Smile-Gang 510 – A Misato Special

水樹奈々 スマイルギャング 第510回

Don’t be thrown off by the opening of this week’s Smile-Gang. It’s their strange way of celebrating Misato’s upcoming birthday. The song used is the ending theme of the Miyuki anime, “Omoide ga ippai” by H2O. In particular, the lyrics played at the beginning roughly translates to “Climbing the stairs towards adulthood, you are still Cinderella.”
Nana-san cracks a joke about how, as Misato enters the world of 30, being a Cinderella will be tough. Misato fervently denies and says that she will have no problems putting on the glass shoe (to show she is still young enough to be Cinderella). XDD

As this will be the last Smile-Gang that Misato will spend in her 20s, it is time for a trip down the memory lane. In April 2002, Fukuen Misato began her position there as a member of Smile-Gang. She had been at the young age of 20. 10 years later, she finally joins “the other side” (of where everyone else is because they’re all over 30. LOL).

Misato: I’ve spent my 20s in Smile-Gang. Tonight, I will leave everything behind with this broadcast.

The trip down the memory lane continues. Nana-san recalls her Coming-of-Age in 2000 (2002 for Misato) and talks about Y2K problems (along with how nothing happened in the end, thankfully XD). In 2002, Misato mentions several things that happened that year… some major events and the release of XBOX. Both feel nostalgic yet feel those events are recent.

The next corner — Mizuki Nana gives her 30-year-old advice.

Misato: I don’t want to hear it.
Nana: Eh? You don’t want to hear it?
Misato: No, I don’t want to hear it.
Nana: But if you listen to to them now, you’ll be able to prepare yourself for a lot of things! See, when I turned from 29 to 30, it was a huge change. When I had to fill out my age on forms and reflexively wrote 2 before realizing that I’m now 30 and must scratch out the 2–
Misato: I DON’T want to experience that moment! I’ve somewhat prepared myself mentally but…
Nana: I know. In my mind, I knew I’ve turned 30. But I’ve been writing 2- for 10 years… That “2” came out naturally. But when I talked to the other senpai, they were all “What? I had no problems at all with that. It’s fun! You’ll experience more fun when you’re 40.”
Misato: That’s true. A lot of people say “It’s fun.” I’m still wondering what that means.
Nana: Right. I didn’t feel anything when I was 30 though. It was after I turned 31 that I began to realize the “It’s fun” probably meant this.
Misato: Can you explain? What does that mean?
Nana: When you’re in your 20s, no matter where you go, you’re still more of a child with a long way to go. People don’t really consider you an adult. But once you hit 30, people start treating you properly (as an adult). You start needing to take responsibility for your actions but at the same time, there is a real sense of freedom there as well. You can finally do what you want.
Misato: Like you can do things the way you want?
Nana: It’s that feeling of wanting to do things a certain way, but not knowing how to go about it… And now finally, I know how to do it. And I think it goes for all sorts of professions. In terms of stamina… Let’s just say pulling all-nighters is becoming more and more difficult.
Misato: I’m actually starting to feel it.
Nana: For some reason, I would suddenly feel sleepy even if I’m in the middle of something. At soon as the clock strikes 12, drowsiness hits. Right now, if I put some effort in, I can still get up in the mornings… But I’ve heard that once 40 comes around, that no longer becomes possible.
Misato: Seriously!?
Nana: Hahaha… I’m taking Producer Mishima as example. He drinks… and sleeps at the restaurant.
Misato: Ah…
Nana: Also, it’s easy to lose your breath even doing something seemingly insignificant… You’ve got to keep exercising.
Misato: Um… Do you still remember people’s names or movie names?
Nana: I’m beginning to forget them!!! It’s horrible. I’m already forgetting now, what’s going to happen later…
Misato: Or maybe it’s just that we’re experiencing an information overload in our brains because too many things are going on at the same time.
Nana: That might be true. You can’t delete stuff, so things just keeping accumulating in our heads… Resulting in us going “What was it? That? Uh…. What was it again?” That’s why I feel like I need to keep challenging new things. To keep my brain functioning.
Misato: Oh, I see…
Nana: I’d even say I think being 30 means becoming more aggressive. In my 20s, I feel like handling my work was already difficult and didn’t have time for anything else. Now, I can think and be positive… Thoughts such as “Everything I do results in a Skill Up for myself.”
Misato: That’s actually the image I have of everyone who is over the age of 30. Having fun and doing what they want.
Nana: That’s why.. Misato, work hard to attaining your freedom! *laughs*
Misato: Ganbarimasu… Now your final words to end off this corner…
Nana: …Welcome!
Misato: No!
Nana: Not “no!” Oh, and you get fat more easily so make sure you get in more muscle exercise or else…
Misato: Seriously?
Nana: Chubby…
Misato: NOO! (IYA DA!!!)
Nana: The fat accumulates. Even at the back.
Misato: That’s bad. That’s really bad.
Nana: Start exercising. So once again… Welcome!
Misato: NOO! I’ll train. I’ll exercise!

