Smile-Gang 494 to 497 [Mizuki Nana]

I am back! Back for a few days already, but laziness got the better of me. Anyway, catching up on the Smile-Gang backlog that has formed in the time I was away… Below are the highlights of Smile-Gang 494 to 497.

水樹奈々 スマイルギャング第494回【ネット音源】

Something lucky happened to Nana! While buying a drink from a Coca-Cola vending machine, 2 cans dropped out. One was what she bought, and the other was a Coca-Cola can… Upon closer inspection, it was a Happy Can Atari!!! In other words, it was a “prize can” where a prize is stuffed inside a can. Deciding to open it on Smile-Gang, what came out was… a pair of earphones! 😮
Misato finds it ironic that it is a pair of earphones of all things. They’re on a radio show after all. XDD

Although it was revealed the following week that “Happy Can Atari” wasn’t such a rare phenomenon. Many people got themselves earphones, speakers, and watches from the vending machine.


水樹奈々 スマイルギャング第495回【ネット音源】

So we all know Nana-san has been taking English lessons. And we also know that improvements are occurring slowly. It’s been half a year since she began taking lessons under Kevin-sensei who teaches in full English (no Japanese) style. It is the most effective style in teaching a language, but Nana finds herself unable to keep up recently. Soo… She (and Mizusawa Fumie) has gone to search for a Japanese English tutor while continuing to attend Kevin-sensei’s classes in hopes to learn the language faster. The tutor they found gave them a test (at the first year high school level) to see where their skills are at.
Nana-san’s mark?
Half a year with Kevin-sensei and she barely passed. XDD;;
Misato throws out a test near the end of the corner. Give a self-appeal/introduction in English…

I’m not going to go into the whole “voice artist” vs “voice actress” thing, but I hope someone will let her know that “voice artist” isn’t nearly as clear in meaning as “voice actress.”

Anyway, after the few short English phrases, this is what Misato has to say.

Misato: Half a year, and this is all you can do?



水樹奈々 スマイルギャング第496回【ネット音源】

Right off the bat, we have laughs rolling out. Nonsensical voice acting on Smile-Gang are always fun. XDD

Laughs aside, Nana goes into a somewhat serious discussion (at least I think it’s serious!). Spiders appearing on ceilings isn’t uncommon. In fact, I’d say it’s rather common. Nana says she sees them all the time at her place, but because spiders are said to be “messengers” she doesn’t do anything about them (she’s highly superstitious for those who don’t know). They don’t bother her anyway.

Now, there’s a particular spider that has been unmoving from its place for several days. At first, Nana thought it was dead. Then, one day, she noticed that there’s a white cocoon-like thing in the place of where the spider originally was.

Immediately, she came to 2 potential conclusions:
1) The spider has gone into hibernation
2) The spider is hatching eggs

I say conclusion #2 is more likely.
SUPERSTITIOUS OR NOT, DO SOMETHING PLEASE, NANA-SAN!!! If you’re scared, get someone else to do it for you! It’s too late if they hatch!!!


水樹奈々 スマイルギャング第497回【ネット音源】

So about the spider incident from last week… She got her manager (Masuko) to “do something about it.” Her request was: Please throw it outside so it has a chance to live. Her manager obliged.

Now… The thing is… After her manager successfully got the “white thing” off the ceiling, they (for reasons unknown — because I’d stay as FAR away as possible) decided to take a closer look. What they expected to see was a spider inside this white cocoon-like thing because Nana was certain she saw the spider wrap itself in that. What they expected was not what they found. Instead, there was nothing inside… What does this mean? I’m sure we can all guess…

A fan sent in a letter after last week’s Smile-Gang in an attempt to warn Nana-san… Because he/she had the same thing happen. Except, when he/she tried to remove it and looked inside, what he/she found were mini soon-to-be-hatched spiders. *shudders*

But the white thing at Nana’s place was empty… So it likely means… They hatched. >_>;;

Cue Nana and Misato squealing in disgust.

Misato suggests to get K-tan to eat them all if he finds them. XDD Except Nana says that won’t happen because K-tan tends to hide behind her whenever a bug shows up. XDD

On a more serious note though… I sincerely hope her apartment is not infested… Because I feel sick just thinking about it.


And that’s that. Let’s all hope for the best for Nana-san’s sake. :S


14 comments on “Smile-Gang 494 to 497 [Mizuki Nana]

  1. EHHHH!?! a spider’s egg nest in Nana’s house!?…well depends wat kind of spider is she dealing w XP as long is harmless its safe ^^

    n my house is full of lizards XD thank them for eating bugs ^.^””

  2. Glad to see you back 😀 Thanks again for translated summary of Smile Gang even when you’re busy. Nana seems to study hard for English. Does it mean we can have a hope for world tour? 😀

    Spider story is creepy. Having thousands of them crawling around the house sounds scary and Nana’s house seems to be in quite a mess. She’d better hire a temporary housekeeper to take care of this issue if she doesn’t have time -_-”

    btw have you participated in Mizuki Nana overseas fan project for Live Castle?

    • I’m certainly hoping she’ll do a world tour! Although the chances of her coming to Canada (and to a city near me) even if she does is rather low…

      Considering she vacuums her place on an average of once every 2 months… Yeah, I’d hate to imagine the mess and dust that has accumulated. Add the spider issue into the mix and… OK, I REALLY don’t want to imagine… ><

      Unfortunately no. Found out too late and missed the deadline…

      • Ah, yeah, it’s a pity. I check Canada thread in Live Castle Project google group and they had already taken photos last Sunday (the same day as Bangkok’s).

        I’m not sure but I think if you live in Vancouver (they can’t accept new city coz of quota page per country), you could send a separate photo to the staffs to add up in group photo. Some ppl in Bangkok couldn’t come on that day, so they sent their own photo to the Thai representative staff. Then, send it to the project staff to photoshop their faces into the photo. If you live there and want to participate I think you can contact Danie and let her know. The deadline for sending photo is the end of this month. Still have plenty of time 😀

  3. @Smile Gang 497

    listening to this made my imagination go wild..because I can’t understand what they’re saying…but in the quiz corner(?), are they talking about Nana and her dates? Is she going out with somebody?

    • No, the quiz corner is simply random “love” questions thrown in Nana-san’s way. She has to come up with answers that satisfies the Smile-Gang staff before it is deemed correct.
      One question was: What does it mean to be heartbroken.
      Answer: To become skinnier. XD

      • Woah, thanks for that…that goes to show where my imagination has run off to ^^;;
        Now my mind can rest in peace.XD

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