Dislocated right shoulder? [Mizuki Nana]

Recently finished all my final exams so I now have some time to myself…
Anyway, this came as shocking news to me when I listened to Smile-Gang yesterday, but… Wow, Live Journey is one journey that has been full of injuries/troubles for Nana… ^^;;

水樹奈々 スマイルギャング第490回【ネット音源】

First the injured fingers, then falling off stage, followed by mic troubles, and finally dislocating her right shoulder. I get the feeling I’m missing something in between, but that’s all I recall…

So what happened?

First day at Sendai, being far too excited, she put in a bit too much strength when throwing the signed items to the audience during the encore… And while yes, she managed to throw it so far back (that it surprised even the audience and herself), she also claimed to have felt her arms lengthen (hahaha, anyone else reminded of Luffy? XD). Happily waving bye to everyone, she returned backstage into her dressing room. And that was when the pain struck. Immediately, they (staff) all knew that Nana dislocated her shoulder. Thankfully, because Live Journey was such a long tour, the staff hired a sports massage specialist who managed to take immediate action.

That was just the first day at Sendai. Meaning there was to be a live the next day. A dislocated shoulder does not heal in one day. So all they could do was put on icing, taping, and tell Nana-san to not move it as much as possible. Miraculously (actually it was just the adrenaline), the pain lessened so much during the live the next day that she barely felt anything. She danced and moved as though nothing happened. XD

It is fully healed now though. It was a rather fast recovery. Super woman much? XDD


10 comments on “Dislocated right shoulder? [Mizuki Nana]

  1. waaaa…Nana how many times u wan to scare us T_T…

    then again thankfully that she recover just before the 2nd LIVE ^_^ *Alleluia!*

    hope nothing happen to her during Animelo LIVE -_-;

    • She actually didn’t recover before the 2nd live at Sendai. In fact, she said she was in extreme pain during the rehearsal, but the adrenaline rush managed to help her suppress the pain during the actual live.

      Yup, let’s hope so… She’s been injuring way too much in a short period of time…

  2. Are you kidding me? Dislocated shoulders are painful as hell! D8

    Nana needs to tone down her exuberance a little bit, its making everyone worried.

    Hope you did well with your exams~

    • I’ve never dislocated my shoulders, but yeah, I’d imagine that it’s extremely painful. ><

      I know what you mean… But her exuberance is what makes many people love her at the same time. ^^;;

      Thanks. I hope I did well too. 😛

  3. She overworked herself again. Her workaholic attitude makes everyone worry. – -‘

    I admire her strength & spirit to be able to perform 2.5 hours live with dislocated shoulder. It should be really painful especially since Live Journey setlists are full of fast-paced songs which need many arm movements. It’s amazing that she could finish concert without making anybody notice her injury. That’s really a professional spirit, Nana, but it really takes its toll on her health. It’s good to hear that she had recovered but I don’t think she can have a good rest yet when there’re routine work schedules, Animelo, Tokyo Dome live and possibly third Kouhaku performance waiting for her by the following months. Hope she can take some day-offs and rest a bit.

    • *nods* Except I do think she is serious when she said the pain went away during the live itself. The adrenaline rush really does help… Of course, the problem is the pain she experiences after everything is over and done. ><
      Taking some days off is probably all she can do seeing all the jobs that are lined up for her. Not just on the music side, but as a seiyuu as well…

  4. Nana chan TT ATT why do I see shadows of nanoha here….

    And dont forget the fanclub event…

    P.s. What abt the injured fingers?

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