Smile-Gang 508 – Punishment Game Special [Mizuki Nana]

First thing is first: MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! =D

Now the “Merry Christmas” from Mizuki Nana and Fukuen Misato.

水樹奈々 スマイルギャング 第508回

This week’s Smile-Gang is a little bit different. If I had to describe Smile-Gang #508 in 2 words, it’d be: They’re drunk.
^And I’m half-serious. XD


Two reasons:
1) This is the annual Punishment Game Special (so hilarity and embarrassment is bound to ensue)
2) They really were drinking for the the majority of the time

The very beginning is set-up as a prelude of things to come. Misato plays the role of a reporter, asking Nana questions that eventually led to “do you drink much?” and “if you drank to your heart’s content, what’d happen?” The answer, of course, was that she has never drank so much that she’d get completely drunk. Reporter!Misato then says it’d be interesting to see what would happen later.

And then we get to the title call…

Probably the least energetic title call of “Mizuki Nana Smile-Gang!” I’ve heard from Nana-san in the years I’ve been following this radio program. XD

Anyway, a little bit of an explanation first. For those of you who have been following Smile-Gang for a while now, you would know how the Punishment Game usually proceeds. Nana gets thrown out of the studio, into the crowd, and is asked to do embarrassing things. She has no script, no knowledge of what she will be asked to do, and thus no way to prepare or reduce the level of embarrassment.

However, this year is a little different. She has been notified of what is to come right from the get-go.

Before I go on, let’s look at the punishment game points our dear Nana and Misato have accumulated over the year.

Misato – 10 points
Nana – 13 points

As always, Nana has more points than Misato. What usually happens is that Misato gets away by passing her points to Nana as a deduction. In other words, Misato would end up with 0 points and Nana with 3 points… Leaving Nana to take on the Punishment Game alone.

HOWEVER, Smile-Gang staff have changed their minds this year. Instead of the deduction system, Misato keeps her 10 points.

Why yes, Misato is receiving the punishment with Nana!
Hence why Nana was cheering (despite the situation), because for once, she’s not alone. XD

So what is this year’s punishment game? As hinted earlier, alcoholic drinks will be involved.

Nana doesn’t drink. She claims to have low tolerance.
Misato likes to drink. But she also claims to have low tolerance. XD;;

13 alcoholic drinks are laid out before the two.
Yes, it will be a drinking contest of sorts.

Nana drinks first, to clear off the 3 extra points she has over Misato.

Lol. The sound Nana makes after drinking beer/wine/sake was cute.

Once she cleared the 3 points (reducing her total points to 10),
a new game starts. It’s a card game where they each hold cards numbering 1 (or Ace) to 10 in their hands. The person who plays the card with the higher number wins. The winner chooses the drink for the other.
As a side note, Ace beats 10 even though everything else beats ace.

I’m sure you can tell from the screams and cheers who is winning and who is losing? XD
What’s hilarious is that Nana often wins by one (e.g. when Misato plays a 6, Nana plays a 7).

And yes, Misato does begin to sound drunk along the way.

Perhaps as revenge, the second time Misato wins, she asks Nana to drink Spirytus… The one alcoholic drink Nana really wanted to avoid.
More like, is it really ok for a person to be drinking that? :S That bottle is 96% alcohol! >< Nana says it smells like medicine and hospital. Even Misato agrees. When Nana drank it, she actually said "It hurts." I'm guessing it must have left a rather bad burning sensation down the throat. She said there was no taste too.

After the game comes to an end, we move on CMs and then a special corner.

The Mizuki Sexy Nana corner. It is a must-listen.
They’re drunk. They’re both drunk. That’s all I can say. XDD

Following that is the preview of a new song… BUT you will not find it if you’re listening to the version I’ve linked above. It is cut by the uploader of Smile-Gang to avoid deletion. It can probably still be found somewhere on the internet. Or just wait until the release date (January 11th). :3

And that brings us to an end for this week.
As someone who had alcohol in her system while listening to Smile-Gang, I couldn’t stop laughing at some points. XD

Once again, Merry Christmas (ah, it’s already the 26th, but that’s ok, right?)! =D

EDIT (Dec. 28, 2011): Just re-listened and realized it wasn't card drawing but card playing. Edited post with game rules.


12 comments on “Smile-Gang 508 – Punishment Game Special [Mizuki Nana]

  1. WAAAA….drinking Punishment ^^; the wonder i hearing alot of drunken laughter XD

    errr…the sexy part…*cough* got kiss then got coughing?! WAT?! lol?! but i think alot of pp will nose-bleed that part XD…

  2. Wow– they’re both smashed o___o. I’m torn whether to feel sorry or to laugh my behind off at them. Two drunk girls on smagang– best one yet haha.

    It’s me, I’m too lazy to log on =w=

  3. When I saw the punishment word, I immediately downloaded the vid. I love japanese BATSU GEMU in any form or type. It gets me everytime to laugh especially with Smile Gang. I am suprised there were drinks with quite high alcohol percentage and couple wines. Are they drinking it in one shot???

    the second part I only got spared with a heavy nosebleed …2828 all the way lol

    Thanks again for the summary!! It is really full of laughter and cuteness.

    Merry christmas!!

    • Yeah, I was very surprised they had something with 96% alcohol. Not sure how much they actually drink each time though.

      Lol! Were you spared from the nosebleed due to the coughing? XD

      And you’re welcome. Healthy laughter needs to be shared. XD

      Merry Xmas and happy holidays to you too!

  4. Thanks~

    Yeah luckily for that … my heart went racing hard. It even adds up when you have to look at the suggestive stare at the background picture of the radio.

    btw there is something I dont quite understand. All I know that Nana does both M no sekai and Smile Gang. But what about this one? ( It is twice the length (which is nice :P). And it is pretty much up to date. I never mind listening to Nana even for a hour. lol

    • Yes, Mizuki Nana no Power Gate is an internet radio that rotates between 4 seiyuu every week. Another way of looking at it is an internet radio program hosted by Mizuki Nana once every month.
      In terms of news and updates, it is always behind Smile-Gang and M no Sekai. If you keep up with Smile-Gang, M no Sekai, and her blog posts, then POWER GATE will sound like a recap of everything that took place the previous month. Of course, she also introduces new or recently released anisongs by other people, as well as answer questions asked by the seiyuu of the previous week and read fan letters.

      There was a time when I listened to it every month, but eventually my habit faded out. Although I still occasionally listen to it when I find the time. =D

    • The Punishment Games started as far back as 2002. Although, at the time, there was no “point system.” If their prediction is off (e.g. predicting who will be the champion of the baseball league), they automatically will receive punishment.

      Nana-san has been on a losing streak since 2008.
      In 2007, although Nana-san got less points than Misato, they both had to participate in the punishment game… Although Misato had to do a little more.

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