Blood-R #4 – Guest: Mizuki Nana [seiyuu]

If anyone ever wants to hear Misato getting bullied (which we rarely get to hear on Smile-Gang), checking in with Blood-R is the way to go. Though I do feel bad for her by the end of #4. ^^;;


As the link title describes, Blood-R is the webradio for the anime Blood-C. It generally reveals information about the plot, characters, and other random questions that listeners sent in. Fukuen Misato and Suzuki Tatsuhisa are the main personality for Blood-R.

Blood-R #4 in particular, invites Mizuki Nana as guest (as she does play the main character role on Blood-C). What do you get when you have a fearful Misato, an amused Nana, and the ever-so-sarcastic-and-exaggerated Tatsuhisa together? The result is Blood-R #4. It’s 40 minutes long, but well worth the listen. Especially the singing (or rather, in Misato’s case, rap) corner. XD

This is a rather long post so get set! It is a 40 minute radio show after all. 😛 Again, it’s well worth checking out. =D

The radio program starts off with Suzuki Tatsuhisa questioning why Misato seems less enthusiastic today. Misato quickly denies it, saying she’s energetic to the max, only to stumbles over her own thoughts (to the point where she’s not making sense), and ends off with, “I’m doing well. I will be working diligently today.”

Tatsuhisa then cuts in saying they have a guest and wonders if Misato’s “not-very-energetic” mood will be okay. Poor Misato. She really sounds nervous.
Misato: No! It’s completely ok– see, people will misunderstand — Ah, that’s enough. Just don’t misunderstand.
Tatsuhisa: So you’re not enthusiastic about having a guest here.
Misato: I am! I am! I love her after all! Ah, that came out sounding like a lie. No no, it’s BECAUSE we have a guest that I can’t keep my usual composure.
Tatsuhisa: So your enthusiasm falls because we have a guest.
Misato: It doesn’t fall. It rises. I’m calm. I’m relieved. I don’t know what I’m saying. Who cares.
Tatsuhisa: Why does it all sound like a lie?

In a desperate attempt to escape the situation, Misato moves on with the title call. Right after that, they introduce themselves as well as introduce their featured guest… Mizuki Nana!

While they’re welcoming Nana with claps and cheers, Nana says, “Something is not right.” Misato’s reply is hilarious. “No~ This is why people say I’m not enthusiastic about Mizuki-san being here~~~”

Tatsuhisa: But you really don’t seem the slightest bit excited.
Misato: NO! It’s because certain things happened during the mic test…
Tatsuhisa: What happened? All right, all right, just tell us what happened. Our listeners don’t have a clue as to what happened during the mic test.
Nana: I agree. Why were you behaving the way you were?
Misato: I refuse! (Did anyone else think her “yada~!” was cute?)
Tatsuhisa: If only you’d explain yourself, everyone will understand you. They’ll go “Oh, so THAT’s why.”
Misato: I think it was last week… At the second (radio) recording, we were talking about being M or S.
Nana: Didn’t we also talk about that at the recording site?
Misato: It’s because we talked about that there, so it became a topic of interest. They asked, “So which one (S or M) is Mizuki-san?” I loudly replied with, “Mizuki-san is ____. DEFINITELY ____” That was apparently recorded, edited with an echo effect for testing purposes, and… played to Nana-san. So I’m just a little weirdly affected by that.
Nana: Yeah, I—
Tatsuhisa: AND SO, we have our Smile-Gang combo. A well-known combo here today. (For some odd reason, you hear Misato going, “yada~” again in the background).
Nana: That’s right. We’ve been together for 10 or so years.
Tatsuhisa: 10 years, huh.
Nana: Yeah, she’s like a little sister to me.
Misato: Yes, yes, yes, yes. (Oi, Misato. XDDD)
Nana: We meet up every week and talk about many different things.

