Smile-Gang 505 [Mizuki Nana]

水樹奈々 スマイルギャング第505回【ネット音源】

This week’s Smile-Gang is made up of crazy dreams, shocking confessions, and being in sync with Synchrogazer!

To start off with the most hilarious section on this week’s broadcast… Nana-san had a crazy dream. XD
She dreamed that she was pregnant right before the Live (Castle). That, of course, was problematic for her in the dream. And (being in dream world), the next moment was that she was giving birth to twins. XDD

Dream analysis reveals that such dreams hold the meaning of “discovering a new ambition and carrying forth with it.”

Speaking of birth and children, a reminder that her 26th child (single) named Synchrogazer will be born on January 11, 2012! =D


Next is Christmas quiz corner. Nana-san said she received gifts from Santa until grade 5. XD;;
Anyway, quiz was rather uninteresting until the last question… Where she said, “suki da yo, Misato.” Shocking confession? Nana-san said it is because Christmas is the season of love. XDD Misato replies that the confession does not make her the slightest bit happy. ^^;;


Following that is “Synchrogazer.”
It will be the opening of the anime Symphogear. Thus, the lyrics are written to match the scenario of the show. Nana-san made it out to sound like a pretty interesting anime, so I think I’ll be checking that out. :3

As for the song itself… I like it. Hard to get into the rhythm at first (even Misato mentions how it won’t be a song they’d sing at karaoke as it is too difficult), but songs that remind me of space/universe always get bonus points from me. =D

Finally, the new Smile-Gang version CM for Synchrogazer. Yes, the Misato + Nana one. They took it in one-shot, no NGs. That’s quite amazing. Nana-san says the reason they were able to sync so nicely is because they’ve known and worked with each other for a long time.
It’s funny, but my first reaction after listening to the CM was “that is probably the most ‘normal’ Smile-Gang version CM they’ve had in a while.” XD


12 comments on “Smile-Gang 505 [Mizuki Nana]

  1. I thought when she said ”Mama” .. it was about her mother. But I was soo wrong. Perhaps Nana is longing for children unconscious. but JunPara getting a younger brother/sister is always good news. I like how Nana said; it is a big family. But it sure is ~ not in bad way ~ scarring that Nana has enough self written songs for an album. (=3=;)b Dat ”suki da” was so random lol

    I like Synchrogazer in the first time, kind like a mix of DDR x Eurobeat. I am amazed that she wrote it. Such quick pace, at a couple moments this is a fast as somone can sing like vocaloid. How is she going to sing during Live? Even Nana herself said it is going to be difficult if you sing it in karaoke. I laughed hard when Misato went ”Synchrogazer Yeah … synchro~~gazer.”

    Btw one thing I am wondering all time. Although during M no sekai and Smile Gang the intervals have commercials for singles of other voice actors (like Miyano or Yukarin) But do the other radio shows also promote Nana singles/album?

    I am sorry if I have written too much. No where on the internet is a nice place to talk and listen with other Nana fans.

    • Randomness is often what makes something funny. XD

      Agreed about the DDR/Eurobeat style. I like those type of songs. =D Although I just want to point out that she didn’t compose the song. She only wrote the lyrics. The song was written by Agematsu Noriyasu. :3
      Haha, yes, it is always fun when Misato is asked to predict what kind of song the new release will be like. XD

      To your question about other radio shows also pormoting Nana’s singles/album — I don’t listen to other seiyuu radio shows often enough to say for sure, but I do recall hearing a Nana CM on Yukarin’s radio show once, so the answer is likely a yes (assuming they’re also under King Records).

      And don’t worry about writing too much. I like reading long comments. =D Feel free to talk about Nana as much as you want here. :3

      • Yeah songs like koi no yokushiryoku or Gimmick game fit Nana voice quite good. I am not sure but she can sing through many lyrics in one breath. Just amazing.

        One thing I forgot to add in the my first post. How in the world can Nana do a radioshow (both M no Sekai and Simle Gang) after the Live? How many energy does she have? At least one of two is even a mignight program.

        Aside from the radioshow; I thought you went to see Live Castle or Live Journey. Did something happened?

        • Gimmick Game is awesome. So is Pride of Glory. =D

          Smile-Gang and World of M are both pre-recorded. In fact, the most recent Smile-Gang (505) was recorded just before the live. :3
          However, World of M tend to be more recent than Smile-Gang in terms of recording date.

          And no, regretfully, I was not able to attend either one. 😦
          The timing simply didn’t work out for me.

