World of M #97 – Guest: Agematsu Mika [Mizuki Nana]

水樹奈々のMの世界 #097 (2011,05,21) ゲスト:上松美香

Anyone’s image of Agematsu Mika change slightly after listening to this? XD The atmosphere was just as I had imagined though.

This post ended up being shorter than I thought, considering how long the previous post ended up to be…

They began briefly with how they met. It was an interesting tidbit I had not known about previously. Yes, their first collaborative work was Heart-shaped Chant (which I’m sure most of us knew already), but it was recorded a year before it was released. That is quite a long gap! This is due to the game production schedule (as it was the opening to Shining Wind — which was an awesome video game, but the anime butchered some of the characters beyond recognition… So I tend to stick by the game storyline as opposed to the anime when it comes to that series — but this is unrelated XD).

Then Mika asked her 7 questions in the 7 questions corner.

1. Where would you want to live? Europe – France.
2. Where would you like to visit the most? France. Hawaii.
3. You eat so much, so how do you manage to keep your tummy flat? Exercise. (Sit up)
4. When you get up in the morning, what is the first thing you do? Pet K-tan. XD
5. Hatsu, setsu, yoku — how to say these sounds with less difficulty? Training.
6. What do you to calm down when you’re nervous? Write 人人人 on the palm and swallow it.
7. If you were to play the harp, what song would you play? Super Generation.

After that, they talk about playing the harp. Nana-san had the impression it was the same as guitar where it will hurt the fingers (and will deny her the chance to do her nails) but Mika says that as long as you have nails, you can play.

Mika started playing the harp with her mother present when she was still in elementary school. When she went to Paraguay with the desire to study music for 2 months, she left without even learning Spanish. She thought that as long as she had a dictionary, it would be fine. XD But she ended up being able to communicate through music and gestures… which is really something amazing.

Finally, the Voice Acting corner… with Agematsu Mika!? Am I the only one who thought Mika’s phrase was cuter? XD Mika says afterward, that “Wow, this is an embarassing corner.” Hahahah!

Overall, it may be less hilarious than when Nana was with Sugita, but it was a calming 29 minutes with chuckles littered throughout. :3


5 comments on “World of M #97 – Guest: Agematsu Mika [Mizuki Nana]

  1. Where would you want to live? Europe – France.

    I will gladly welcome her… and live with her. ❤ ❤ ❤

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