Smile-Gang 500 – CONGRATULATIONS!!!


^links to NicoVideo upload of 水樹奈々 スマイルギャング第500回

Special 500th broadcast is special for various reasons.

1) It’s the 500th broadcast! Congrats to Nana-san, Misato, and the rest of Smile-Gang staff!!! =D

2) The entire broadcast (minus the CMs) was recorded outdoors.

3) Unlike the usual format of different corners, everything proceeded in a quiz + explanation format.

4) ROMANCER’S NEO was unveiled here on this special 500th broadcast. Sound quality is mediocre at best, but that’s why we buy the CDs! =D It’ll be included on The Museum II.

5) This post will be longer than usual as I try to cover as much as possible (because it’s #500!)

6) I’m really tired and yet I am managing to sit here typing this without falling asleep. That counts as something special, right? XD

Anyway, here we go. Full coverage of Smile-Gang #500…

For all you frequent listeners of Smile-Gang, the first thing you probably will notice is how different Nana-san and Misato sound compared to usual. They sound further away and seem to be keeping their voices down. The reason for that is because, as I mentioned earlier, they are outdoors.

It’s hilarious to me how Nana-san tries to be normal yet Misato keeps cutting in with informal comments. XDD

Nana: Mizuki Nana Smile-Gang 500th broadcast!
Nana&Misato: YAY!!!
*sounds of clapping*
Misato: Uwaah~ This is tough… People are looking our way~
Nana: We’re trying our best to keep things normal, but these echoes are really something.
Misato: *cuts in* Nana-san, can you stand on this side?
Nana: Whaaat? Don’t use me as a wall!
*everyone laughs*
Nana: Anyway, since April 2002, it’s been 10 years. We’ve finally made it to our 500th broadcast! This is all thanks to everyone at Bunka Housou, related persons, and of course… all you listeners who tune in every week! Thank you very much!
Misato: You’re welcome!
Nana: *to Misato* Eh? Uh… *laughs* Thank you?
Nana: For those of you wondering why we sound a little uneasy, we’ve jumped out of our studio to bring this broadcast to you! …It’s cold.
Misato: It’s cold, isn’t it?
Nana: It’s cold. The wind surprisingly…
Misato: Strong.
Misato: Nana-san, please tell everyone where we are currently at.
Nana: Right. This is the very first city I lived in after I left Ehime. Right now, we’re directly in front of JR Higashi Koganei Station.

Let me say here that I am jealous of all those people leaving the station at that time because Nana-san and Misato would’ve been almost right in front of them.

Anyway, Nana moves on to explain how there are a lot of students and salary man walking out and around the station due to it being “home time.” That’s why both Misato and Nana feel a little embarrassed recording Smile-Gang out in the open. Nana even suggested in the middle that maybe they should move towards/hide in the shadow some more. XD
Both then comment on how clean and pretty the station looks compared to what they had in their memory. Nana lived in the area so using the station was normal. For Misato, she had a good friend who used to live in the area as well, so up to 7 years ago, she went in and out of the JR Higashi Koganei station quite often.

The reason why they’re at the JR station is more because they will be traveling from place to place, and at each location, Misato will be quizzing Nana about her connections with the place they visit. Before they head off though, Misato starts off with the first question (since they’re at a place with which Nana has a connection to). If she gets the question correct, she will be awarded. Nana-san sounded like she was extremely happy to hear that. XD

The reward is the delicious food that surprised Nana-san when she first arrived — a taste that made her think “Tokyo has something this delicious!” Considered to be the taste of nostalgia for Nana, 宝華, a chuuka (中華) restaurant located here Higashi Koganei.

They got her a box (take-out) of 肉野菜 (courtesy to Google images — the english equivalent of this name of this dish escapes me at the moment), if anybody happen to be wondering.

Without further ado, the question she has to answer in order to get the food.

Question: During the time Nana-san lived in this city, how much money was she able to use freely?
Answer: 3000 yen!

Misato: That’s correct! Now let’s eat! Let’s eat!

LOL. Looks like Misato wants to eat it more than Nana-san. XDD
But Nana-san’s reaction was so cute and hilarious when they got the box open. “Korekorekorekore~!” XDDD

The food costs 850yen, to which Misato’s reaction was:
Out of 3000 yen, you used up 850yen for this???
Nana admits that it was, at the time, quite a big spending for her… so she only went to eat at the place when she got paid at her part-time jobs.

