World of M #101 – Guest: Fukuen Misato

…I can’t believe I missed this…
I can’t believe I didn’t know about this earlier… OTL
Uwah~ somehow, I feel like I fail as fan… >_>;;

Actually, part of the reason I feel like this is because I’ve been waiting for Misato to appear as guest on World of M ever since the first guest appeared back in… 2009.
Imagine the chaos! The hilarity! It’ll be Smile-Gang on FM radio!

I didn’t know about this until I listened to Smile-Gang 481. So I jumped to search up that broadcast.

水樹奈々のMの世界 #101 (2011,06,18) ゲスト:福圓美里

I was a little disappointed after listening to it though. What exactly was the point of her presence? Well, I still got a few laughs out of it, so doesn’t matter.

Surprisingly, Misato wasn’t there right at the beginning (like with other guests in the past). Instead, Nana-san started with the Top 7 ranking corner. And the theme was…

Top 7 Places where Nana-san would like to be proposed at:
1) Sea
2) Castle
3) Mountain
4) A nice restaurant
5) His house
6) In the car
7) ????? (listeners are to guess)

Then… What’s with the timing of entrance? XD
???: Ohayou gozaimasu!
There’s no mistaking that voice. MISATO IS HERE!!!
And BGM… AHAHAHAHAHA. Smile-Gang! Including the sound effects. Yuu-chan didn’t know about Misato’s arrival. She was a surprise guest, meant as a belated birthday surprise for Yuu-chan. (Apparently, Yuu-chan is a fan of Fukuen Misato — though he’s a fan of anything anime XD).

*laughs* It became Smile-Gang not even 2 minutes after her arrival. And then… What is this? Misato is supposed to be guest, why I do feel like she’s hosting the thing? XD
They talk about Yuu-chan (and his oddness) which led him to join the two after a while. For whatever reason, Ueki (AD from Smile-Gang) arrived to watch them? Or was she there to work? Hm…

Heh, it’s been a while since I’ve heard Nana refer to Misato as Misato-chan. Feels a little awkward hearing that now. XD
And I had thought “news from Misato” was going to be something promote her personally, but instead, she promoted Smile-Gang. Oi oi, advertising an AM radio program on an FM radio?

At the end there, I wonder if Misato and Nana had the urge to say “Kakattekoi~” instead of “Bai bai~”? I certainly had been expecting the usual “Bring it on~” and was reminded that, “Oh yeah, this is World of M” when they said “Bye bye~”

That final part was behind-the-scenes. Yuu-chan was pretending to be upset… and said, “All of you are the worst! But I’m happy to be surrounded by such people.” Heh.

I hope Misato will be called on as guest again sometime in the future. And hopefully be treated as a normal guest instead of a surprise guest. XD


4 comments on “World of M #101 – Guest: Fukuen Misato

  1. You fail as a fan? you? O_O what would that make me?

    I think Misato was there as a crossover you know? To get more people to listen to Smile Gang? hahaha. promotion needs prolly…but I certainly am not complaining.

    When she came in I literally exploded with laughter. Totally was not expecting her of all people xDD

    Thanks for cheering me up with this haha.

    • XDD;;

      I completely agree. It was definitely an attempt at promoting Smile-Gang… Even if it might not be all that necessary since I would think most of her fans already know about it. XD For the other guests, they end up more or less promoting themselves, but with Misato, she barely spoke about herself. ><

      I was actually waiting for Misato to arrive. I kept thinking, "She's still not here yet?" XD

      No need to thank me. Thank Misato and Nana. =D

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