Nana-matopoeia? XD [Mizuki Nana]

水樹奈々のMの世界 #098 (2011,05,28)

I never really thought about it until listening to World of M #98. The fact that the staff cut out excerpts from the past few broadcasts and played it one after another magnifies this “phenomenon.” 😄 Why yes, Nana uses A LOT of onomatopoeia. It’s funny to listen to… And probably something I will keep track of even though I may not be consciously listening for them. ^^;;
The otaffu (otaku + staff = otaffu) nicknames this the “Nana-matopoeia.” 😄

As for the voice acting corner… Major ‘LOL’ moment. Why did Gray sound like that? Not even Nana-san knew. XDD

水樹奈々 スマイルギャング第478回【ネット音源】

Listening to Smile-Gang after the Nana-matopoeia thing made me laugh. But even without that, it was full of laughs.

First, there was the “If I was a guy, I’d drink water and then spray it (from my mouth) during lives… Except because I’m female, I won’t. And fans probably would feel disgusted.” She says, for example, she’ll sing “Scarlet Knight! Buu~” …where the buu is spitting spraying out the water she just drank XD). Misato points out that fans would likely be happy if she did that, but Nana isn’t convinced. 😄

There was also Nana singing “Nai nai nai.” 😄 Following that was a lot of mail reading that I don’t remember much of… But I don’t think anything else big happened on Smile-Gang…


5 comments on “Nana-matopoeia? XD [Mizuki Nana]

  1. Drinking and then spraying it during lives? LOL Nana, you want aggressive&manly heavy metal concert,don’t you XD? She really has weird idea about being a man (or is this her hidden S persona?)lol 😄

    Being quite busy at the moment, I haven’t listened to Nana radio shows lately. Will have to later, esp. these episodes and the one with Agematsu Mika. 😀

    • Before, when asked, all she said was that she had a collared-shirt/suit fetish, so she’d be wearing those everyday if she was a guy. Now it was evolved into manly aggressive water spray concert. 😄 Though she worries that she might fail and it’ll look like she is drooling instead. 😄

      I’ve been quite busy as well. Listening to these radio shows is all I can do to keep up. But yes, the one with Agematsu Mika is a must-listen when you find the time. 😀

  2. I heard M no Sekai few days ago and I laughed very hard at the Onomatopoeia part…
    I was like, they realise only now?? =P

    I was speechless at the Power Rangers part….
    Some of the colours was a total WTHLOL???
    *Rewinds a little for instant replay*

    I am still learning Japanese so most of the times I cannot really understand the radio shows. (Once in a while there will be an episode I actually understand)
    So I totally did not understand this episode of Smile Gang….
    Thanks for your coverage on that =D
    I will be very shocked if she sprays water. like this =O shocked.

    • Nana does it so naturally that, I think most people don’t notice the way she has done so excessively. 😄

      Don’t worry, if you keep at it, I am sure you’ll under these radio shows (and Nana’s faster-than-average speech) one day. 😀
      And you’re welcome! I haven’t been able to do much coverage for Smile-Gang lately due to time constraints (and then having to write what I heard from memory as I don’t have time to re-listen), but I’m glad you enjoyed the short coverage anyway.

      I won’t be too shocked. Instead, I will laugh if she sprays water like that during one of the upcoming lives. 😄

      • Thx for encouragement =D

        So Nana speaks faster than average??
        Now that’s new… I’m sure my Jap teacher speaks faster than Nana when she is in her “Japanese Mode”….

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