Nana-matopoeia? XD [Mizuki Nana]

水樹奈々のMの世界 #098 (2011,05,28)

I never really thought about it until listening to World of M #98. The fact that the staff cut out excerpts from the past few broadcasts and played it one after another magnifies this “phenomenon.” XD Why yes, Nana uses A LOT of onomatopoeia. It’s funny to listen to… And probably something I will keep track of even though I may not be consciously listening for them. ^^;;
The otaffu (otaku + staff = otaffu) nicknames this the “Nana-matopoeia.” XD

As for the voice acting corner… Major ‘LOL’ moment. Why did Gray sound like that? Not even Nana-san knew. XDD

水樹奈々 スマイルギャング第478回【ネット音源】

Listening to Smile-Gang after the Nana-matopoeia thing made me laugh. But even without that, it was full of laughs.

First, there was the “If I was a guy, I’d drink water and then spray it (from my mouth) during lives… Except because I’m female, I won’t. And fans probably would feel disgusted.” She says, for example, she’ll sing “Scarlet Knight! Buu~” …where the buu is spitting spraying out the water she just drank XD). Misato points out that fans would likely be happy if she did that, but Nana isn’t convinced. XD

There was also Nana singing “Nai nai nai.” XD Following that was a lot of mail reading that I don’t remember much of… But I don’t think anything else big happened on Smile-Gang…


5 comments on “Nana-matopoeia? XD [Mizuki Nana]

  1. Drinking and then spraying it during lives? LOL Nana, you want aggressive&manly heavy metal concert,don’t you XD? She really has weird idea about being a man (or is this her hidden S persona?)lol XD

    Being quite busy at the moment, I haven’t listened to Nana radio shows lately. Will have to later, esp. these episodes and the one with Agematsu Mika. 😀

    • Before, when asked, all she said was that she had a collared-shirt/suit fetish, so she’d be wearing those everyday if she was a guy. Now it was evolved into manly aggressive water spray concert. XD Though she worries that she might fail and it’ll look like she is drooling instead. XD

      I’ve been quite busy as well. Listening to these radio shows is all I can do to keep up. But yes, the one with Agematsu Mika is a must-listen when you find the time. 😀

  2. I heard M no Sekai few days ago and I laughed very hard at the Onomatopoeia part…
    I was like, they realise only now?? =P

    I was speechless at the Power Rangers part….
    Some of the colours was a total WTHLOL???
    *Rewinds a little for instant replay*

    I am still learning Japanese so most of the times I cannot really understand the radio shows. (Once in a while there will be an episode I actually understand)
    So I totally did not understand this episode of Smile Gang….
    Thanks for your coverage on that =D
    I will be very shocked if she sprays water. like this =O shocked.

    • Nana does it so naturally that, I think most people don’t notice the way she has done so excessively. XD

      Don’t worry, if you keep at it, I am sure you’ll under these radio shows (and Nana’s faster-than-average speech) one day. 😀
      And you’re welcome! I haven’t been able to do much coverage for Smile-Gang lately due to time constraints (and then having to write what I heard from memory as I don’t have time to re-listen), but I’m glad you enjoyed the short coverage anyway.

      I won’t be too shocked. Instead, I will laugh if she sprays water like that during one of the upcoming lives. XD

      • Thx for encouragement =D

        So Nana speaks faster than average??
        Now that’s new… I’m sure my Jap teacher speaks faster than Nana when she is in her “Japanese Mode”….

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