Smile-Gang #515 – Na~nka Gisu Gisu…?

Announcement first before the usual Smile-Gang…

Nana Mizuki Castle x Journey
-Queen- & -King-
To be released on May 2, 2012!

Start saving up money, everyone.

Now back to your regular scheduled programming…

水樹奈々 スマイルギャング 第515回

We open with a shocking confession…?

Nana: Misato, we’ve known each other for 10 years, right?
Misato: That’s right.
Nana: Back then, you were just starting off. You were so cute~
Misato: Yes… I was more like a hatchling seiyuu. You, on the other hand, had started to shine back then.
Nana: *laughs* Really? I don’t think so… You see, Misato… There’s a secret I’ve been keeping from you…
Misato: What is it?
Nana: You see… I… I’ve always, more than anyone… loved Misato in the romantic sense!
Misato: …Nana-san!
Nana: …If I suddenly confessed like that, what would you do?
Misato: I would accept your feelings and be together.
Misato: …At least that’d be how I’m supposed react to your “sudden” confession.
Nana: …Exactly what is up with this? I don’t know where to start–
Misato: We’re all grinning to ourselves at this. What to do? I’m self-conscious/blushing now.
Nana: Yeah, being self-conscious is normal. It’s…supposedly a secret that’s been kept for 10 years.
Misato: *still laughing*
Nana: The rest of the world is approaching Valentine’s Day soon after all.
Misato: Ah, I see. That’s how it is. I was wondering what’s up with this development.
Nana: No. I like you as my kouhai, but… It would seem that there’s a recent trend where girls are giving out friendship chocolates more than before… And that’s what led to this (plot) development…
Misato: Ohh… That (confession) sure got me surprised.
Nana: I tried… but… I’ll have to say it again. Sorry Misato, but I can’t see you as my romantic partner.
Misato: Ah, I’m sorry too. I’m not interested in Nana-san in that way at all.
Nana&Misato: Na~nka gisu gisu
Misato: I’m sure listeners are confused with that.
Nana: We just entered our own world. Anyway, tonight, two adult women will be bringing you the usual… MIZUKI NANA – SMILE-GANG!

^I was grinning to myself the whole time when listening to that. Note to self, don’t listen to Smile-Gang out on the streets again. People will think you’re crazy.

After the opening jingle, Misato asks Nana about what she’ll be doing for Valentine’s Day this year. Will she be making a lot of chocolates like before? The answer, apparently, is yes… She usually makes 70-80 chocolates. But because handmade chocolates don’t last very long, she’ll only be giving them to people she meet up with the day before and on the day of Valentine’s. When Nana turned the same question back on Misato, Misato said she’ll probably forget it’s Valentine’s when they get to that date. And she said she’s serious. Nana suggests that maybe Misato should try making chocolates since she’s a girl too. 😄

Then Misato suggests that they should be rewarding listeners with chocolate. When asked how they go about it, it is suggested that they combine their money to buy it. Nana will pay out 1000 yen whereas Misato will pay 100 yen… See the inequality? Engrish chaos ensues…

…Do I want to take a shot at transcribing what they said in Engrish? To be honest, it’s more difficult than translating. XDD Here we go… Everything in brackets is what’s said in Japanese.

Nana: Wait, no no, wait!
Misato: What?
Nana: I’m… 100 yen, and Misato equal… 100 (ah, no that’s wrong) 1100 yen… WHY?
Misato: Why? It’s fantastic!
Nana: No fantastic! It not fair!
Misato: (You don’t need to care about the little details, woman!)
Nana: No no no no
Misato: Nononono
Misato&Nana: (Na~nka gisu gisu!)

Nana’s second english line… If I only heard that, I’d get the impression she’s paying 100 yen whereas Misato is paying 1100 yen! XDD
So why the engrish? It’s exam period for high school students in Japan, and the English is supposed to satisfy/help/motivate them. …Oi, if they heard that, it’d just work against them. 😄

Now to the Head Nanau corner.

After last week’s Smile-Gang recording, all of Smile-Gang staff went out to eat. Misato wasn’t feeling well, and although they asked her to stay for just 30 minutes and eat something, she exhaustedly told them “Sorry. I’m going home.” And then Nana starts talking about how good the meal tasted, the different shabu shabu… (and you hear Misato going “argh” “kuso” in the background XD). Apparently, the corn, especially, was delicious. To the point where Mishi-P kept going “mou~ corn~ Mou, corn is delicious!” The store specialises in pork, yet they all went crazy over corn. XDD
Nana then describes how they split up the table seating. She sat with Ueki (assistant director), Imanami (script writer/planner), and Mishima (King Producer). The other table consisted of Tadokoro (director), Masuko (Nana’s manager), and Matsuwara (Bunka hosou staff). That “other table” kept holding conversations that Nana couldn’t follow. In other words, they sounded very drunk. 😄 Tadokoro kept starting his sentences with “I’ll only tell you guys this here…” and mumbling stuff that sounded like they’re from some fantasy world, such as “I’ll be erased.” Nana then adds that it was very much like their normal drinking parties… To which Misato interjects “I don’t think so. Our usual drinking parties don’t include that type of conversations.” XDD

To end off the corner… Nana’s final words here were “We’ll be doing our belated New Year’s Smile-Gang party soon.”
Misato: You’re going to take me there!? =D
Nana: Of course! We haven’t even celebrated our 500th episode broadcast.

Aww~ =D

Next up is the quiz corner.

Remember how they said Antonio Inori needs to make a return because Nana couldn’t get much out of the scratch cards? Nana receives a beating and a kiss. XDD Anyway, today’s quiz is about Mizuki Nana!

