Smile-Gang 484 [Mizuki Nana]

I’ll be honest. I haven’t been keeping up with Smile-Gang or World of M since… whenever it was I last updated this place. Will slowly catch up, but in the meanwhile, the most recent Smile-Gang…

水樹奈々 スマイルギャング第484回【ネット音源】

Focusing in on the parts I found particularly interesting…

Misato still hasn’t updated her blog much. She said she’ll update once she loses 5kg. XD Nana-san said that’ll be difficult because Misato is already skinny. This is probably the first time I’ve heard Misato say Nana-san is kind. XDD

The quiz corner revealed some interesting information. They now call it Triasmalon? XD (Triathlon with ‘Sma’ in the middle).

One of the questions was:
What was the most nervous stage/live Nana-san performed to date?
Answer: Kouhaku Uta Gassen. 2nd time.
Yes, she was nervous first time, but even more so in the 2nd time (surprisingly). Especially during her “solo part” which I’m guessing means her performance PHANTOM MINDS due to what she said afterward. She kept going over her own lyrics (fearing that she’d forget) for PHANTOM MINDS despite having written it herself. Her hand were sweating so much that she thought she was going to drop the mic. ^^;;

Another question was:
What part of you do you not want people to see?
Answer: The way she looks right before she sleeps… Due to her posture after doing sit-ups. From what she said, she does the sit-ups while on her bed and… falls asleep while doing it…
So not only does she exercise right before she sleeps, she loses consciousness due to exhaustion in the middle of it all. ^^;; I’m not really sure what to think of that…

And…AHAHAHAHA. From the comments, it would seem the CM has been used since last week. But Protein Misato song used as the CM for Junketsu Paradox? In reality, that’s actually promotion for Misato, right? XD

That is all. Now I shall go backward and listen to everything I missed. XP


12 comments on “Smile-Gang 484 [Mizuki Nana]

  1. Doing sit-ups on a flat surface is not really good. She might hurt herself doing that (except if she sleeps on a futon, but I guess it’s not totally a hard surface so…)

    • Lol. I didn’t realize you typed flat instead of soft if you hadn’t mentioned it. XD I’m actually more worried about her quality of sleep because I’ve read somewhere before that doing vigorous exercises right before sleep is not the best habit to engage in. :S

    • Hahahah. In a way, you’re right. XD

      Smile-Gang’s CM was way better in my opinion. XD But yeah, looks like a promising PV. Though… I’m getting Etsuraku Camellia and Mugen vibes from it… And I’m not entirely sure it’s a good thing? XD;;

      • Nothing beats Smile Gang in terms of crack, evarr lol. Yes yes, Mugen and Etsuraku.

        And trust me, its a good thing. At least on that we can be sure that more people would *watch* the PV and err probably drool over it…and participate in making the single number one in Oricon? hahaha hope so >>.

        What irks me is Nana’s hair there…I dun think she looks good with a side tail….but but, still pretty still pretty! *runs*

    • If you kept up doing it everyday (or every other day if it hurts), you will be able to build up stamina and tolerance to do sit ups. :3
      …Yeah… Fainting while doing sit ups can’t be good for her. For one, it shows how tired she must have been. Although it’s not something that happens often or else I can’t imagine why she’d keep doing that to herself. XD

  2. With the name orange, I guess you know who I am? (hopefully TT_TT)

    The sit ups… even if she’s got a lot of energy during live, I do think that it’s something that she would definitely do. LOL. xDDD That’s such a fun fact though LOL

    And Jyunketsu Paradox is so sexy. Those arms + shoulders. Ero-shishou ; v ;\ <- Salute. xD

    • Haha. Of course I know who you are. Nice to see you commenting here as well. :3

      Doing crazy stuff like this seems to be a part of her nature. XD

      What can I say? This is Mizuki Nana we’re talking about after all. XDD

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