The corner was so serious yet so funny that I chose to do a rough translation of the whole thing. XD
Except… Nana-san describes 30 to be so scary. Poor Misato. XDD;;

Next corner is the quiz corner… Titled a little different from usual as the words “Misato’s last quiz corner while still in her 20s” is added in. When the BGM started playing, you hear Nana half laughing while saying “Sad…”
The quiz questions this week are also related to Misato.

1) When Fukuen Misato was 20, what was the thing she looked forward to most?
Answer: Pudding
^Although Nana-san didn’t get it correct.

2) What was the one thing Misato wanted Nana to do at least once on Smile-Gang?
Nana’s suggested (but incorrect) answers: Sexy pose, recording Smile-Gang in swimsuit, doing the broadcast from an onsen…
Hint: Every guy’s dream.
Answer: Naked except apron!
^Wow, Nana-san actually got it! XDD
^^Misato: As my birthday present, you should do that. (Misato, you…I knew you’d say that! AHAHAHAH!)

3) How does Fukuen Misato answer people when they ask “What kind of person is Mizuki Nana”?
Answer 1: She’s a really hard-working person. <– Nana answered this one.
Answer 2: M (LOL.) <– Misato says that if Nana-san ever runs across people who think of her as M, she is the reason. XD

4) What was the one thing Misato wished she did properly in her 20s?
Nana’s suggested (but incorrect) answer: Dating! (both their reaction to this answer was hilarious XD)
Hint: They touched upon this earlier in their conversation.
Answer: Exercise

5) What was Misato's worst date like?
Hint: Mikio –> Disneyland
Nana's suggested (but incorrect) answers: Got lost/separated, broke up (hint: didn't go that far), didn't get a chance to talk, Disneyland wasn't open…
After approximately 5 leading hints…
Answer: Got into a fight at Disneyland.
^After some elaboration, it was revealed that they got into a fight over popcorn… With the reason being that it was the first time EVER Misato bought popcorn, yet the guy said "You always do that when you buy popcorn." Meaning the guy mistook Misato as another girl.

6) Misato wanted to go get married before turning 30… But as can be seen, that hasn't happened. What is missing/is the problem?
(Note: This is where Nana-san takes jabs at Misato. xD)
Nana's suggested (but incorrect) answers: Patience/tolerance (Misato: It's not the answer I have, but it is right at the same time…XD), lack of girliness, too idealistic, money (Oi… HAHAHAHAHA), love, risking your life, too realistic…
Answer: Fighting spirit
^Wow, who would've guessed? XDD Nana-san didn't get it, in case you're only reading this and not listening to the buzzer sound.

So in total, Nana-san got 4 correct and thus, 4 scratch cards.
Scratching results in one winning card of 200 yen… Misato's last days in her 20s gave Nana-san one winning card of 200yen!!! XDD

And to end off, Nana-san says next week, they will FINALLY be in 2012. Why yes, even this broadcast was recorded before the New Year. XDD


7 comments on “Smile-Gang 510 – A Misato Special

  1. At first I thought I was listening to the wrong broadcast lol. Quite talkative one, but I found it interesting. In my mind Nana is still in her early 20’s, they both don’t sound anything like a women in her 30’s. But Nana teasing Misato made me laugh soo hard. Like a payback.

    About the second question, I knew there will be something with sexy. (cuz Nana is always love). But naked with only apron is every men’s dream. I do remember a talkshow where Nana did wear an apron making a pancake dessert. She looked amazingly cute. Niyauu~~

    Only I didnt really get the question 3 … what does the question have to do with Disneyland???

    I had loads of laughs listening to it and thanks for the complete translation!!!

    • Nana has probably been waiting a long time to get some payback. XDD;;

      I apologize for the question 3. Somehow a chunk of my post got deleted when I posted it and somehow I didn’t realize it until now. Disneyland was a separate question… It’s fixed now. =3

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