No confirmation… CONFIRMED!

The lack of confirmation even when it is already the 30th is rather worrying…
Some suspect that their refusal to confirm means they can’t broadcast it.

For that reason, I can’t get a guide up like last year. I’ll try to keep everyone updated though, because although they haven’t confirmed, they haven’t said ‘no’ either.

And if you don’t have a clue what I’m talking about, that’s fine. No need to concern yourself over it.

Except… I just read the NEW installation steps and… As ran said, it’s “fishier than a fish out of water.” It tells you to disable firewall and anti-virus software. I’m not about to take that risk if there are alternatives… Of which there seems to be.
(But PPLive will act as my last resort should anything go wrong with the two below.)

Courtesy to ran and cc1926 (see comments below), soshified looks like they’re going to stream it. But it’s not an “official” stream by ustream, so I don’t know about the quality…

Similarly (again, thanks to cc1926), freshverse is streaming too. This one requires registration though. It’s all in English, so there shouldn’t be too much problems…

By kasumife7

5 comments on “No confirmation… CONFIRMED!

  1. Last year it was quite big thing. You could follow it on Niconico. Damn those luckly premium members ;_; all I can do, is crossing my fingers and wait 3 weeks for something on niconico.

    However I did read something about the broadcast discussion, there were some problems or some sort.

    Btw better be early then too late …. Happy Newyear and best wishes, Kasumi~

    • NicoNico is not broadcasting it live this year though. At least, not as far as I know?
      (EDIT: Never mind, I just re-read your comment. I see you meant last year. XD)

      And you don’t need to wait 3 weeks for something on niconico. People usually have something up within a few hours (on other websites). XD

      I haven’t read anything about problems, although I wouldn’t be surprised…

      Thank you~ An early Happy New Year to you too! =D

  2. I found two streeaming chammels that will broadcast Kouhaku 😀

    freshverse (need to register an account)

    after registration click this link >

    soshified (no need for registration but may have possibility of lagging a bit but should be a lot better than keyhole)

    Hope this will help. Let’s enjoy watching it & cheering on Nana together this evening 😀

    • Thanks for this!

      soshified is clearly using ustream (which is frequently used to stream lives so I’m assuming it is reliable)… But do you happen to know what freshverse uses? I haven’t registered yet… Lol.

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