Misato abruptly changes topic after that. She says she’s happy, followed by a short pause of “…..” by the other two before they both go back to what they’ve been saying for a while now. “It sounds like a lie.” Nana asks Misato what is wrong with her, but Misato reveals that she is happy because she is being picked on all the time here on Blood-R. She’s glad there’s someone to share the pain with this time around (to lessen her load).

Nana finds it hard to imagine Misato being bullied on Blood-R even though she has heard about this for a while now. After all, Misato is a real S on Smile-Gang. Misato doesn’t deny, in fact, she agrees that she is an S. So Nana can’t comprehend just how Misato would be caught in such situations.

Misato: You would normally think that, wouldn’t you? (Meaning Misato herself doesn’t quite understand why and how she fell into this position and can’t get out).

It is Tatsuhisa’s turn to be unable to comprehend (since Misato looks the type who is bullied all the time). In fact, he said, “This person here makes weird comments all the time though!” Comments that are asking for embarrassment. The example he throws out was in regards to Misato’s thoughts on the OP animation of Blood-C. On #3, when asked about it, she said “That part with the red flakes coming off Saya… That was ecchi.” Nana backs Misato up here, saying it was Kenji (likely Nojima Kenji) who originally said that. Tatsuhisa fires back the answer of “It’s fine for Kenji-san to say that. He’s a guy. But for a woman to say that, it comes out sounding odd.”

Misato: I don’t know. I think I’m beginning to lose my gender identity.


Tatsuhisa suddenly points out something he’s been noticing. Nana is supposed to be guest for the day, yet Misato hasn’t been acting the slightest bit like the main personality at all. XD
Tatsuhisa (to Misato): Get a grip!
Misato: Yes, get a gri– I mean, I’ll pull myself together.

^I don’t think I’ve heard Misato in such a state before. She honestly doesn’t seem to be her usual self. XD

They then move on to showcasing messages they’ve received from listeners. They briefly talk about Nana-san’s song “Junketsu Paradox” and the meaning behind the title. Junketsu (純潔) means pure, but the same pronunciation can also result in 純血, which means pure blood. The first meaning (and how it’s actually written in the song title) can be tied to Saya’s role as a miko. The second meaning with regards to blood, ties into the “Blood-C” theme. Paradox is meant to connect to the idea (in Blood-C) that things are not what it seems; everything is shrouded in mystery. Tatsuhisa happily announces that he understood it correctly from the start (which made Nana happy that she got her message across properly), but when attention turned to Misato…

Misato: Sorry, I already heard about this on another program so…yeah…
Tatsuhisa: You’re boring.
Misato: Whaaaat~ ;_;
Tatsuhisa: And here I thought we could hold a proper conversation.

The next message is related to the plot in Blood-C. It got linked to the potential blossoming relationship between Saya and Tokizane Shinichirou. All 3 feel bad for the class president (who obviously is trying to get Saya’s attention — as you will not fail to see if you watched the show). Misato thinks the club president (Tomofusa Itsuki) is failing horribly because he is surrounded by girls at every opportunity. Everyone present agrees. XD Nana says that, because he’s often with Saya and the other girls, eventually they don’t (consciously) view him as someone of the opposite gender (as someone they would date). All the girls will only think of him as “nice guy” friend.

The next topic is about Kisaragi Saya. Nana describes her character and how she plays her character; what she has to pay attention to, how the director asked to her be as natural as possible when in the role of Saya, and the difference in character (yet keeping in mind she’s still the same Saya) during the fight scenes.
Tatsuhisa says she really likes Saya’s reasons for being late to class. He thinks it’s cute. Nana agrees, bringing up examples of how she sees trash and, not only does she clean them up, she also brings them to the dump site herself. ^^;;

Somehow, the topic jumps to who Saya likes. Not only is there Itsuki and Shinichirou, but there’s also Fumito and Saya’s father. As soon as the father option was available, Nana, without hesitating, said it would be father. She’s certain Fumito is also quite high up on Saya’s list, but father is waaaay up there (where no one else can touch).
But Nana-san said she herself would choose Fumito. He’s extremely kind, yet there seems to be something about him (something he’s hiding — and that he might not be as kind as he seems) that makes her feel attracted to him as he gives her the chills/makes her shiver. Misato feels the exact same way.

