NHK Kouhaku 2011 [Mizuki Nana]


The title of this post and the screenshot above speaks for itself.
Why yes, our favourite singer and seiyuu is going to appear on Kouhaku for the 3rd consecutive year!


Ok, I know this news is probably over 12 hours late (probably more, since news generally leak out before the official site has anything up), but… I reserve my right to be belatedly excited. XD;;

What this means is that I will be up at 5:00am in the morning on the last day of the year, tinkering with my computer, to get the stream working in order to watch Kouhaku live.

On another note, I know there’s been a lack of updates. RL has been eating into my personal time lately, so I’m still trying to find time to LISTEN to Smile-Gang. Yes, I haven’t even listened to Smile-Gang for the last 2 weeks, despite having access to the internet!

12 comments on “NHK Kouhaku 2011 [Mizuki Nana]

  1. I was worriied that she might not be in this year’s red team since some mags didn’t include her in prediction list but she made it again. Congrat!! 😀

    btw is that chinese website we used for watching last year kouhaku still available?

    • Yes, that site is still available. However, whether they will have Kouhaku there again is questionable (as they’re not under any obligation to provide it every year). I’m also looking into other ways/programs — but the TV schedule hasn’t been published yet for end of December…

      Worst comes to worst, there is KeyHole TV…

      Anyway, there are still a lot of unknowns, but I’ll probably announce things here on this blog as we get closer… Just to get the word out there. ;D
      And another guide if necessary. :3

    Lol, I hope you’re up to guiding me again like you did last year hahahhaa. I forgot how to get those thingies up and runnin’…

    I freakin’ hope she’d sing SK or Junpara…Not POP MASTER please…

    • What’s wrong with POP MASTER? 😮
      Although, I forgot about Junpara. That’s very likely, now that I think about it.

      Hahah. No problem. I still have the guide from last year (though it might need a few tweaks as I think some things have changed). Or, I can guide you through MSN so that we can keep each other awake as we wait for the thing to start at 5AM. XD

      • POP MASTER is blue! D8 SK and Junpara are red colored song…like PM last year hahaha. I already bought the lightsticks so Nana better sing Red song! >83 lol. SK and Junpara are awesome so I hope its those two *crosses finger*

        HOLYCOW Five am? *cringe* MSN it is. I prolly would stay up all night. How bout you? up to go without sleep?xD

        • You have a point about POP MASTER being more of a blue-coloured song… Although PM was blue in my opinion.
          And lightsticks? Are you going to wave them inside your room as you cheer Nana on through the computer. =o

          Yes, 5AM. Remember last year? XD
          Heh, I’m up for it if you are. XD

          • Yep, PM was also a blue song, but she was on the Red team so….O_o It should be Etsuraku last year!! Hahaha yes indeed! I cant be there to cheer for her so the least I can do is scream like a maniac through the PC lol. Want to join me? hehehehe.

            Oh yes I remember, I got back from a crazy trip to Niagara Falls at midnight and stayed up by harassing you for Kohaku hahhaha

            Okay! Staying up late it is, I’ll buzz you on MSN >83 D’you have Skype by any chance?

    • I’m actually glad it wasn’t Etsuraku last year… ^^;;
      The opposing team is white, so “blue” song while on the red team isn’t too bad. Besides, the only reason fans began colour-coding her songs is because of the lives… We probably wouldn’t think about this if she didn’t do that. XD

      Uhh… I’ll pass on the screaming through my PC and waving lightsticks. XD

      You didn’t harass me for Kouhaku last year. Because I recall that I actually slept (and set my alarm for 5). Hahaha.
      Speaking of which… You post comments at the odd hour of 5:30 (according to WP and LJ). I don’t think you’d have problems waking at that time, would you?

      Buzz away! =D
      And yes, I have skype. You’re not planning to skype call me at 5 in the morning, are you? Because I’m not going to pick up. Haha. XD
      I’m fine if you want to use its instant chat function though. I know it can work better than MSN. :3

      • Lol, you said that last year as well
        xDD I still want my Etsuraku on Kohakuuuu, that would grant instant victory, it would Hahaha yea, but color coding is fun though, and since its already like this, better make it match >83 SK and Junpara, go RED!

        Booo no fun D8

        Oh yeah, you did didn’t you? No problem with early mornings here, I always wake up at four in the morning, but during days where I have to wake up extra early, I always effed it up and wake up late…so yea, prolly stay up (you should too >8D). Nana is worth the panda eyebags!!

        Pffft– I’LL CALL YOU AT MIDNITE xDD Yeah, if I ever remember my skype, I’ll pm you. If no pm came, MSN it is >83

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