Forgetful producer? [Mizuki Nana, Smile-Gang]

I’ve been meaning to write about the most recent World of M, but Smile-Gang was easier to go with, so this first.

水樹奈々 スマイルギャング第498回【ネット音源】

But first thing’s first. Congratulations to Nana-san for reaching Oricon Charts #1 with Live Grace BD!

In other news, Meikyuu Butter -new arrange version- to be included in the MUSEUM II.

Finally, Nana’s next single will be released on January 11, 2012. Start saving up again, everyone! XD

Now onto Smile-Gang…

A little while ago, Mishi-P lost his wallet. Nana hints that it was something waiting to happen, because he constantly leaves stuff behind; such as leaving his laptop in public areas and even forgetting to take his briefcase (something that’s very hard to forget, according to Nana) with him when he gets off the train.
The usual situation goes like this:

Mishi-P: *walks off the train before realizing a little ways after that something is missing* Ah! My briefcase!!!
Nana’s manager: Oh, I have it.

Nana’s manager, who should only really be responsible for Nana’s things, was seen carrying Mishi-P’s “forgotten” luggage. XD

So anyway, recently, he lost his wallet. He was devastated by the loss, not so much for the things INSIDE, but for the wallet itself. It’s a limited edition item. For a while, Mishi-P kept saying: I don’t care if everything inside is taken. I just want my wallet back.

When all hope is gone, our King Producer got a call from the Shibuya Police department. Someone found his wallet. It was returned to him, with everything untouched. Misato thinks it’s a miracle.
Heh. See? There ARE nice people in the world. :3

Mishi-P sends a mail to everyone telling them that his wallet has returned safely and reminds everyone to be careful with regards to their wallets.
Nana’s initial reaction: Mishima-san… For you to send out a mail telling US to be careful… ^^;;

Nana’s message to her fans after this incident: Should anyone ever find wallets on the streets, take it to the police.


Next was the Quiz Corner. Nana got a surprisingly high number of questions correct. Misato was really surprised.
Near the end of the corner, Misato wants fans to send in questions where Nana will react the way as she imitated at 14:35.

Misato: *does the imitiation*
Nana: Who’s that?
Misato: Nana-san.
Nana: No no, I don’t do that!

AHAHAHAHAHA. I’m sorry Nana-san, but Misato’s imitation was perfect. XDDD


Following that is the letter-readng corner.
Interesting piece of trivia. Nana doesn’t drink much so she rarely gets drunk, but the one time she did, she lost her memory of what happened. In the times when she drinks a little, she sits there silently and watches everyone while going “hm-mm!”
Misato, on the other hand, becomes loud and daring when she’s drunk. XD Not necessarily a happy-drunk because she said it depends on her mood at that particular moment.

Other little bits of interesting information include… Mishi-P being horrible at reading maps. Even when going to King Records or his own home, he needs a GPS. Sometimes, Nana and staff could leave later than Mishi-P and still arrive 10 to 20 minutes early at their destination. (Uwah… I fall in the same category as Mishi-P… ^^;; )
Nana, as we’d expect from someone who loves traveling, is great with directions and looking at maps.


Finally… As mentioned above, Nana’s new single is to be released on January 11, 2012! One day after Misato’s 30th birthday. Nana announced that, as Misato’s birthday present, she’ll be giving her a copy. The funny thing is, in the background, you hear Misato going “But you give me a copy every single time anyway!” XDD (Looks like Misato wants an actual birthday present XD)


4 comments on “Forgetful producer? [Mizuki Nana, Smile-Gang]

  1. bahahaha..!! Nana had a poor manger, but yet hes also a good 1 too XP

    Maybe Nana should give something else for Misato’s birthday, other than her single or album XD (too use to it lol XD)

    ya!! gratz to Nana for getting 1st ^^

    • You mean producer? 0.o

      Well I lost my wallet once, and someone returned it to the train’s passenger service. Not so lucky for me though, while I got all my important cards back, all my notes was gone. (I don’t know to be thankful to that person who did that or not.)


      • There’s also a chance that the person who returned the wallet isn’t the person who took the money.
        I think that’s another reason why most people pretend not to see wallets on the ground when they pass by one — in case everything inside is already gone, they don’t want to take on the risk of being framed for taking it. 😦

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