Question: What do you do to prepare yourself against the cold?
Answer: Muscle training and eating warm food.

Question: What’s the toughest thing about your exercising right now?
Answer: Cross sit-up is tough. And squat 21 *Nana physically demonstrates to Misato what’s involved in Squat 21*

Question: How many points do you give yourself currently compared to the ideal body?
Answer: 40

Question: How, where, and when did you have the coldest experience?
Answer: Recording the PV for Panorama.

Nana reveals that she was so cold, she couldn’t stand on her own. It was snowing… Minus 2 degrees, but the PV required her to be in no sleeves, bare foot. She couldn’t stop shivering afterward.

Question: When do you think someone is cold (emotionally) and made you disappointed in them?
Answer: When a car suddenly cuts in front / does dangerous lane changes.

^Uwah. I totally understand where Nana is coming from. Some drivers are crazy.

Question: What do you consider to be the lamest (word) joke in Japan? (Considered correct if Misato doesn’t laugh)
Answer: Futon ga futonda! (The futon flew! — it’s supposedly a play on words).

Misato: … *silence*
Nana: …You wanted a lame joke…right?

^I think the silence was, for a moment, no one knew how to react. 😄

Question: When it’s cold, you would want to take a warm bath. I know you stand when you wash your hair, but what’s in the bathtub at the Mizuki home?
Answer: Uh… at my place… I have a little duckling.
Misato: A duckling…? *starts giggling*
Nana: Yes… I have a lot of stuff lined up. Other stuff includes candles and facial mask pack.

^So that none of you starts thinking that there’s a live domestic duck in her home… NO, she means a RUBBER DUCKY!

Anyway, in total, she gets 5 scratch cards from the 5 questions. Jumping to the end, the results from the cards is… ZERO YEN!!! \(^o^)/オワタ She REALLY has no luck when it comes to this, huh… ^^;;

Another game of rock-paper-scissors results because they’re planning to get another “lucky” character to come next week to “boost Nana’s luck.” The game ends in one round.

Nana: *laughs loudly* MISATO LOSES! What’s wrong Misato? We usually tie the first round!


Looking forward to next week’s crazy voice acting by Misato. XDD


6 comments on “Smile-Gang #515 – Na~nka Gisu Gisu…?

  1. POTATO! I thought you weren’t gonna update haha.

    Anyway, the first thing I did when I found out that the DVD/BD’s coming out this May was to convert the total price if I bought both of them. And I nearly cried. MY POOR POOR WALLET.

    This means no Nanoha figurines for me…D8

    And lol, to me this Smagang is the prolly most interesting one so far. Everyone’s so hyped up about V’day…hahaha.The sudden confession made my inner fangirl spaz uncontrollably.


    Nana having a rubber ducky in her bathroom doesn’t surprise me at all xD She prolly have plushies on her bed too to accompany that hahaha. Thanks for the usual post btw.

    Any plan for vday? lol

    • I try to be a hardworking potato? 😄

      We always cry when she releases live DVD/BD. We still manage to hold in our tears when it comes to CDs, but live DVD/BDs breaks the dam. 😄

      Sometimes, I’m glad I’ve never been a big figurines person.
      …Not counting gunpla, of course… ^^;;

      Lol. It didn’t surprise me either. And you’re welcome. =3

      Nope. Unless you count early morning work meetings as ‘plans’. Otherwise, I’m like Misato where I’d forget that it’s Vday. That, or it’s Single’s Awareness Day. XDD;;

  2. Quite ashamed of myself I still need to catch the previous M no sekai and Smile Gang of 2 weeks ago. Either way it is 2 hours of non stop Nana voice.

    I am soo lucky to hear that I am not alone who suffers from wallet/budgetting cries from hell. Just got a mail from CDJapan this morning both are 7470Y. Queen and King on a different DVD/BD was given however even the LIVE journey are different. One is from Saitama and other is from Sendai. Which means I have to buy of them OTL In my narrowminded head even a slight change in playlist is still a different live performance. That is why I always both BLUE/RED stage DVDs

    AND I/we (I guess I speak for more ppl) dont receive any tokutens like those lucky ones in Japan.

    On the radio show …

    Engrish in MAH Japanese radioshow is bounded to be a MUST listen stuff for me. Because it just cracks me up. And Japanese girls speaking english is just cute.
    I like a lot when they share a bit more of their private life and telling tales of it. In my mind Japan is still a magical place.

    btw Kasumi .. is it me or your translation page got longer and more stuff got translated? -which I appreciate dearly- It is not a complaint or anything. 😛

    Sorry to bump into the conversation. but I do like the sound of ”Single’s Awareness Day”

    Cheers~ and Happy ”Single’s Awareness Day” or just Happy Valentine!

    • I need to catch up on M no sekai too. 😄

      I’m like that too. I always get both versions of the DVD when she releases them. For me, it’s less of the playlist and more of the performance itself (I’d still buy both even if the set list is exactly the same XD). No two performances are ever the same after all. Not saying I’ll get 14 DVDs/BDs if she releases one for each show she does while on tour. I don’t have that much money. XDD

      Engrish with Nana is double the cuteness and laughter.

      Lol. I get the impression my own posts have gotten longer than before too. The time I spend writing these posts haven’t increased by much though.

      Haha. Single’s Awareness Day. It’s quite true. 😄
      Happy V-day to you too. =D

  3. lol I thought I was hearing something…it’s just their Engrish ^^;;

    And I seriously hope Nana’s ideal body isn’t some muscular, hunky mma-type of body ^^;; 40 is too low and for me her body is already 100.

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