Smile-Gang #513

Nana: …What do I do, Misato?
Misato: Wh-what happened?
Nana: …It’s over.

^That was the highlight of the most recent Smile-Gang (#513) for me. XD Except that doesn’t happen until the second half of Smile-Gang (after the Quiz corner).

Before I start, in case there’s anyone who cares about why this update is later than usual… In between injuring myself by falling down the stairs and currently battling a cold + headache (among other things that happened over the last 2 weeks), I really didn’t have the energy. But I’m still alive so all is good. =D


水樹奈々 スマイルギャング 第513回

The week’s Smile-Gang started off with Misato announcing “I give up!” with regards to the “talk about topics with relation to being an adult and being a woman” — in particular, about the decrease in birth rates and eros (what she did last week while Nana was trying to win at the scratch cards). As we all heard, it didn’t go very well. Misato says she isn’t cut out for it yet. Nana suggests they accumulate a few more years of life experience before they attempt it again. XD

And so, they come up with another list of potential topics that relate to “being an adult woman.” Among them is ‘science’ (to which both Nana and Misato wonder how it relates to their supposed topic), ‘growing old’, and ‘karma of woman.’ Nana is curious about ‘karma of woman’, which Misato thinks shouldn’t be among the list of categories/topics, but nonetheless, they decided that Misato will speak about that. I think Nana was about to choose “growing old” if Misato hadn’t jumped in and said it’s a little too soon to be thinking about “old” as an adult woman. XD

Now to get into the actual introduction. They both introduce themselves by stating what subjects they were good at when they were in school. For Nana, it was music and language. For Misato, it was language and arts. Further explanation by Misato reveals that rather that being good at it, it was more like she was bad at everything else. XDD;;

Speaking of schools, Nana says that she never thought about what high school to go to other than Horikoshi High School. When Misato asked her if there’s a university she would’ve liked to attend, she said a “music-only university” where you learn nothing except music. No math at all. XD
(I would think simply enrolling in a music program in university is sufficient to meet those criteria though?)

Let’s move to the opening corner – Head Nanau corner.

She talks about the MJSP on the making of Tokyo Dome. The recording started after her live in summer. The cameraman stayed with her from morning til night. Nana isn’t used to having a camera following her (and for long periods of time). It makes her nervous because although things will be cut out, it also means every little thing will be recorded. What made her relax was the fact that the staff who are constantly around her are females (same age too!).

As we know, Mishi-P is there with Nana during her lives and other big events… meaning the camera occasionally catches Mishi-P moments. Some of the staff points out that there are times when Mishi-P looks like he was about to cry. The Producer obviously denies, “I didn’t cry!” but Misato fervently believes that he must have cried during the Tokyo Dome Live. xDD I think so too.

While we’re on the topic of Mishi-P, Nana also mentions that scene at Yamaha Hall was actually “take 2.” The producer was actually embarassed by the number of cameras following him that he walked so quickly that the camera person couldn’t keep up with him. XD

To end off the corner… Nana trips over “yaritai nau” and said “yaritau.” LOL. It was cute though. XD

Here comes the Quiz Corner!
Much like last week, they’re throwing out the big service, easy quiz in hopes that Nana can get more scratch cards (and win AT LEAST 7000 yen before March comes around).

…And like last week, I will be skipping over the questions and answers. XDD;;

Just know that she got a total of 21 answers correct, which didn’t quite break last week’s record of 22, but it’s a still a good number of cards that will increase her chance of winning.


Remember at the beginning of this week’s Smile-Gang, they decided that Misato will be speaking about ‘karma’? Well, now is the time they will carry it out. Because they need to give Nana some time to scratch the cards. Misato announces that, if Nana does not win at least 1000 yen this week, Smile-Gang will enter the “Emergency Situation.” Either Misato or Nana must prepare themselves mentally for what is to come next week if that happens. >D

And so begins Misato Free Talk corner. XDD
She starts off saying that, recently, she learned that she is the type of person that spirits tend to cling to. She can’t see them, so she doesn’t know, but people always say that to her. Her best friend says it must be due to what she did in her past life.
^Lol. Misato, you can do better than that, can’t you? XDD Anyway, she was saved by Nana announcing in the middle of it that she won 100 yen!