Although… 850yen for that dish is rather high. Normally, from what I’ve seen in the restaurants in Japan, it’s usually only around 650yen. But that’s probably because 宝華 is rather famous restaurant. Nana also said something about not having eaten at 宝華 for the past 11 years.

Oh and don’t ask me what in the world Nana is saying when she had food in her mouth. I don’t have a clue. XD

I do, however, recognize the title call even when she had her mouth full. XD

After the title call, they recap on how they plan to proceed with the broadcast — in quiz format while traveling from place to place. Nana also recaps on her close to 1000yen meal (850yen to be exact) just a little while ago and how it brought back memories of how happy she was when she treated herself to such a meal all those years ago when she only had 3000 yen to spare. Not only that, but they also talked about the geography of Higashi Koganei, all the little places that Nana used to love visiting.

After the CMs and jingle, the Smile-Gang staff arrive at their second destination. Before announcing where they went, a little conversation between Misato and Nana.

Misato: The meat and the veggies… Did you enjoy them fully?
Nana: Yes!
Misato: The smell was rather strong during our ride here.
Nana: Ah, I’m sorry. I was the only one eating…
Misato: Don’t worry about that. How did it taste?
Nana: It was the best~
Misato: Yokatta~

I’m assuming that means everyone else watched Nana-san eat during the entire bus ride? XDD;;

Returning to topic, Misato asks where they have arrived at. And… It’s Horikoshi High School! The place where Nana went every single day for 3 years beginning in 1996.

(I’d like you point out that you can hear crickets chirping in the background. It must’ve been quite late at the time. XD Even Nana mentions that she can’t tell what is where because of the darkness. XD)

Nana brings out a photo (oi, this is a radio!) to show Smile-Gang staff and talks about how she took a picture at the entrance with her mother on the day of the entrance ceremony. Misato comments on how cute Nana looked at the time. XD

Now time for the question!
Question: During your Horikoshi High School period, what was the one thing you looked forward to the most (on your way home)?
Answer: Buying food at Family Mart.

It’s always food with her, isn’t it? Hahaha.
Specifially, she buys “Salad Elegance-flavoured” chips and 牛肉コロッケ.

She always eats it alone in the store, away from the watchful eyes of her teachers. I believe the rule is that students are to go straight home and should not be seen hanging out on the streets. How it worked for Nana was that one friend stood outside the entrance to watch out for wandering teachers while the other goes in, buys, and eats. When the friend outside makes a signal (that a teacher is coming this way), Nana would stuff her food into her bag and they’d sneak their way to the station. (This much was mentioned in her autobiography).

And then, Misato asks in a very interview-like way if she would’ve ever imagined she be where she is today when she was still in high school.
The obvious answer was: no.
Yes, she thought about how “nice” it’d be to become a great singer, and thus worked hard towards the goal, but she never really thought she’d get there.

All of a sudden, Misato points out that there is a park nearby. And that it’s called Mizuki Park.

Misato: Ah! I just want to say…There’s a park right in front of us, and it says Mizuki Park.
Nana: No way. Seriously!?
Nana: Woah! Really.
Misato: It’s Mizuki Park!
*laughs all abound*
Misato: Sugoi!
Nana: I didn’t know!
Misato: Isn’t this amazing?
Nana: Yes, it is.
Misato: Were you already “Mizuki” when you were in high school?
Nana: Yeah. I debuted in my third year, so I was “Mizuki Nana” by then.
Misato: Then does that mean this park…?
Nana: No no no! This is honestly just a coincidence. I only knew about this today after all! After 10+ years.


After the jingle, they move on to the next place.

They arrive the at the old Bunka Hoso site in Yotsuya. Up until 2006, the Bunka Hoso building was stationed there.
As for why they’re whispering… It’s because the site has now become home to an apartment. XDD

Misato: It feels like we’re going to get caught.
Nana: Yes, we’re definitely intruders here.

The reason why it is a “special” place for Nana is because it was the starting place for Mizuki Nana Smile-Gang. Almost like birthplace.
And then they find a plate/stone/sign with engravings that say “The starting point of Bunka Hoso.” Nana finds it weird the sign is there when they’re in front of an apartment.

Now… Question!
Question: When you found out your name, Mizuki Nana, was going to be in the title of “Mizuki Nana Smile-Gang,” what were your immediate thoughts?
Nana: Extreme happiness!

