HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! [Mizuki Nana, Smile-Gang]

Let’s make 2012 a happy year! =D

Hope everyone felt complete on the last day of year of 2011 with the 62nd Kouhaku. =D

NOTE: Just a note to everyone that I’ll be messing around with the appearance of this blog for the majority of the day. If you see things changing, there’s no need to panic. It’s not your computer, it’s me. XD

Now to get down to the first Smile-Gang of 2012.

水樹奈々 スマイルギャング 第509回

As we all know, Smile-Gang is always pre-recorded. Due to their busy schedules, #509 was recorded even before Christmas. XD
So don’t expect any talk about Kouhaku yet. XD

However, they do talk about what they want to do in the new year.

Misato wants to stay home and be bored… because you don’t really get a chance to do that once you enter the working world. I completely understand and agree with that.
Nana will be travelling with her O-mama somewhere. At least that’s the plan. She carries it out almost every year, so I’m pretty sure it’ll be the same this year as well.

The other thing that Nana-san really wants to do is to… clean up her place. XDD
We know that she is too busy to vacuum her place often. I once wondered why she didn’t get herself a Roomba (the vacuum robot) since she can just let it run on its own. Apparently, she does have one. She used it once and it is now covered in dust. Hm… A vacuum covered in dust… Ironic, yes? XD Roombas do require maintenance (you DO have to clean it as you would a normal vacuum), so you would at least have to set aside some time to do that. Misato says it is such a waste that roomba-san isn’t being used. She’d definitely want one. Roombas are quite expensive, after all. XD

Aside from that, she also rented a trunk room for her stuff… Except… It appears that isn’t being used much either. XD

Misato suggests that Smile-Gang should give her 10 batsu (punishment) game points if she doesn’t clean up. Maybe that will motivate her to do something about her dusty and messy home. XD
Speaking of batsu game points, Misato has received one already (although she doesn’t know it at the time of the recording) because aka-gumi won on Kouhaku. >D

Then they follow up on what happened after the broadcast with the drinking. Misato got a little tipsy (and high) after they finished the recording (Misato had work afterward too XD), whereas Nana was really red in the face. She went for a massage and the people there were all “O_O ARE YOU OKAY? DO YOU HAVE A FEVER???” Hahaha.

Fan letter reading took up the rest of the broadcast. Oh, they also held a draw to decide who among the Smile-Gang staff will plan the Smile-Gang New Year dinner. Nana’s name was entered in the draw 3 times to raise the chances of her name being drawn, but it was the director’s name (Tadokoro) that came up in the end, so he’s responsible for the planning. XD

And that’s that. It was overall very tame broadcast, but still a very enjoyable one. =3

Once again, Happy New Year everyone! =D

8 comments on “HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! [Mizuki Nana, Smile-Gang]

    • For some reason, it’s not that hard for me to imagine that. XD

      Batsu game points or not, for her own health and safety, I really think she should clean her home. ^^;;

  1. That Roomba…she had it since two years ago, lol, and she’s only used it once? Oh wow, Nana’s worse that meee xDD

    I can’t wait until the post Kouhaku Smagang, muahaha, and the ‘butt-related’ incident that hopefully Misato would be bringing up >89

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