Next topic… When does she think women are sad living beings? I laughed at Misato’s first reaction to that: How would I know!?
Nana to the rescue by saying that it could be when women feel lonely when watching other couples being close together (while she’s all alone).
Misato: Eh? Guys don’t feel anything during those times? (probably looking to Imanami) What? You don’t?? Eh…
^I don’t… know if I should be laughing or facepalming at this point. XDDD Anyway, another 100 yen gain here!

Another topic jump: The ugly side of woman.
Difficult topic, but Misato pulls through by mentioning that her stage acting show is using that as theme this time around. In the middle of this, Nana gains another 100 yen. Somehow, the conversation took a turn to how females tend to form groups instead of getting along with everyone at the same time. Nana says she noticed that since her school days (she’s probably thinking of the days when she was bullied…).

The next topic is: The type of woman you would fall for/fall in love with. Misato readily says she’d fall for those who can handle work and private life equally. Nana agrees. It’s very difficult to find a balance between the two. Most people always do one better than the other.

The final topic is: What she thinks of woman who can drink. Misato immediately links it to Ueki (Assistant Director of Smile-Gang).
Misato: I think Ueki-san is cool!
This topic is cut off by the following…

Nana: …What do I do, Misato?
Misato: Wh-what happened?
Nana: …It’s over.

^I loved the way Nana said “owata.” xDD All 21 cards have been scratched and she got a total of… 300 yen.
What’s worthy to note here is that they got her different scratch cards this time around than before. She wins less per winning card (e.g. 100 yen instead of 200 yen), but supposedly, the winning rate should be higher. That obviously wasn’t true for Nana. XDD;;

She didn’t reach the aforementioned “at least 1000 yen this week” goal. Yes, they will enter into their “emergency situation.” Antonio Inori will arrive on the next Smile-Gang!

Who is Antonio Inori, you ask?

Weeelll… Nana and Misato playing rock-paper-scissors should give you some clue (along with the hint from before when Misato said either one of them needs to be mentally prepared). XD
As per usual, they tie on the first and second round… with Nana winning the third round.

Lol. All the more reason to look forward to tomorrow’s Smile-Gang. >D

That’s all!


8 comments on “Smile-Gang #513

  1. You have a cold and a headache and yet you still type up a superb post. ごくろうさま m(_ _m)

    This is one of the episodes that makes you think huh OuO ah well, I shall listen to it once I can get out of bed. Karma…and the ugly side of women. Those are serious topics Nana-san…and yet they cover it with the usual laughter.

    Anywho– hope you get better soon. This week is a rotten week full of sickness =w=

    • Lol. Taking medicine helps. XD

      Serious topics indeed… Except it’s not so serious anymore when it gets on Smile-Gang. XD And it was more of Misato covering them than Nana.

      Thanks. I hope you get better soon too.

  2. Hi! Shoeythoughts from LJ here again. 😀 I’ve been reading and catching up to Nana news recently, and of course went through your posts. Thank you for always doing them, really.

    I saw the MJSP, it was quite well done, and really cute at parts. (The special Nana Gourmet (Glutton) section, lol.)

    I wonder how many days the cameraman followed Nana, and if it was the same guy all the way. Haha.

    Also I think Mishi-P might have been holding back some tears at the end of the live and the SP broadcast. He looked really moved.

    Nana seems to have no luck with scratchcards. 😀

    • You’re alive! =D Hope you’ve been well. And you’re welcome. =3

      From the sounds of it, I think it is the same guy all the way. That’s why Nana was appreciative of how the camera person had the patience to wait and film her for 12+ hours per day.

      I bet he did let loose some tears. If I were in his position, I’d be very moved and very proud.

      Lol. Thanks to her having no luck at it, Misato wrote in her weekly Smile-Gang message that she would never gamble now. XD

    • Lol. Pride won’t let him admit he cried. XD

      Misato is a part of the Otome Kikaku Kuroji. Stage acting is sort of her other job. Nana once went to watch it and mentioned that she’s really amazing on stage. XDD

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