Tatsuhisa: That “something” gives you the chills (yet you would choose him). You two are M! Smile-Gang combo is M… While the staff (for Smile-Gang) is S.

Both Nana and Misato is in this state of “Are we really? Hmm…” before deciding a lot of girls would share their view. Tatsuhisa refuses to continue this conversation because they’ll influence his thoughts in a bad way as he believes girls normally wouldn’t say that. XDD

Followed by that is Blood Character Profile (Blood CP). Listeners point out odd things about characters. Such as how Saya’s glasses don’t break/receive even a crack despite how Saya takes a beating.

The next part is listeners sending in suggestions on various corners they could hold on Blood-R. Someone sent in the idea of revealing “clumsy events.” Misato quickly turns the spearhead on Nana and says, “Our Mizuki-san here is surprisingly clumsy.”

Nana: I wonder who you’re talking about? Where is this person?
Tatsuhisa: Nana-san, tell us.
Nana: No, to me, I’m a very graceful and skilled.
Misato: That’s not true.

Tatsuhisa tells Misato to give us examples. Misato hesitates all of a sudden, wondering why they must hear it from her and not Nana herself. He reveals the reason being that Nana probably doesn’t know when she is being clumsy, so as someone who’s known her for 10 years, it is Misato’s job to tell us.
The incident Misato brings up in the curtain rail incident. Nana-san spoke about that incident on Smile-Gang a long time ago. I do remember it as well. It was the time when Nana-san came home and found that her curtain rail fell off. Miraculously, it didn’t break anything despite the amount of stuff that was in the room. Apparently, Nana did not move the rail from its place until a while later… And even then, she only moved it to the side. It remains unfixed until this day and it’s been over a year. Tatsuhisa says it’s dangerous. Not something to laugh about.
The other example is Nana falling off the stage at Niigata (during the encore). I think that incident is quite famous by now. ^^;; The focus became on the audience. Misato thinks whoever it was she fell in front of is lucky. That sudden zero-distance between him/her and Nana. XD

The next suggestion listener sent is related problem-solving (Shoot it, Saya!). It linked back to the curtain rail. Tatsuhisa thinks she should call someone to fix it. Nana says if that were to happen, she’ll have to clean up first. The explosive reaction by Tatsuhisa was, “WHO CARES ABOUT THAT!?!” It’s not like the repair person will be there again after that. Misato recalls that Nana did clean up at some point, but Nana replies that it’s been a while since the cleaning, and it’s gotten messy again. XD


At 26:29 for those who wants to skip over everything else. It is the singing corner! Except, for our dear Misato, it won’t be singing. She is asked to rap. The loud “YADA!” was in response to that. XD Misato whines and absolutely refuses… She says that the other two are singing, why must she be special. And she really doesn’t want to go last either.
They each pull out a piece of paper from an old box with the topic they must sing/rap about. Nana got the topic, “You’re currently at Cafe Guimauve.” Tatsuhisa is “shopping” and Misato is “Today’s lunch.” Misato gets a second topic of “tamagoyaki.” XD

Tatsuhisa sings first (at 30:53). It actually isn’t so bad, surprisingly. Especially compared to Nana and Misato afterward. XDD

Nana’s turn is… I laughed so hard I’m not sure what to say. She completely ignored the melody. XDDD And the… “Fumito-san, Fumito-san!” was hilarious. HAHAHAHAHAHAH. *takes a deep breath… and starts laughing again*

