana and begin loving it!
Nana: *laughs* There is nothing to learn from.

Right after their “shassu!” intro, Misato asks if Nana ever follows eating trends. If she has followed, then provide examples. Nana said she won’t provide examples because she follows ALL of them (except this time with tomato juice). XD

Moving on…

Misato: Tonight, going forward with tomato – Head Nanau corner!
^Lol. What tomato? XDD

Anyway, Nana speaks about Music Fair, of which she was a part of (as written on her blog). She was invited to the 2400th Memorial Special where she met with a whole bunch of famous singers. There were a total of 25 songs to be sung, all of them being some sort of collaborations (i.e. duets). Including the parts when they talked, it was a 4-hour stage time.

As we saw on her blog, Nana had a duet with Gou Hiromi where they sang Shin Ai. She said she would have never imagined that such a day would come that she’d sing Shin Ai with Gou Hiromi.
A professional is certainly a professional. During the rehearsal, after they sang it together once, Gou Hiromi went up to Nana and asked if she was all right and if it was difficult singing with him. Misato thinks that is very gentlemanly. He even said, “I’ll do better during the actual performance.”
While the staff was doing camera checks and whatnot, all the singers were told to be on standby. Nana caught Gou Hiromi staring at the computer, putting Shin Ai on repeat, and practicing during that period of time. She was surprised at how serious he was.

Right before the performance, the director warned Nana that when Gou stares, he stares. Nana was told not to lose to him in that respect and look him in the eyes when he does that. The only response Nana had for the director was “H-hai!”
Despite the warning, Nana wasn’t prepared for what awaited her. Whenever he looked at her (and she looking back right at him), she felt like she was being pushed back by his sight alone. XD Nana doesn’t have much experience singing duets with a guy. It was pretty much limited to Inagaki Junichi (when they did the cover for Egao no Yukue). But it was very different at the time. Inagaki was a much more “softer” type of person, and they were singing an upbeat song — not a love song like Shin Ai.
What more is that, in the lyrics, there’s a part where they sing “Anata dake wo mitsumeteru” (“I’m looking only at you”). Well, we can all imagine how that went, right? XDD Can’t wait to see the actual thing now. XDD

Nana also mentions how her other collaborations went. For the most part, they were told to “do as you like.” That translated to: Each time they sing it, it sounds different. Other singers seem to have no problem adapting and reacting to other singers, but it added to Nana’s nervousness because she’s not used to it. For example, when one singer suddenly decides to sing high notes, Nana had to immediately adapt to low (and vice versa). It’s definitely not something she’d experience as a solo singer, so she’s glad to now have experienced that type of situation.

To end off this section, Music Fair 2400th Memorial Special will air in March. Remember to check it out if you can!

As usual, the Quiz Corner follows.

Remember how Nana wanted to have “Inoriue” return and sing last week? Well, her wish is granted (much to Misato’s dismay). XD
And yes, she sings. XD Except she “leaves” as soon as she finishes.

Nana: What? She sings then leaves? In fact, I think her key is too low. I don’t know what kind of song it’s supposed to be. XD

Anyway, this week’s Quiz Corner is related to Smile-Gang history. For example, the first question is about “What keywords is usually associated with Smile-Gang when doing a search on the internet?” Nana surprisingly gets it right by answering “Batsu Game.” XDD Misato then questions what people wanted to find out by searching that. XDD

The one question that made me laugh was related to a broadcast way back in… 2007.
(…! O_O Realization just dawned on me as too how long I’ve been following Smile-Gang. ^^;; )
Anyway, said broadcast was #332, the one that was filled with so much crazy laughter that it was almost difficult to decipher what was being said (I remember this one very, very well). That was the time when Misato’s throat condition wasn’t very well and Tamura Yukari was asked to fill in for her.

The queston was this: Yukari-san said Fukuoka was better than Ehime due to its ramen, softbank, lots of airplane flights to the area, and it’s a major area. What did Nana say about Ehime being better than Fukuoka?

Nana couldn’t remember. The answer was “Slightly closer to Tokyo (than Fukuoka).” ^^;;

Another question that I remembered very well (from #359) was the result of a dream analysis with regards to a dream she had on New Years back in 2009. Nana remembers it well. So does Misato. It was absolutely hilarious. Avoiding the keywords to the results (lest I get in trouble since this is a public post), the analysis revealed that Nana is dissatisfied with her private romantic life. The really private part of it. Make the connection? XD

The letter reading corner (Nanairo mail) reveals something funny. When searching up “Curry daisuki 32 years old” (or in Japanese “カレー大好き 32歳”) on the internet, Nana’s name popped up in the second place link.

I don’t know what search engine the sender used, but when I tried it on google, I got this:

Third place link. Lol.

Skipping over to the conclusion, Nana did not win anything from the scratch cards this year. Nana blames Misato (Inoriue) for not singing properly. Oi oi. XDD
As always, better luck next time. Even though there’s not much time left before the project to get at least 10,000 yen ends. XD


14 comments on “Smile-Gang #517 – Music Fair

  1. Tomato still remains the main weakspot of Nana. It’s to hear her forced to drink tomato juice. or am I being a masochist here?

