To listen or not listen: Anisong Legends vs Staff XD [Smile-Gang]

水樹奈々 スマイルギャング第492回【ネット音源】

Nana can be such a kid sometimes. XD
I think most know by now that Nana did a collaboration with JAM Project for SKILL (You can fly! Yeah! We can fly! Yeah! MOTTO MOTTO!) on the first day of Animelo Summer Live. Nana was supposed to be a secret guest (as her main performance is on the second day)… Hence she was not supposed to be seen by the audience no matter what. But she wasn’t the only special guest present. Mizuki Ichirou and Sasaki Isao were there as well. She really wanted to hear their songs, so she ran out to the audience area when they were on stage… only to get yelled at by the staff.
Staff: CHOTTO!!! D< People will see you!
Mizuki: It's Galaxy Express 999 opening song!! I HAVE to listen to it!

Fortunately for her, she managed to hear the performances somehow. XD She absolutely refused to miss it. Hahaha!

Totally unrelated, but the “normal” version of Live Grace DVD/BD CM makes me excited. Especially because they used Tenkuu no Canaria -orchestra ver.- as the BGM.
The Fukuen Misato version made me burst out laughing. XDD

Whatever happened to THE MUSEUM II announcement? I was expecting that she’d announce it here again on Smile-Gang, but I guess not… Not that it matters, because it is coming and we’re paying again.

And so, our wallets continue to bleed silently.

3 comments on “To listen or not listen: Anisong Legends vs Staff XD [Smile-Gang]


    Omg! She’s so childish sometimes xDD But dood, she’s an otaku and is proud of it. Awesome woman you are, Nana-san! I can totally imagine the staff yelling at her and dragging her into hiding while she yelped and flailed around, wanting to watch the performance xDD

    Yes! Live Grace! My poor Wallet! D88. I seriously want to get the BD one…(or if the Gods gave me money, the DVD as well) coz damn, the covers are magnifique! :Q____

    Museum II? There’s moar of museum? :O

    and yes…bleeding…silently….more and more….and it’s the end of the year as well =___=

    Nana’s fans are masochists, I tell you.

    • Hahahah! The situation you described makes for a perfect 4-koma! I can see it in my mind. XD

      I have no Blu-ray player, so I’ll be going for the DVD as always.
      And yes, there is more of museum. MUSEUM II will be coming with the Shachou Kouen II DVD, POP MASTER music clip, and at least one new song.

      I think saying Nana has turned her fans into masochists is more correct. 😛

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