Smile-Gang 511 – Kouhaku talk among other stuff

水樹奈々 スマイルギャング 第511回

Finally, the first actual recording to have taken place in 2012. That means we get our long awaited Kouhaku talk! =D We also get to find out where she went for her annual New Years trip. But before that…

Team Smile-Gang has officially all passed the 30 years old mark! That translates to: Let’s shine the spotlight on Misato for a while by bombarding her with questions. >D

Nana: How’s being 30?
Misato: …It’s fun…?
Nana: Really?
Misato: Well, I’ve only just turned 30…
Nana: I know, but…
Misato: But it’s… relaxing.
Nana: Relaxing!? You can’t be relaxed! You should be out having fun!
Misato: No, it’s more like I’m not bothered by the little stuff anymore. Sort of like “Meh. Whatever.”

Hahahaha. Sounds like things are going well for Misato so far.

Nana: How did you feel the moment you turned 30? Any level up* feeling?
Misato: During that moment, I was enjoying my pork soup.

(*Rather than using the actual words “level up,” it was substituted with a brief hum of what resembles a level up tune. Let’s just chalk it off as part of the Nanamatopoeia.)

Nice answer there, Misato. XD

Nana: What do you know about politics?
Misato: Barely anything.
Nana: Same here…
Misato: Occasionally, through television…
Nana: Yes, bits here and there from the television… But any knowledge I have now on politics were accumulated from before…

The conversation proceeded down the course of knowledge on governing parties and whatnot, leading to Misato’s final comment of:

Misato: We haven’t grown much over the 10 years.

Lol. Ok, now I don’t feel so bad about not knowing much about politics. XDD

Nana: I wonder if others at the age of 30 pay attention to politics at all?
Misato: Actually, everyone around us can talk about it no problem.
Nana: Is that so…

I broke out laughing at the way Nana-san said “Sou nanda… (Is that so…).” XDD

Anyway, moving on… The question that has been sitting at the back of our minds (at least, it has been sitting there in my mind) was where Nana-san and her mother went for her New Years trip. Apparently it was… *drum rolls* … HAWAII!
Oddly, I’m not surprised. A part of me suspected it might’ve been someplace like that.

As for Misato, she spent her New Year at an onsen. With no TV. As she said on a previous Smile-Gang, she just wanted to relax and be bored for once. She recorded Kouhaku so she watched it afterward.

And that brings us to the NHK Kouhaku Talk we’ve all been waiting for.

She first reveals that she, personally, does not choose what song to sing. The NHK staff requests it. Thus, she was actually half-expecting to sing Scarlet Knight at first because that is obviously a “red” song. However, the theme for the 62nd Kouhaku was “Sing for Tomorrow” which carries the meaning of “cheer up” and “support.” What better cheer up song from her recent song releases than POP MASTER? And that’s what the NHK staff asked of her; to sing POP MASTER on Kouhaku. They also suggested her to do something along the lines of cheerleading to fit the theme better.

But us fans have become accustomed to assigning colours to her songs, so we know (and they know) that POP MASTER is anything but red (the music clip for POP MASTER screamed blue). So in a ridiculous attempt to make amendments, Nana and her team decided to go for an orange and yellow clothing/costume to try to make it more “red.” The style of her clothes was meant to be retro-cute and carry the idea of being energetic.
I shall refrain from commenting on the retro-cute idea.

For the performance itself, Nana-san was, as expected, very nervous. Especially because she was up there only for 2 minutes and 5 seconds, leading to the special cut version of POP MASTER. In case you weren’t aware, the intro and outro was completely cut — Nana-san had to focus really hard in fear she would miss her cue. She said she felt like she was singing acapella. XD

Backstage/rehearsal-wise, she was surprised that many more people/performers remembered who she was (unlike last year). Some actually came up and greeted her. Among them was Angela Aki. She asked her many things including how it went at Tokyo Dome and spoke about how she got her attention after hearing her sing at the Haru Uta Special. Nana-san says Angela Aki is a really nice person. =3

Other backstage/rehearsal happenings include finding out that Mizumori Kaori bought and read Shin Ai (Nana-san wrote about this on her blog (December 30, 2011)). Matsutoya Yumi came and talked to her because, apparently, two of her band members (Aniki and Ta-san, two of the first generation Cherry Boys) often talk about Nana. XD Nana-san was all “O_O It’s an honour to be in your presence!”

That about wraps up all she said about Kouhaku.
Before we end off… Misato got her first punishment point!!! Because it’s been 7 years and Red has made their comeback! (If you haven’t been following, if White won, Nana will get a punishment point, whereas if Red won, Misato gets a punishment point).

Next up is the Quiz Corner.
The first question is related to Misato being the new lead for the next season of Precure.
Why yes, they can finally do “Futari wa Precure!” XD Omedettou Misato! What you wished for during Shachou Kouen II came true! XDD Nana-san was all excited that they’re both pink and how they’ll soon be able to work together as Precure due to the upcoming movie. =3

Misato: If you work for Smile(-Gang), you will become Precure.

^Don’t ask. XDDD Misato makes random comments all the time. XD

After that, the corner proceeded as normal… Or maybe not. Woah… As Misato asked, what happened to Nana-san after her trip to Hawaii? Did she gain some sort of ability? She got all the answers correct (and didn’t take too many guesses either)! Including the last question I personally don’t think I would ever be able to think of.

Question: My girlfriend, as revenge for getting into an argument with her, caused some huge damage in my room. Nothing changed inside the room. But things that should be there are gone. What went missing?
Answer: “Files on the hard drive were deleted.”
^Seriously, I would never have guessed. ^^;; And Nana-san got it on FIRST TRY. Makes me wonder if that might be because she (or someone close to her) experienced something similar…

Unfortunately, despite getting all the questions correct, none of the scratch cards were a hit. Better luck next week, Nana-san!