  2. Dream analysis reveals that such dreams hold the meaning of “discovering a new ambition and carrying forth with it.”

    For some reason, my first thought was ->getting married -> have children -> retire -> then be a hot mama instead ^^;;

  3. Lol, I guess I’ll be the person to represent the opposite opinion then. I’m getting fed up with Nana’s latest music, this Eurobeat is the completely wrong direction for her, she is a better singer than this.

    The sound quality and mixing is improving with every new song, however this Synchrogazer, like others like it, is too fast, too over-composed, too anime-sound (The term I give that annoying high-pitch keyboard synth melody) Gimmick game fits that description too, it’s over-the-top. But I can still universally agree that Astrogation is great even though it would share the same Eurobeat background – that is how it should be done.

    Anyway, besides wishing Nana would get back on track with actual music and not theme songs. The setlist for Live Castle looks mostly great (Not as perfect as Live grace setlist mind) but mostly, great. Just one costume fail (Yep, that snow white Disney look makes me facepalm) Hopefully there’s a grown up sophisticated and jazzy Nana somewhere in the future. Well I can wait, I’m a fan for life after all! ^_^

    • *looks at comments below* You’ve just sparked up an interesting discussion. XD

      I can understand some of your frustration, because admittedly, her older songs remain to be the ones I listen to the most… but I would have to disagree about the direction her songs are going. Because I hold the opinion that her music doesn’t have a set direction. She’s just about sung every genre except rap! XD

      Though I won’t deny there’s been more Eurobeat (though quite a few falls closer into the electronic pop category) on her more recent singles (mostly courtesy to Elements Garden), but she mixes in other styles on the same singles/albums. :3
      …On second thought, there may not be so much Eurobeat/electronic pop after all. POP MASTER, Scarlet Knight, and Junketsu Paradox certainly don’t fall into either… ^^;;

      “Hopefully there’s a grown up sophisticated and jazzy Nana somewhere in the future. Well I can wait, I’m a fan for life after all! ^_^”
      Lol. ^Well said! =D

  4. ^ Looks like Nana has entered the era where her fans will be torn between her old music and new ones. ^^

    Hm…*listens to Astro/Gimige/KoiYoku/Babel/Unbreakable/MB -diverse*….I say I like it…and I’m really digging Sychrogazer right now.

    I do have to admit though that her old style is easier to get into than the recent ones because it has less vocal flips which is becoming frequent in her songs nowadays. But I’m actually liking this eurobeat style or whatever it’s called…I’m still waiting for the next InoSuta though. ^_^

    • ^”Looks like Nana has entered the era where her fans will be torn between her old music and new ones.”

      I think I am turning into one of such ppl…..
      I can’t really get into MB -diverse, and Romancers’ Neo took some time.

      But Astro,Gimige,KoiYoku/Unbreakable are few of the songs I really really like.

      Can’t remember how is Synchrogazer cos I only heard it once and real life wont allow me to listen to it more but I don’t remember liking it too much. (Okay, maybe I’m just procrastinating)

      Don’t get me wrong, not all new songs are bad. JunPara worked really well for me =D (I still think it’s new after all this time I wonder why… Must be real life…)

      PS. I am trying my best to remember Romancers’ Neo now. D=

      • I recall that ROMANCERS’ NEO did not make that much of an impact on me at first. It still hasn’t. But it is much better if you listen to it under high quality. Radio quality don’t tend to do the songs justice.

        As for Synchrogazer… I just thought I’d let you know that I can’t remember how it sounds like either. XD
        King Records have effectively deleted Smile-Gang 505 and any other rips of the song.

  5. I knew it was wise of me to check Kasumi blog regurarly. I DO understand the reasons why some fans prefer the genre of her older songs, including myself. I am hungry for song like Themidor, You Have a dream etc which her vocal comes out stronger then the bgm. Like synchrogazer it was almost like 50/50 vocal and music. Of course Nana treated us with Super Generation MUSEUM style which was brilliant in every way. But more of this genre is better.

    However I think the bridge between fans of her old and new songs will be closed. I am sure of it. Nana is a vocalist of all range ~ I am all suprised by her new songs, still haven’t disappoint me.

    Btw lol at the comment of carbonfibre about the custome fail. I thought by myself; she was the real snow white from the fairy tale when I saw the vid. lol

    For those who misses Synchrogazer, I grabbed the rip of M no sekai. (Shame on me, couldnt wait till next year T_T)

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