Smile-Gang 499 [Mizuki Nana]

水樹奈々 スマイルギャング第499回【ネット音源】

Just to get this out before the 500th Smile-Gang airs tomorrow!
I doubt I’ll be able to listen to it real-time though… Although Smile-Gang is generally uploaded quite quickly after it airs, so I’m not too bothered.

Anyway, before 500 hits, here’s Smile-Gang #499… Which is about bugs/insects/creepy-crawlies being fans of Mizuki Nana as well. ^^;;

Following up with the spider talk from several weeks ago. Nana says that she hasn’t seen a single one appear since then. That’s good to hear as it probably means baby spiders didn’t hatch inside her home.

However… it would seem that she keeps drawing these sort of incidents to her. ^^;;
A while back, while eating at a restaurant, something fell from the ceiling. Her first reaction was to grab her plate of food and “protect” it. XDD As if seeing everything in slow-motion, she successfully managed to move her important food out of the way before that “something” fell on the exact spot of where her plate originally sat (awesome reaction time, Nana-san!). And it turns out that “something” is a gecko…

People around her immediately screeched and ran.

Nana-san is a real positive thinker. She claims that since these things don’t happen often, and that geckos protect people against other insects (she specifically said spiders XD), to have one drop on her like that is a sign of good luck.

Er…? I don’t know what to say to that. Except maybe I’d think the opposite. That makes me a negative thinker? Oh wait, that’s nothing new. xD

Also, apparently, there are quite a few bugs in Nana-san’s home right now. There was one walking on her toilet. Misato comments that bugs seem to love her. ^^;; Misato then asks if Nana ate the bug (that was in her washroom), referencing the time when Nana did almost eat an ant in her bento box (she spat it back out, if I recall correctly). ^^;;

I think she seriously needs to clean her place some time… Although, I guess the “time” is the problem for her.

I can’t imagine what I’d do if I were in her position… ^^;;


12 comments on “Smile-Gang 499 [Mizuki Nana]


    I cleaned my desk just yesterday….. took me 7 hours, although it looks tidy, I have A LOT of things where I have no idea where to place them. 7 hours just for 1 desk *facepalm*
    So I think if she wants to totally clean out her place she’ll need at least 1 full week break and then hardcore cleaning =P

    • Hahaha. Indeed.

      That’s generally the problem for me too. I clean and tidy up the place, but most of the time, it’s still not as “tidy” as one might expect after hours of cleaning due to not knowing where to put stuff. I hate throwing stuff away. :/

      I’m not sure a full week would be enough, knowing how much “stuff” Nana-san has. ^^;; Especially when she has so many “antique” stuff that requires proper care and attention when cleaning. XD;;

  2. EHHHH!!! a Gecko~! ^^;; me wan to catch it lol XD every time i see a lizard, i feel like catching it XP (n i helping my 2 sis who r afraid of lizards lol XD)

    i think Nana n me r type that dont mind those kind of creepy crawly XD (well for me i hate cockroach T_T)

    • @ran (I’ve just realized I’ve never asked you what name you prefer to be referred as):

      At least I have something to defend myself with against you? XDD

      And you can’t be telling me that you’ll be okay if you’re trapped in a room with a giant cockcroach flying around trying to attack you. O_O

      It’s not serious enough to call in the pest control yet, but she certainly does need to clean soon. I’d be pretty freaked out if I found a giant bug walking on the toilet in my washroom… I don’t know how she manages to remain calm enough to grab it and release it back to the great outdoors. :S

      • (Hem .____. that’s true lol. meh anything’s fine xDD For some reason I kept reading your name as kasukasu @_@)

        pfffttt–you so dont wanna lose do you? hahhaa

        Ehh….flying cockroaches is fine, they’re kinda common from where I came from, and by giant you mean like 2 inches big then yea, its fine too lol! Compared to geckos D8 I’ll take cockroaches anytime at all. At least it’s slow enough for my shoe to hit.

        Ikr? She even release it to the outdoors!!That’s just…so…buddha-like @_@ I dunno,if it was me, I’d acquaint those bugs with the soles of my shoes lol. I figure you’d be too busy screaming to notice what buy it is huh? haha

        • I do not know how you see kasukasu from that, but whatever works for you. XD


          They’re common in the country of my birth too. That doesn’t mean I have or will get used to them. :S
          Funny, I think I’d take geckos over over cockroaches. I think I used to poke them when I was little whenever I found one in the apartment. And they eat insects. 😛

          Actually, if there was a bug near me that I absolutely have to take care of it myself, I release it outside too. The idea of killing it makes it all the more worse.
          As for noticing what bug she was talking about… More like I don’t know and didn’t want to search it up. Whether it is doing a Google search or asking wiki, images usually pop up and I’m pretty sure I don’t want to be looking at them. XD

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