Post-Kouhaku quick interview [Mizuki Nana]

Link here: 2011/12/31 副音声(ゲスト:水樹奈々)

^This was the recording of the SAP (or secondary audio channel) for Kouhaku. You can think of it as a running commentary hosted by Itou Teri and Kanda Aika, hence why you can hear the live performances happening in the background. Apparently, after Nana-san’s performance, they got her there for a little while to conduct a mini-interview.

After the introduction, Teri asks how Nana-san feels, and she replied that she felt like she was “able to release all the power she accumulated over the year 2011.” Teri proceeds to praise her on her 2-Day Tokyo Dome Live, to which our Nana-san thanks everyone modestly.
The calm and modest conversation then took a turn for the funny.

Teri (speaking to Aika): You know, she’s so calm and adult right now when talking to us, but during those 2 day lives, she was a completely different person.
Nana: *laughs in the background* Yes…
Teri: It was like someone else entered your body. You’re always like that when you sing.
Nana: When the melody starts flowing, the switch turns on, and I become the character of the world as depicted by the song.
Teri: Ah, so that’s how it is…
Aika: Ehh…
Nana: I’m even able to do certain actions or expressions that I previously did not know I was capable of.
Teri&Aika: Ohh…
Nana: Even when it comes to energy or actions that was thought to be impossible during the rehearsal, I’m able to perform them without needing to catch my breath… Such as when I make a mad dash across the stage.
Teri: I suppose that’s what makes a star… It’s that kind of strength.

At that, the conversation switches back to the commentary. Perfume was on stage at that point, and you can hear Nana-san going “Ahh~ Kawaii~” Lol.
Teri and Aika point out how Perfume’s dances are difficult to pull off, especially with high heels, to which Nana-san agrees (must be personal experience XD). Teri asks for Nana-san’s opinion on Perfume’s dances, and she answers that it’s difficult, it’s unique, and it’s something that makes people want to dance along. XD Nana-san said she tried to copy their dance moves, but it didn’t work out well at all. XDD

Aika then turns the conversation back to Nana-san as she asks how she felt on stage this year. As expected, she was very nervous. However, the blue light sticks that covered the hall filled her with energy. It made her feel like she was in space, able to take flight with wings on her back. So more than being nervous, she felt a calm healing aura from the blue glow that gave her energy.
Teri says he thinks Nana is very relaxed as they’re talking. He asks if that’s because she’s done and thinking “Yatta!” Nana-san does not deny. “Yosh! I’m done, I’ve done everything I can!” XDD;; Now she’s just simply enjoying the show. Hahaha.
Of course, that means it must be tough on those who perform last. But Nana says that, during the opening, instead of being nervous, Ishikawa Sayuri was cheering “Yay yay!” Despite her status, she didn’t hold back in showing her excitement.

Nana: As expected from the dai-sempai. She’s not nervous at all!


I’m sure everyone remembers that Nana-san was part of the Kouhaku ouentai last year (and the year before). Aika wonders if Nana felt any different this year (of not being on the support team and instead being able to concentrate on her singing). Apparently, being on the support team allowed Nana to be in the Kouhaku mood a month early. This year, however, she felt like she was being thrown in 3 days beforehand (during the rehearsal) and had a bit of a tough time trying to keep up.

Jumping into a different topic, Nana-san starts speaking about POP MASTER. It’s meant to be a song that carries the “move forward, keep smiling” message. She worked together with cheerleaders (I wonder if she meant Team Yo-da?) and sang it in a way to give off the feeling of “cheering each other on and giving each other power.” Nana-san remembers her live in Sendai, and how touched she was to see many people attend her live and seeing the powerful bonds that kept people together. It was those feelings she carried in her chest while standing on stage and performing.

At this point, someone passes Nana-san a blue light stick… Just as Tokio’s performance comes to an end. XDD;; A little bit of a “whut?” moment here.
…Only to be followed by another “whut?” moment… Aika suddenly cuts in with “Your ring is so cute!”

Aika: Your ring is so cute!
Nana: Ah, thank you!
Aika: It’s a pair of lips!
Teri: *tries to kiss it*
Nana: Ahh! Wait!
Aika: Teri-san saiyaku! (Teri-san is the worst!)

HAHAHAHAHA. I’m sorry, but that was hilarious. XDD

Teri then says the ring reminds him of Rolling Stones.

The topic is switched quickly to K-pop as SNSD (Shoujo Jidai) went on stage.
Nana: Kakkoii~

Teri asks Nana-san what she thinks of K-pop, and her reply was that they’re very cool and have catchy melodies (hm… why did “Gee” immediately come to mind? XDD) that get stuck in her head very quickly. Their dances leave a deep impression on her as well. She was doki doki over the legs. (Oi!) XDD;;
Now, SNSD has gone and performed in many places all over the world. Teri says it shows “Asian Power” and hopes that Nana will one day be able to do the same. He says it’s not a farfetched thought as anime is popular everywhere (he specifically mentioned France)… And then, all of a sudden…

Aika: Legs! Legs!
Nana: Wah~ Pretty~

…Please excuse me as I laugh like an idiot for a couple of minutes… XDDD

Teri goes on to mention that he saw the girls (from SNSD) without their make-up backstage. Even without makeup, they were all very pretty. Nana-san adds that they have really smooth skin.

After a few seconds of not knowing what to say, Teri returns the conversation to wanting Nana to get her music into Europe. (Oi. Oiiii! We want her here in North America too!) Nana-san says that she is aware that many fans in places like France and America learn Japanese for the sake of watching the Japanese version of an anime instead of the dubs. These same places have a lot of Anime Festivals and whatnot (*flails* If you’re going to America, come to Canada too! Canada too~~~!), so she would definitely like to visit some day.

This brings us to the end, as backstage staff tells them that Nana needs to go back to prepare for her next appearance. It was definitely an interesting 12 minutes well-worth listening. =3


11 comments on “Post-Kouhaku quick interview [Mizuki Nana]

  1. AGHHHH WHY JUST FRANCE?? JUST GO TO THE LEFT A BIT — there’s something called NORTH AMERICA y’knowww ヽ(`Д´)ノ . OMG, we have to do something to make her realize that she has a LOT of fans outside of Japan (and not just France lol).

    And why was she fangirling about the others’ legs? HER legs are also amazingggg щ(゚Д゚щ)

    I’m getting myself worked up about this lol. WE WANT NANAAAAAA~~!!!

    • I thinks she knows (or at least has some idea) that she has fans all over the world. I’m not all that worked up over it as she’s been saying she wants to go overseas to do lives/attend anime conventions for years now… And it still hasn’t happened. Lol. Although her trying to learn English might be a sign…

      “And why was she fangirling about the others’ legs? HER legs are also amazingggg щ(゚Д゚щ) ”
      Lol. Her legs isn’t the point here. It’s the fangirling over legs that cracked me up. XD

  2. Geez, did he really kissed THE HAND?

    lol Nana’s such a fangirl. She has her own wonderful legs to stare at 24/7, she should be used to it by now…maybe because theirs is longer? ^^;;

    And Koreans really DO have smooth skin. Had a few classmates and they’re like dolls that has come to life.

    • Lol. I don’t think he succeeded/Nana would’ve let him. XDD

      It’s probably more to do with it being someone else’s legs… You know how she is. XDD;;
      Not to mention, this is SNSD we’re talking about. Lol!

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