Finally… It’s our dear Misato’s turn.
I… don’t even know how to laugh at this. It was horrible. XDD
Misato: Why does it feel so painful.
Tatsuhisa: This was so good, I feel it deserves an encore.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Misato has tears in her eyes at this point. She raps about fruits this time with melody in the background. By the end of it, Nana thinks it is amazing Misato tied her improvised lyrics to “blood.”
I think Misato finally broke at this point.
Misato: Nana-san, I’m still managing because you’re here. This guy, this man here, doesn’t even care. He’s hurting me over and over again. Please be here next week too.
Nana: Wow, she just held my hand.
Misato: I can’t take this anymore!
Nana: This is the first time I’ve seen her shaking in fear like a puppy.
Misato: I don’t want this anymore… *continues whining in the background*
Nana: This scene is really refreshing. (Oi, Nana-san, stop being mean. I think Misato really does need your help. XD)
Tatsuhisa: Really?
Nana: I… this is actually cute.
Tatsuhisa: Because this is new to you.
Misato: I’m scared I’m scared I’m scared I’m scared I’m scared.
Nana & Tatsuhisa: …..
Misato: …Actually, I think I saw Tatsu-kun shake too– (What’s up with this speedy recovery? XD)
Tatsuhisa: Now then, let’s move on!

Moving onto the ending…

Misato: What did you think of today?
Nana: It’s…new. This style is refreshing.
Misato: So can’t you come next week too?
Nana: Eh?
Misato: Like today… Be here from now on.
Nana: Uh… I’ll join in through the internet by listening to you two.
Misato: Uuh… be here… ;_;
Nana: Maybe some other time. When I get the chance, I’ll come.
Tatsuhisa: You can be our recurring guest.
Misato: That’s right! Considering Blood-R will be continuing for some time to come.
Tatsuhisa: Especially when there’s the movie next year.
Misato: A second, third, fourth… be here as many times as possible!
Tatsuhisa: Yeah, recurring guest.
Nana: That’s a little too much.
Tatsuhisa: We’ll open up a Blood-M corner or something. We can talk about how ‘M’ you can get. Like… between this and this, what would you choose? Depending on the answer, we’ll determine if you are M or S.

At that, Misato throws out the roses question. You have a choice of combining red and white roses to get 10 roses in total. How would you combine them? Tatsuhisa says he’ll go with 1 white and 9 red. Nana SAYS she is the exact opposite… but ends up saying 9 red, 1 white anyway. XD So answer is the same for both.
What does that say about them? Apparently, 9 red and 1 white is M. Which means… Tatsuhisa is M. XDD

And finally, this brings us to a close to Blood-R #4… or so we think. The last little bit is supposedly off-mic, but I’m guessing the staff turned it back on so we can hear their last little bit of conversation.
Misato says that was the first she has felt in her entire life. Nana and Tatsu laugh at that, before the latter changes topic. He said he’s noticed that Nana sings a lot at the recording site, as Saya. And chorus melody comes in a lot (in fact that’s all we hear — is one short section of a melody XD). Probably there’s no real direction, in fact Misato jumps in a says that the staff simply tell Nana to “now sing.” Nana says she always has to think of how to fit the words to the melody because they don’t necessarily fit. After all, all Saya is supposedly doing is singing out her thoughts. The final comment before they fade out is… “Seeing that during the break (thinking/singing as Saya)… I thought, “That’s kind of cute.”

Now is the real end of Blood-R #4. This is probably the longest and most detailed post I’ve written since… that K-TAI post from years ago. I just thought Misato deserves the attention. XD


2 comments on “Blood-R #4 – Guest: Mizuki Nana [seiyuu]

  1. ehhh…Misato is not being herself here!!….T_T

    well is fun to listen to them teasing Misato XP (1st time hear Nana being very mean >_<)

    by the way what is M n S means? i also heard other pp talking abt it too

    • S is Sadist
      M is Masochist

      On milder terms, S likes to bully and M likes receiving it. Not sure if that’s the way to explain it, but yeah. There are extreme examples for hardcores which I’m not going over though.

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