Smile-Gang #514 – Bokura no Ongaku

水樹奈々 スマイルギャング 第514回

Be prepared for a chaotic opening this week. XD If you recall the previous Smile-Gang (#513), you will know that they have called “Antonio Inori” (a play on the name Antonio Inoki). Now you know why Nana was so happy when she won in rock-paper-scissors against Misato last week. Because whoever loses will have to play that role. XDDD

The “daaaa~!!” cracked me up badly. XDD

Misato says she has been scarred now. XD Nana tries to make her feel better by telling her about “equivalent trade.” In return for bad memories, they will have better luck now. How much truth that holds… We will find out near the end.

Now for the rest of Smile-Gang…

They start off speaking about how their jobs (of being seiyuu) often require them to imitate other people. Nana briefly talks about how there are people she has difficulties/simply can’t imitate. Antonio Inoki is one of them (even though she tried). XD
For Misato… (LOL. I’m laughing at what I’m about to type…) She was told to imitate a certain voice on “the show where monsters can go in pockets and battles” <– The Pokemon fan in me is having a grand time laughing at this description. Anyway, she was told to voice a certain "Pokemon" (as soon as she said the word "Pokemon", Misato went "oops, I said it." XD) in Matsuko Deluxe style… which Misato wasn't able to do, apparently. ^^;; In case you're wondering, no, it's a different Pokemon from Mijumaru.

Then Nana asks if there's any imitation they'd want each other to do… And Misato jumps on this chance (as expected). XD First she gets her to imitate Antonio Inoki, then Momoi Kaori (?), and finally, Tanoshingo. LOL. xD;; Misato thinks the imitation of Tanoshingo was the best. XDD I broke down laughing at that too. XD

Now to get into Head Nanau corner…

For those who watched Bokura no Ongaku (Our Music), you will know that Nana and Sekine Mari was on that show. Sekine Mari, most of you will probably recognise as the former navigator on Music Japan (up until April of 2011) and the leader of the Digital Support Squad for the 60th and 61st Kouhaku (of which Nana was a part of).

Bokura no Ongaku allows guests to make requests as to who they would like to meet, speak with, or sing with. Nana was only given one week notice that she'd be appearing, so she hastily made up a list of people and handed it in to the staff involved. Among the people on her list was Sekine Mari — who, although someone she has worked with before, she has never gotten a chance to actually chat with.

The staff on Bokura no Ongaku said they wanted to record their "first reaction" of when they meet up, so they weren't allowed to meet up beforehand or even greet each other. They set up a partition to separate them. Once the camera started rolling, they were told to do as they please. They were not given any script or topics other than being told that they must touch upon a certain topic before they end. So for the most part, it was complete free talk time. For that reason, that's why we saw the two of them greeting each other with "It's been a long time! How have you been?" at the very beginning. They kept talking until the director called 'cut'. For a full 90 minutes, they spoke nonstop. XDD

There is actually a reason why they're able to talk 90 minutes nonstop. They both have a fear of silence due to their jobs. As a radio host, Nana is terrified of falling into silence (because it's a radio and you're NOT supposed to stop talking). Sekine Mari is a host on many LIVE morning programs… For her, silence is equally terrifying due to the awkwardness that will result.

Thus… They talk… The staff on Bokura no Music were surprised because they've NEVER seen two people talk so much on the program before. Awkward silences are apparently common on that show and so the staff always ready little white boards to write on in order to prompt the guests. Neither Nana nor Mari needed that. They only received one message on the white board telling them "Time's up. Please conclude." XDD

For the collaboration part with Hirahara Ayaka, Nana says she wasn't given much time to prepare. During rehearsal, the staff told her to "let's start with the 3rd verse" which got Nana all "3rd verse? That's…uh.. *starts humming* Oh, ok." Then they told her "Mizuki-san, can you go higher?" and then "Lower?" Once they tested how it sounded, "All right. Let's get on with the actual recording."
Everything happened really quickly. It's the first time Nana had to sing under such pressure. Misato comments on how probably only veteran singers can handle those situations.

^Uwaah. My reaction is similar to Misato's. That sounds kinda scary to me.

The next corner is the quiz corner. Super bonus corners ended with last week. Now it's back to one answer, one card. The theme for this week's quiz is "February." As per usual, totally random questions. Nana only got 1 out of 5 questions correct… Meaning she managed to get 1 card.

We shall see if she gets anything from that 1 card at the end (and see if that "equivalent trade" thing Nana mentioned at the beginning holds true XD).

To take up time, after the quiz corner, they moved to mail reading. The mail is a follow up to last week's talk about different sides of women. In particular, the letter talks about "the scary side of females" where the guy's sister, who, after finding out her boyfriend cheated on her, got drunk and started talking about how to get revenge (with details included). The little brother found that highly scary and thought to himself "women are scary," even though his sister is happily married to another guy now. In his letter, he asked if Nana or Misato knows any "scary women." Nana's first reaction to the question was "there's no way we can answer this!" So instead of answering, Misato drives the topic towards how she understands the need to mumble about revenge and whatnot. Nana agrees, because those who "say it" are those who won't actually "do it." It's really just an outlet of sorts.

That brings us to a close to Smile-Gang #514. But not before the scratch cards. Did the appearance of Antonio Inori (played by Misato) help??? Apparently not… XDD;;
And so the plan is that Antonio will return next week. Misato doesn't sound all too happy about that. XDD


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