Nana says having a radio program with her name in the title was like a dream. It’s not something that happens everyday. And of course, to think it’d last for 10 years… No one, absolutely NO ONE, involved in Smile-Gang would’ve thought this program could run on for so long.
Originally, Nana thought it’d only last for half a year. When it was extended to a year, she was all “Yosh!”
Hilariously, the initial comments she received from other people with regards to Smile-Gang was how it was about two young girls happily chatting away and laughing. It is Smile-Gang, after all. XD

Before they leave, Misato asks Nana to say a few words to this “land of beginning.” After words of thank you, Nana says she feels really weird to be bowing at mansion. XD

After CM and jingle, once again, they have arrived at the next quiz point.

The place is… in front of TOKYO DOOOOME!
A few salary men are walking about and apparently “glaring” at them during the time of recording. ^^;;

Question: During the 77th broadcast of Smile-Gang, how did Nana-san describe the existence of Smile-Gang?
Nana: A comfortable place to be!
Misato: Uh…
Nana: Wrong? Uh… Oh, a family-like existence!
Misato: Close!
Nana: Eh? What was it? Frie..nd? Ah, wait, no…
Misato: No, your answer is moving away from the correct one.
Nana: Lover! Ah, no.
Misato: I would think you wouldn’t want (Smile-Gang) to be your lover.

…And time runs out! Nana-san gets this one wrong.

The correct answer is: The only place that is part of my job where it is perfectly acceptable to be an idiot without a care in the world — a home.


Oh, a new tidbit of information. When Nana told her mother about her next live being at Tokyo Dome, this was O-mama’s reaction:
Isn’t that great? I’m so happy for you right now I could cry!


Before the move on to the next destination point, here comes ROMANCER’S NEO!

My preliminary thoughts on ROMANCER’S NEO is that… sounds difficult. :S It’s hard to get into as it’s not an easy melody to follow. Though I can say it falls into the category of “It will grow on me after a few more listens.” Not to mention, it’s really hard to give a proper impression when the quality isn’t entirely great. I can’t wait for the CD to be released and delivered. =D (Admittedly, I’m more looking towards the DVD/BD that comes with the CD itself than the CD, but it’s all part of the package. XD)

After CM and jingle — they return to their usual place. The new bunka hoso studio, the place they record Smile-Gang weekly. Misato says how, despite only being away for 3 hours, she is getting this “I’m back” feeling when standing in front of their usual studio. Nana says it might be because they just went through a lot history in the past 3 hours.

As a reward for getting many “quiz questions” correct, Nana is awarded 2000 yen instead of the usual scratch cards. They are telling her to buy her own scratch cards this time around. Nana takes this chance to blame the staff that the reason she hasn’t been able to win anything must be because the staff who buys them is low on luck, and thus never buys the winning cards. XD

Makes sense, I guess? XD

And that brings us to a close for the 500th broadcast of Smile-Gang.

Everyone, let’s keep supporting them so they can reach the 777th broadcast and 1000th broadcast! =D 


2 comments on “Smile-Gang 500 – CONGRATULATIONS!!!

  1. It’s odd, I can watch animes and doramas without subs just fine but when it comes to radios and smagang, I just lost all sense of my Japanese comprehensive skills lol. Thank god you’re here to help hahaha *prepares shotgun for your ego*

    Anyway, I just love how the staff lol-ed at the hyper girls. The people that went past them must have been giving them weird looks. Oh and totally lolled at the part where Nana was mumbling through the food, it’s cute.

    The Mizuki Koen moment was pure epicness, Nana was totally taken by surprise bwahahaha.

    Okay, now about the new song…my first impression of it was ‘the heck, Yu Yu Hakusho?’ orz. I have no idea, but the feel of the song is so similar to its songs…and like Scarlet Knight, will prolly need three day’s worth of looping to get this one. Nana sure loves singing songs that make her go out of breath huh?

    Lol, prolly my longest comment yet. and 777th episode? How many years is that gonna be? lol (five? xDD)

    • Lol. You’re not giving my ego a chance at all, are you? XD
      I used to be like that too — I had trouble understanding radio/radio dramas, but have much less difficulty with j-drama/anime. But after immersing yourself in Japanese on a daily basis through anime/video games/manga, I eventually found myself understanding more. XD

      The food part was definitely cute. When Misato joined in with the mumbling after getting some of the food as well, I couldn’t hold back my laughter. XD

      Really? I didn’t get any YYH vibes from it. I got bits of Gundam W-vibes instead… Or maybe I should say Two-Mix vibes instead?

      I welcome long comments. =D
      And yes, a little over 5 years. I certainly hope it’ll continue for at least that long. Although there’s no worry of it stopping any time soon.

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