World of M #105 – Guest: Sawashiro Miyuki [Mizuki Nana]

水樹奈々のMの世界 #105 (2011,07,23) ゲスト:沢城みゆき

Listening to this when everyone else is asleep is rather dangerous. I laughed so hard I was afraid I’d wake my parents in the other room. XDD Especially around the last part of the 7 questions corner.

This week’s guest on World of M is Sawashiro Miyuki, the seiyuu who is 26 years of age yet Nana-san gets onee-san vibes from her. XDD

They began with how they met. While Basilisk was their first time working together, that wasn’t where they first met. Apparently, it was at a game event… of which Miyuki does not recall. XD Nana-san says Miyuki was still a student at the time.

First contact was through Basilisk and then they met up again for Dragonauts. Nana’s reaction at the Dragonauts recording site was, “Kyaa~ We’re together again~” XDD (What’s with the fangirl-ish “kyaa” reaction, Nana-san? XDD)
VERY excitedly, Nana-san asks Miyuki to join her for lunch later, and the latter thought to herself, “What’s up with this person? …Wait, did she just invite me to lunch? Does Mizuki-san have an interest in me? Is she being serious?”

Nana-san: Wait a minute! You make it sound like all my feelings were one-sided! XDDD (Her voice was so cute when she said “一方通行の片思いじゃん~!”) XD 

Moving onto the 7 questions Corner.
1) I won’t be asking any worthwhile questions. Is it still okay for me to be here?
Answer: Eh!? Of course!
2) I know you are very busy. How often do you vacuum?
Answer: 2 times every 2 to 3 months.
(Hahaha. Nana-san, if that’s the case, get a Roomba!)
3) You have a lot of clothes. Any particular detergent brand you use? As a side note, I use アクロン (brand).
Answer: I use Bold. (*giggling can be heard as Miyuki says “whatever”*) Oh, I also use Humming Flair (Fragrance series). It smells super nice.
(This is free advertising. :O)
4) Is your mother energetic as always? Thanks for the mikan.
Answer: Extremely energetic. Just yesterday, she called the staff at King Records, NOT me, but directly to King instead, and told the female staff, “Hug her in my place and give her a few kisses.” She’s powerful in that way as always.
(Oh wow. “Powerful” is an interesting way to describe O-mama. XDD)
5) As someone who is troubled in private life and at work, do you have any advice to give me?
Answer: None! You’re doing perfectly all right! There’s no such thing as “cannot do it.” Keep working on that charm of yours. It’ll keep me doki doki.
6) Do you not have any plans to go on a world tour?
Answer: I wish to go someday.
7) Would you tell us your dream as a singer. In English, Nana.
Nana: *wails* I don’t understand.
Miyuki: Tell us.
Nana: Eh. Pass.
Miyuki: Pass!?!?!

(Am I the only one who thought the wailing was cute? XDD)

Nana: I’m doing my best in studying English.
Miyuki: How has that (English classes) been going lately?
Nana: Due to the live tour, haven’t been going (to class) as much, but I’m trying to minimize the gaps.
Miyuki: Excellent.
Nana: To get better at English, I think it’s important to speak it. I’m working on trying to link vocabulary (verbally) even if I can’t form proper sentences well enough yet. I’m trying to think in English because I think that’s important too.
Miyuki: Yes, yes…

Miyuki: Did you know that if your boyfriend is from another country, you’ll learn your boyfriend’s language much quicker.
Nana: That’s impossible for me. I wouldn’t even be able to meet him.
Miyuki: That’s disappointing to hear.
Nana: It’s true though, isn’t it? In order for him to be your boyfriend, you have to speak with him. It wouldn’t work!
Miyuki: Isn’t it enough just to say “I love you”?
Nana: If someone is told that directly all of a sudden, they’d be too shocked.
*both laugh*
Nana: My type!
Miyuki: You are my type.

I’m caught between facepalming and laughing at this conversation. And Nana, that “My type!” yell was uncalled for. XDD

Voice acting corner. I shall ignore the sender’s name. 😛
Can’t describe it. Just listen. 😛
…What’s this obvious difference in voice acting style? XD

Near the end…
Nana: Please come again some time.
Miyuki: I’ll think about it.
Nana: You sure are tsundere. …But that’s what I like about you.
(I broke out laughing at the でも好き part XD)

And woah… Miyuki is a real S. When asked for her idea of what the otaffu should cosplay as when running that marathon to Nana’s live, Miyuki suggested to cosplay as Kei-tan (K-tan). Uwah. Running in a doggy costume… That’s asking to collapse from overheating. ^^;;

That wraps up this week’s World of M. Another interesting guest episode. :3


7 comments on “World of M #105 – Guest: Sawashiro Miyuki [Mizuki Nana]

  1. lol Miyuki made it sounds like Nana flirted with her XD and o-mama always be awesome XD I think I read from one of your older entries that she can do ota-gei with a full Nana song even if she is in her mid sixties. Very healthy mama indeed 😀

    Yes, world tour. I wish she will have it and, if possible, include BKK as one of her live venues. My money ran out so much this year because of her lives and I still want to go again -_-

    • It would seem o-mama’s stamina has improved a lot since then. According to a more recent Smile-Gang (#483 according to my rough drafts since I haven’t gotten around to posting them XD), her mama and her students lasted an ENTIRE concert… From beginning right down to encore. Misato tips her hat to the group averaging 60 years of age because she couldn’t even last one song. XDD

      Yeah, I’m sure us overseas fans would love it if she were to go on a world tour. But as much I want her to, I don’t see it happening anytime soon…

    • It was just so funny and cute at the same time. XDD
      I think Nana is bringing out our S persona… But it’s because she’s so cute when these stuff happens. XD

  2. Can I hope for more NanaxMiyuki moments? lolol

    They should invite her to Smile Gang, then they’ll become a threesome and say silly stuff~

    “My Type!”

    • Judging from how close the two of them are, I wouldn’t be surprised if we see the two of them together somewhere again. Whether it is radio or some DVD bonus of an anime. :3

      I agree. XD Too bad Smile-Gang rarely invites guests. ^^;;

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