And that’s all for this week. =3


8 comments on “Smile-Gang 511 – Kouhaku talk among other stuff

  1. omg hawaii…… Should have stalked her there! I’m happy that people are starting to recognise her more, she works really hard!

  2. Perhaps Nana chan got a tan on her vacation? But I do think that Hawaii is for most people some kind of paradise on earth.

    About the Kohaku talk, it does show why I adore Nana by far. She has achieved numorous things. Yet she is still a humble and shy girl, who respects everyone. She let her voice what she is made of. I do facepalm what the American popstars do these days. And POP MASTER was so much different when I saw the videoclip on 2525. Her voice started first then came the instruments. It was a huge suprise. As a fan I am glad she pull it off and Red side won finally. \(^_^)/ Although a blue/red color was confusing. @_@ In my mind POP MASTER is BLUE

    I just saw the Zachou Kouen 2 last week. Misato did her precure move which I thought, wasn’t that bad. She could easily in one of the precure roles. But then I lol’ed. I too was amazed how Nana san got the questions answered in a roll. But yeah deleting your personal files is damaging. >_<

    Btw Kasumi~ I like the new layout of your blog. Quite refreshing to see new colors then the usual white. And did you also listen to M no sekai of last week? Nana's english was too funny. I wish I could it as my message tone.

    Cheers~ and thanks for translation as always (^-^)b

    • Possible. XD But she definitely does sound well rested after the vacation. =3

      Yes, that’s what sets her apart from other singers, in my opinion. She doesn’t let the fame get to her and is very down to earth. She feels much “closer” than other famous singers.
      And POP MASTER would normally be a blue song. Except I don’t think the Kouhaku staff actually categorizes songs by colour consciously. This is only something done by Team Mizuki and her fans. 😛

      The Precure thing in Zachou Kouen II was cute. It’s funny to know what she said back then (“I want to be Precure too”) has actually come true. XD

      And thanks~ I’ve been looking for a clean and simple layout/theme for this blog, but never really found much/took the time to really do something about it until a couple of weeks ago. =3
      As for last week’s World of M… Yes, I did listen to it. Lol. I’m guessing you meant the “Don’t think, FEEEEEL” part that was funny? XD That’s about the only thing I remember from it. I should re-listen to the whole thing sometime again this week. XD

      You’re welcome. Thanks for reading~ ^_^

  3. WAHHH U’re alive!!! xDDD

    First, OMFG HAWAII I KNEW IT. SO CLOSE щ(゚Д ゚щ) WHY DID U NO GO TO USA NANA? Let’s go stalk her next time, especially if it’s THAT close to our place.

    Second, SCARLET KNIGTTTTTT ON KOUHAKU SO CLOSEEEEEE ヽ(`Д´)ノ . So the clothing/costume part is supposed to be amendments? Hmmmm…..Ishallnotcommentonit.

    Okay, coherent comments here. I’m really really glad to hear Nana’s opinion of Angela, it makes you smile when you hear that your fav singers are on good terms with each other xD and I couldn’t help but smile when hearing that people *came* to talk to her now. Ever since Nana came on Kouhaku I honestly feel a bit…scared for her for the backstage/rehearsal part of it. Since she’s a seiyuu-singer and came from a different background from the rest of the singers, I was honestly afraid she’s gonna be treated differently and all that. But glad to see that it’s not the case at least.

    And lol Misato on precure. Maybe on the next Zachou Koen she could do the Precure henshin with the rest of the cast hahaha. And from Nana’s voice seems like the trip to Hawaii did her good, she sounds a bit energetic now. She should take more vacation, seriously =___=

    Scary girlfriend D8

    • *confused* I don’t think I did anything to indicate that I might not be alive? ^^;;
      If anything, I should be the one saying “Waaai! YOU’RE alive!” XDD Hopefully you’ve recovered 120% now?

      Lol. We can’t stalk her if we don’t know where she has gone. We always find out AFTER she returns from the trip. XD

      “it makes you smile when you hear that your fav singers are on good terms with each other”
      ^I COMPLETELY agree.

      About the Precure henshin on the next Zachou Kouen… Nana joked about how she wants to do Zachou Kouen III if just for that. XDD
      And yup, she does sound much more energetic. She definitely deserves a longer/more vacation. XP

      PS: What’s worst? Having your room physically destroyed or having precious files deleted?

      • Ahaha, true true, I was just surprised that there’s an update, during weekdays no less >83. And yup! Recovered 140% now thankfully! (And still searching for pineapple buns xDD)

        Use our instincts *o* This year is Hawaii prolly coz of how warm it is there, if so then next year *might* be Florida!! Nana has a habit of going somewhere really unpredictable during her vacation, luck would have to take a big part in this >8D

        And Precure in Zachou Kouen? No thank you D8 It scares me just to think of it. They should do more 30 years old-related jokes instead lol.

        Destroyed room or deleted HD? Personally, DELETED FILES scares me more. You can fix your room, but you cant restore the files on busted HDs >>

        • But I updated on Sunday night. 😮
          Good to hear you’ve recovered and even better than before. (Lol. We have pineapple buns in abundance in my town). XD

          If it’s going to rely on luck anyway, I might as well stay here and hope to run into her on the streets. XDD To be honest, I’m still wondering how she handled the language barriers during the trips. ^^;;

          They did it in Zachou Kouen II, I don’t see a problem if they did it again in the next one (if there is one). Misato doesn’t have to create a Precure character anymore. Lol.

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