Smile-Gang 512 – Fresh 32 years old XD

Sometimes, I’m really glad Smile-Gang is there on a weekly basis. I needed a good laugh.

水樹奈々 スマイルギャング 第512回

Anyway, first Smile-Gang after Nana-san’s 32nd birthday! Or so it is supposed to be… I bet this was recorded last Wednesday (or sometime last week) again.

The first words we hear from her as a 32 year old on Smile-Gang? They’re funny but shocking words. I’m actually half afraid to translate this but… >_>;; They’re said by our favourite singer/seiyuu (and meant as a joke), so the guys should be ok with this, right? XDD;;

Nana: I’ve been thinking about this lately… Being a woman means to be strong*. There are a lot of things only woman can do. The act of enjoying cute things, although guys can do that too, mainly belongs to woman. Carrying a child is the reserved right of a woman. And it is the women who support the weak beings that is known as man.

*Literally, she said forward facing/be positive.

Nana: Fukuen, what do you think are the rights that belong only to females?
Misato: Fukuen!? Uh… sou desu ne… Carrying a child…
Nana: And here we have two women hosting a radio show. We need to make this a more enjoyable program. Fukuen! Carve this into your heart. We’re going to create such a show.
Misato: *trying not to laugh* To commemorate entering the age of 32, this is Mizuki Nana playing the role of a 32 year old, single, and independent woman.

^LOL. Right after, Misato asks how Nana feels, and her reply is: I can’t do this/I can’t be like that. xDD She felt like she was about to break out laughing any time, though Misato praises her on acting out the script properly; she even said that if Nana wanted to, they can turn Smile-Gang into the earlier mentioned type of show. Nana says she wants to keep Smile-Gang the way it usually is, because she won’t last in that role. XD

And so, Nana does the title call as a fresh 32 years old. XDDD

Then they introduce themselves with their age attached. They talk about how nice it would be to be able to say “Shassu! 40 year old Mizuki Nana here!” or “Shassu! 50 year old!” one day.
Misato then congratulates Nana on turning 32, while stating her own age as 28.

Nana: Don’t say that so lightly. You JUST said you were 30. Now that we’re both in our 30s, let’s work hard together!
Misato: Pretend you didn’t hear anything.

Hahaha. So the 30 year old teasing continues… XD

In the Head Nanau corner, Nana-san reveals the funny happenings during her photoshoot for the Pick Up Voice magazine. When she was introduced to the photographer, Nana’s impression of him was someone who is very sensible and caring. He kept telling her, many times, that “I might ask you to do some difficult poses at times, but if you have any concerns at all, please let me know. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu.” And so Nana-san thought of him as a very nice person.

And when the time came for the actual photoshoot, he asked her in English “Are you ready?” Nana-san, with a giant question mark on top of her head, thought to herself ‘English!?’ Without waiting for a reply, the photographer went on to say “All right! Let’s go!” And the camera flashes began… with Nana still being very, VERY confused. XD What more, the photographer, while taking the photos, started saying “Yes! Oh yes!” and when Nana posed at a good angle, he yelled “Keep! Keepkeepkeep! Kee Kee!” But he was so enthusiastic with the photo snapping that the digital camera needed time to load, resulting in more English “Aww… Just a moment please!”

For the whole time, Nana-san wanted to laugh really badly. But she couldn’t, because they wouldn’t make good photos. But the staff around her were nearly rolling into laughter. A lot of the staff had to avoid eye contact to keep themselves from laughing too much as Nana continued to watch as their shoulders shook in laughter.

Nana-san believes this is what it means to be “Switch on: Work mode.” XD

There is one photo (that Misato said she will buy Pick Up Voice just to check out) that the photographer specifically told her to think and pose the following way “It’s very cold outside. But you’re inside. You’re energetic. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.” And of course Nana-san had absolutely no clue what in the world that means. XDD Neither does Misato, so she is very curious as to what expression Nana was wearing in that photo (which is in the most recent issue of Pick Up Voice).

The following corner is the Quiz Corner. It’s a bonus round of sorts as the questions will be super easy (to celebrate Nana-san’s birthday). I’m not going to cover each question and answer this time (feel free to ask me if there’s a question you’re dying to know about — but otherwise, let me be lazy for now XD)… just know that she did get 22 answers correct, meaning 22 scratch cards.

At the end, she scratched all of them and won… 400 yen. XDD;; She really has no luck when it comes to this. XD As she was scratching them, they left it to Misato to cover for Nana as she free talks about being an adult and being female. Misato doesn’t really know what to talk about so half way she asks Nana to scratch faster so she can stop talking. XD She randomly talks about how there is this doctor(?) who is asking when she is going to get married, when she is going to have a child… She was almost dragged off to a blind date too. XD Then she goes on to talk about how her friends (around the same age) have married and have children… How she felt when she held their child — this motherly instinct.

The card scratching dragged on to song time. Nana takes this chance to thank everyone for their support as Synchrogazer single ranked 2nd on Oricon Chart weekly. =D

At the very end of this week’s Smile-Gang, she makes the big announcement of her 2012 Summer Tour.

And abrupt end for thsi post, but that’s all for this week. =3


7 comments on “Smile-Gang 512 – Fresh 32 years old XD

  1. It started pretty serious in this broadcast. Which I thought .. older = more serious business in Smile Gang. I kept on laughing when Nana ”Alright, lets’go” which reminds me of Young Alive engrish. It is adorable. lol

    I guess the photographer probably is also a Nana fan. Taking as many pictures as a possible as his profession. Now I am bound to order it asap. I am too curious (0_0) But the magazines are damn expensive. I already ordered the Anime Hensubu for the Live Castle book. AND this … my wallet is crying for attention for budgetting >_<. Does it also happen to you? Or am I only speaking for myself? (~3~)

    btw Happy Chinese New Year, kasumi~!

    • Lol. My wallet has been crying for years now. Even more so the past 2 years with the frequent releases that has been thrown out. XD;;
      Although I’m skipping out on getting the magazine or else my wallet will really run dry. XD

      Thanks! Happy Chinese New Year to you too!

  2. ^I wonder how she looked like while holding her laughter, being confused and posing at the same time… @_@

    The photographer sounds so excited it’s creepy >_> or maybe it’s Nana’s excited storytelling with her engrish that’s why it turned that way ^^;;

    Is the beginning part scripted? If not then Nana isn’t as passive as I originally thought…

    • Check out Pick Up Voice and you will find out. XD

      Since we were told that all the staff were laughing at the scene, I’d say her portrayal of the photographer’s excitement was quite close. But yeah, I guess it is a little creepy now that you mention it. ^^;;

      And the beginning part was scripted, but with ad-lib. Although I’m not entirely sure what you mean by “passive”?

      • If I can see an online money to buy it 😦

        Hmmm, how do I say this…she seems to me like the silent, enduring type. Not aggressive like Misato who I think is the type who attacks or fights back. Not saying that Nana completely doesn’t, she’s more like the “inner strength” type to me, if you get what I mean. ^^;; Maybe because she’s polite or careful with words or something.

        Though I wouldn’t really know since I’m not as exposed to her as you and I can only understand what they’re saying thanks to your lovely translations ^^

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