Smile-Gang 506 [Mizuki Nana]

This #506 broadcast is what Nana-san describes as: “Tokyo DOOOOME~~~! still cannot be said… Part 2.” XD

水樹奈々 スマイルギャング 第506回

The reason is that, in the radio world (much like in broadcast #505), she is still in the time period where Live Castle has not taken place yet.

Anyway, jumping straight into the interesting section of Smile-Gang for the week: The Quiz Corner – What is means to be a kid, what it means to be an adult. XD

Tell me when you feel like a kid: Eating hamburger and curry at an abnormal frequency.

Tell me when you feel like an adult: When using her K-tan petting techniques (which led to massage techniques).

The person you think is very adult: Igarashii Rei (seiyuu for Precia Testarossa)
^This conversation soon became how rabu-rabu Igarashii is with Hayami Shou (they’re married, for those who are not aware). XD Nana reveals little tid-bits such as how it is Hayami who cooks the meals and saying that his wife’s only “job” is to get up in the morning (Aww~). Misato adds that she found it “interesting” to see the two together. At any rate, Nana says that, whether as a woman or as a wife, Igarashii Rei is the “ideal.”

Tell me the times when you act like an adult: Going shopping and saying “Please give me both colours of the same clothing.” (which translates to having enough money/having the motivation to work harder to get what she wants).

Give me an adult look: Smile-Gang staff considers the look to be fail. XD

What is an adult: Being independent, able to spend money on own interests/likes, looking after kohai.

How old is a real adult: 20 is still a child, around 30 is adult.

^I laughed out loud at the answer to the last question.

Correct answers lead to scratch cards — she won 400 yen this time. A lot of people managed to get 10,000 yen rather easily (in comparison to the number of cards Nana-san has scratched already). It is decided that her manager, Masuko-san, will purchase the remaining scratch cards since the one he bought for Mishi-P on his birthday was a winning one. XD Let’s all hope Nana-san wins a little more money from the scratch cards (even though she will be unable to get out of the end-of-year punishment game either way). :3


2 comments on “Smile-Gang 506 [Mizuki Nana]

  1. It is soo interesting to learn more about Nana. Despite her hard working and professional attitude, she is still a humble and lovable girl.

    I wonder when did the all card scratching started…at least who came with the idea? Anyhow it is very cute when they wail they didnt won any price.

    • I forget when the scratch card project started… But at least half a year ago.

      As for who came up with it… I believe it was the brains behind Smile-Gang, the planner/scriptwriter, Imanami Yuusuke.

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