    Is this first time a seiyuu can join such big singing festival? Either way hopefully the duet will be recorded and uploaded on nico. Because the previous duet (Egao no Yukue) was glorious in any ways. But it’s always taken off very quickly, copyrights etc.

    I do hope that Nana will get more chances to sing duet. (now recently with symphogear, have you started watching, kasumi?)

    Last thing I do hear a lot of Nana saying, she has learned a lot from other professional singers. Which I am quite suprised about. Normally a singer with that much CD and Lives released, wouldnt say such thing. (or am I just still baised cuz of the rubbish american teenage singers?)

    Will you keep us updated about the Music Fair, Kasumi chan?

    • You mean sadist instead? ^^

      I believe so, though there was no mention of it anywhere. I’m getting the feeling that the fact that Nana is a seiyuu artist is downplayed nowadays. Instead, all the media views her as more of an anisong singer turned mainstream.

      I hope so too. I want more duets with Takayama Minami! XDD;; (Haha… The truth is… No, I haven’t. ^^;; I keep putting it off and end up watching some other anime instead. XDD)

      It really depends, but I think culture does play a part. I’ve seen/heard quite a few singers (though I can’t say for all) in Japan often say they learned a lot from any new experience they’re put through. Nana is slightly different in the sense that she’s really trying to see the good side of everything she goes through. In addition, Nana doesn’t consider herself to be a famous “professional” singer. To be honest, if you’re comparing her to those “big stars” who appeared on Music Fair and Kouhaku, she does still have a ways to go… Except we have faith she’ll get there, right? =3

      I will try to keep as updated on Music Fair as possible. The thing is 4 hours long, which is quite intimidating, but if I manage to catch clips here and there, I will try to post as information as possible. =D

  2. ^ooh, I love that duet…plus the drums part XDD

    Wait what’s in 359? That made me really curious. Is it really that …?

    lol The beginning part made me remember a video where they made her eat 3 tomatoes as punishment…and her reaction is just priceless^^ She looks like she’s about to throw upXDD What’s wrong with tomatoes, I like it…though I don’t think that I can take that tomato juice they’re giving her ^^

    Tried googling that curry daisuki…and she’s really the 2nd place^^;;

    • What’s in #359? I’d say your guess is most likely correct.

      Her reaction when she has to eat tomatoes/drink tomato juice is always priceless. XD That’s why it’s fun and Smile-Gang staff jumps at the chance to make her eat/drink it at every chance they get. XDD
      I personally don’t like tomatoes either. I’m fine with ketchup and tomato sauce, but tomato itself or tomato juice carries a certain taste that I can’t stand.

      Eh? What search engine did you use? As I screenshot up there, I got third place for her.

  3. Thanks so much for translating this! I really enjoyed reading the bits about Music Fair. Will definitely check it out when it airs! (hopefully some kind soul will upload it on yt or something ><) I'm not familiar with Gou Hiromi, but he seems like someone who belts out a lot of heart-rendering ballads. If that's true, then the Shin Ai collaboration will be something to look forward to indeed!

    Are all the singers for Music Fair only limited to one song?

    LOL @ tomatoes and Nana. She can never win and the staff will most likely keep using them as a punishment for her. I loveeee tomatoes, so I'm really lolol every time I read about Nana losing to tomatoes. 8D

    And yes, she will never win at scratch cards.

    • You’re welcome. It’s nice to see you here again (missed you!).
      Parts of it being uploaded to yt is likely, but we’ll really have to stalk it since, as you and I both know, it’ll get deleted quickly. Not to mention, the whole thing is 4 hours long, so I’m not sure how that’ll be cut into pieces. ^^;;

      I think limited to one of their own songs. Nana had another duet with Hirahara Ayaka, as well as having parts in 7 other songs. So in total, she was involved in 9 songs.

      It saves staff energy to think of punishment for her too. Tomato/Tomato juice is easily accessible after all. XD
      I personally dislike tomatoes, so I feel her pain every time. ^^;;

      Her hit rate with the scratch cards is almost shocking.

  4. I’ll be so happy if Nana manages to get used to tomatoes (or even celeries) because I love them. =/

    But I cannot stand lady fingers AT ALL. And apparently Nana likes it(?)

    Luckily I’m not the type to change my taste just because my idol likes it. HAHA

    • I like celeries, but highly dislike tomatoes. As I mentioned above in another comment, I’m ok with tomato sauce and ketchup, but there’s something about the raw taste (the taste is still there even if cooked) that I can’t stand. That taste is really strong in the juice too.

      Lady fingers definitely sounds like something Nana would like. It’s soft and sweet! XD

  5. Again. Thanks for your translation 😀

    LOL Tomatoes again. As much as she hates them, she seems to have to eat them often in Smile Gang. What a sadistic show and co-host XD

    I know Go-san’s intense charm. Watched his performance on 2011 Kouhaku and I could say that his idol aura outshine many young generation artists including JE boys and AKB girls (whom also performed as back dancers in his performance and I said it as one of AKB followers XD). Isn’t it amazing that a man in his 50s had more charming aura than the young ones? Nana surely would have difficult time staring into his eyes XD

    I’m looking for NanaxHirahara Ayaka duet with the song, Jupiter. I like this song and I think it’s a very challenging one for Nana since I have never heard her sing the song like this before. Hope it will turn out great like Egao no Yukue 😀

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