Brief revival of Chisato? XD [Smile-Gang, Mizuki Nana]

Before I go into the most recent Smile-Gang… Just a warning that there is a possibility that I won’t be updating this blog for the next 3 weeks or so…
I will be posting sporadically on LJ (about randomness that has NOTHING to do with what I normally update here with) though, if I manage to get access. :3


水樹奈々 スマイルギャング第493回【ネット音源】

No MUSEUM II announcement last week, but we get details this week.
It was a very sudden decision (as we already know), something that occurred around the time of the Animelo Summer Live.

The story went like this:
Mishi-P suddenly, out of nowhere, said, “Museum!”
Eh? When?
Even people at King Records were all “Huh? It’s being released? How come I didn’t know??”
A seemingly spur of the moment remark has set off a chain reaction, and the staff are rushing to put things together. XD

Being a “best album,” it includes everything after SECRET AMBITION. It will come in 2 versions, DVD and BD. The recently recorded POP MASTER PV will be included as well as Nakano Sun Plaza Shachou Kouen II. Even Misato didn’t know about this despite having a part in Shachou Kouen II. XD

Now moving onto the Quiz Corner.
One of the questions was “What was the first line you recorded as a seiyuu?” Nana obviously remembers and gets it correct. However, Misato wouldn’t let her go until she “acts it out.” Aaaand, that’s what we hear at 9:49. XD

Nana got pretty much everything correct (all the questions are about her seiyuu career after all XD), but the ending came in an unexpected manner. In the years I’ve been following Smile-Gang, I believe this is the first time they ran out of time in the way they did. Misato already jumped in to help Nana with the scratch cards, but they still couldn’t scratch them all in time. XD

That’s all. Let’s hope I won’t be away for too long. :3


2 comments on “Brief revival of Chisato? XD [Smile-Gang, Mizuki Nana]

  1. Aww no update for three weeks D8

    Anyway– good luck in doing whatever you’re going to do in the next 3 weeks or so…!

    …that means I have a month to finish up the fic eh….hmmm….

    and regarding the update…so Museum was a whim of the moment from Mishi-P? O_o waow.

    • Just a possibility… Albeit a high possibility.


      I’m still going to be around. On LJ especially. At least, that’s the plan. :3 My fic is coming along slowly, by the way.

      And haha. About Mishi-P, yeah, you can say that. XD

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