World of M #99 – Guest: Konishi Katsuyuki [Mizuki Nana]

水樹奈々のMの世界 #099 (2011,06,04) ゲスト:小西克幸

4th guest to appear on M no Sekai is Konishi Katsuyuki! Fans of the Tales of… series should recognize him as the seiyuu for Lloyd Irving from Tales of Symphonia.

After listening to this, you’d realize that Konishi is a really nice guy. :3

Following the initial introductions, they spoke about how they met. The first time they got to work together was on Shaman King. That anime was largely made up of well-known seiyuu (all whom of which Nana regards as great senpai in the industry — which is true looking back now XD), which meant Nana was, at first, quite intimidated. During lunch time, she went off alone (because she wasn’t familiar with all her ‘senpai’s yet and felt awkward to ask to join them for lunch). As luck would have it, after entering the restaurant, she realized everyone else has chosen to eat at the same place. Initially embarrassed that everyone saw her being a loner and eating lunch alone, Konishi Katsuyuki approached her and asked her to join everyone else for lunch.

The reason, Konishi revealed, was that she looked very lonely sitting there all by herself. 😄 According to Nana, he said, “What are you doing here alone? Let’s go eat with everyone else. You don’t want to be lonely!” Nana was very grateful to him for that. Konishi’s reaction to that was, “Looks like I did do something good.” Nana’s reply was, “Of course! You were my saviour!” XDDD

‘Supersonic girl’ (first album by Mizuki Nana) was released around the time the Shaman King recordings were taking place. Konishi, through pure coincidence, saw the CD in a magazine and kept saying, “supersonic, supersonic” whenever she was around.

As her character, Tamamura Tamao, did not appear until several episodes later, it made it even more difficult for her to get into the group and initiate conversations with everyone. Again, she reiterates how glad she was that Konishi did what he did.
Konishi: You just looked REALLY sad and lonely back then. Wish I could show everyone now.

[Side note: Shaman King was the series that introduced me to the seiyuu and singer that is Mizuki Nana. :3 Probably the first role I heard her in and, for sure, the first time I heard her sing (Tamao’s character song: Hana, Hoshi, Sora).]


Then not long after Shaman King, the GC version of Tales of Symphonia went into production and they met up again.

The conversation then shifts to Konishi’s other career… Stage acting. Nana says that she thinks he looks cool during the performances, but Konishi cuts in saying, “But you haven’t been to many of them.” XDD Hahahaha! Way to break the moment, Konishi! Nana claims she’s been to several… though she refuses to disclose the exact number of times (at least, her heart is there every single time. XD).

By the way, in case anyone forgot, Konishi was also part of Nana-san’s Shachou Kouen.

Nana asks Konishi how h became a seiyuu. Apparently, in his last year of high school, he heard from a friend about the world of voice acting. He thought it sounded interesting, so he attempted to give it a try. Later he was scouted by Seki Tomokazu, which landed him where he is today. He says it was all luck. He even called himself lucky boy. 😄

7-questions corner came up next. Konishi said he tried, but he realized he didn’t have that many questions he wanted to ask.
Nana: Please show some more interest!


1. How tall are you (in cm)?
2. What is your weight (in kg)?
*beep* kg (in case people didn’t get it, Nana censored her own weight) 😄
3. Do you still eat meals alone?
4. In the morning, you realize either your eyebrows or eyelash are taken away. Which do you prefer (being taken away)?
5. Do you like me? Or hate me.
6. Don’t you think Wakayama mikans (tangerines) are delicious?
Yes, but Ehime’s — *gets interrupted by Konishi repeating his question about WAKAYAMA mikan* — yes…yes, they are.
7. Wouldn’t you give stage acting a try?
Eh!? Me? Uh, uh… maybe one day… I’ll think about it.

Expanding on her answers afterward.
3. Nana says she almost always eat with others at the studio now. It’s just that sometimes, she’s too tired to cook dinner at night, so she goes out at night.
6. Nana: I’m Ehime’s tourism ambassador. So I’ve got to promote Ehime!
7. Nana: I don’t think I’m made out to act on stage so…
Konishi: You are, you are!
Nana: Thanks
Konishi: Next year’s tour — stage acting!
Nana: People would laugh at me!


After Konishi’s request of Tenkuu no Canaria (because it’s related to Tales of Symphonia), they briefly talk about teamwork and whatnot.

Finally, it brings us to the Voice Acting corner… Rather than try to describe and explain it, just listen to it. 😄 It was considered a fail, but hilarious nonetheless. 😄

Anyway, another enjoyable week on World of M. =D


16 comments on “World of M #99 – Guest: Konishi Katsuyuki [Mizuki Nana]

  1. Aww…Konishi’s so nice…for some reason, I can see Nana sitting and eating all by her lonesome with the depressed aura around her O_o

    +1 respect for what he did!! Hahaha, I showed my sister this and she became an even bigger fan of Katsuyuki Konishi…though I showed her this to get her to be a Nana worshipper…>>

    LOL at the Ehime promotion. Oi oi he’s not asking about that! xDD. Guess that came out more in autopilot then anything else, haha.

    Thanks for the report! Imma listen to it…later…I think…*shifty eyes and bolts*

    • I just realized you (and your sister) read through a post full of awkward sentences, typos, missing words, and grammatical errors. Sowwy. ^^;;

      You’re not the only one. I can see that image in my head too. 😮
      Hahaha. I don’t blame her. I became a bigger Konishi Katsuyuki fan too. XDD

      And it’s cute how Konishi wouldn’t give up until he got the Ehime Tourism Ambassador to say the mikan from his hometown is delicious. 😄

  2. (OH there is a FB connect…..? Didn’t see it before)

    +1 for Konishi nice guy =)

    I seriously thought Nana’s height is 153!! LOL!!!!! ><)
    I didn't know Singapore rained fishes before!!! =O

        • Sorry about that. >< I don't know why your comment got cut off, but I'm guessing it MIGHT have something to do with FB. Try not logging into FB next time if it happens again?
          I'm curious to know what the full comment is, but I understand if you're too frustrated to try again (that and it's already been a few days since you posted so you probably don't even remember much of the comment. Sorry for the late reply. ^^;; )

          • It’s ok, I stopped trying cos I thought it might look like spam…

            Ah, I said something about Konishi being a nice guy, and I thanked you for translating some questions I didn’t understand =)

            And the fish part, it was Smile Gang =D

            I just had to mention it cos I’m a Singaporean!! ><

  3. i felt so sad imagining nana chan being lonely & eating alone…the feeling must be bad …but luckily he saved him!~ 😀

    p.s. what abt the fishes in singapore??!! O.O

  4. Hm, they were talking about rains and weird rain in Smile Gang and they mentioned Rain of fishes in SG back in 1861. They also mentioned rains with other animals in places like America etc. I checked internet and apparently its true…

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