World of M – Guest: Sugita Tomokazu [Mizuki Nana]

This post is a week late. Again, this is about last week’s World of M (May 7th) broadcast.

水樹奈々のMの世界 #095 (2011,05,07) ゲスト:杉田智和

I was looking forward to this ever since Nana revealed on her blog that Sugita was going to appear as guest on M no Sekai. Even though Sugita was not the first guest to appear after the M staff established the “7 consecutive guests on World of M” plan a couple of months ago, he was the first person Nana invited personally through text (mail). Rather than going to his agency and asking/checking for availability, she contacted him directly, which was a little out of the ordinary… but nonetheless, that was what Nana did. XD

This post is going to get a little messy from this point onward because their conversation was truly a conversation with no regard that this is a FM radio broadcast. XD They jump all over the place… But it’s one of the many reasons why they were absolutely hilarious to listen to.


The 7 questions corner was a total “freedom Sugita” corner. XD Very Sugita-like, but it barely has anything to do with…anything (i.e. Favourite Tessho? Genda Tessho). Except maybe the following question.

Have you been sleeping much lately?
Nana: No. 3-4 hours.
Sugita: Uwaah~ Yet you’re still able to sing and dance. That’s amazing.

I find it amazing how she can function on so little sleep. But I also worry for her health. :S

One of the 7 questions was in relation to the Shachou Kouen, which led to the memory of the “surprise” birthday song/cake incident Nana and the others planned for Sugita. His mom got upset at him though. “Who’s Kouen do you think it is? (Don’t take the spotlight!)” Aww…

Then there was Koi no yokushiryoku: Type Sugita. The truth comes out. He was actually told to sing, but he refused to do so without practice, so he went with the ‘call’ instead. I personally am glad for the call version because it is all the more memorable and hilarious. XD

By this point, I’m half surprised Nana was able to keep up with Sugita’s neta, to be honest. Keeping in Sugita style, he talks in anime/game-verse. XD

Moving on… Music corner. The song he brings is from FF5 ‘itsu no hi ga kitto’. Nana was a big fan of FFV. This song reminds her of her high school days because she used to set this song as her alarm sound (except it makes her sleep more than wake up) so she uses it to contrast music like “Big Bridge” (which she admits to using quite often — and also from the FFV soundtrack) to make sure the latter wakes her up after getting used to the soft, relaxing music.

They also briefly mention Seiken Densetsu, Chrono Trigger, and the like. These titles certainly bring back memories… Classic RPGs. =D

Despite how big of a gamer Nana is, as expected, her parents were against the idea of buying video games. “It’s bad for the eyes! It’ll interfere with your studies!” So Nana went to her relatives and asked for an NES and DQIII for Christmas. Later on, she used her own money to buy an SNES with Mario Kart. Apparently her parents got angry at her and so she had to hide it. ^^;;
But whenever her parents were not home, she played RPGs such as FFV. As we all know, the annoying thing about RPGs sometimes is that you can’t save at will. Must have a save point. And so, very often, right after she successfully clears a dungeon — she hears the sound of her parents returning. After an “Uso deshou!?!” she turns off the power and… well, no saved state.

Sugita then adds that his parents were the same with regards to “It’ll interfere with your studies!” so he usually tries to get good marks to prove that it won’t. When Nana asked him if he’s the type to spend a good deal of time and effort studying, he denies, saying, “I was told to take the tests seriously because I always drew manga on the back of the test paper.” XD

At school, Sugita was part of the “science club that does nothing science related.” At the time, Dungeons and Dragons were a hit, so his club went to the arcade for it. It’s a 4 person simultaneous play type of game, and 50 yen lasts for a good 3 hours on it. 50 yen for 3 hours! So Nana says it must take a lot of skills, but Sugita’s reply was, “Not necessarily. When you put 4 people’s powers together, you all manage somehow.” Power of friendship! Sugita is still good friends with those he played D&D with, except they play other games now. In fact, he reveals that he’s been good friends with them since kindergarten. XD As an aside, he also has a friend who once said to him, “Stop talking about work! Let’s talk about Gundam instead.” That was the moment Sugita realized this guy would be among his lifelong friends. XD Yup, Sugita has awesome friends.

Of course, the name “Nakamura” (or Nmura) does not fail to appear somehow. XD Well, it’s Nana and Sugita, so it was expected. (I was looking forward to how the two would include him in their conversation). The name came up a total of 3 times. The third time was just hilarious, during and after the voice acting corner.
Nana: *laughs* What was that? We all know you like Nakamura-kun already!
Sugita: *also laughs* No, it’s just that he bought a TV recently…
Nana: Oh really? :O
Sugita: Yeah, and he was very excited too.
Nana: An excited Nakamura. That I have yet to see.
Sugita: It’s hard to imagine him excited, right? He’s always that calm type.

Then Sugita proceeds to imitate Nakamura being excited over his new television. It’s a must-listen because I laughed quite hard.

The ending, Love Trippin’, was requested by Sugita. The reason for it was because he wanted to tell Nana how he constantly heard “daijoubi” instead of “taiyou ni.” Sugita’s initial thoughts were, “Daijoubi? How 1980s…” Nana-san said she wrote the lyrics to Love Trippin’ herself, and Mishi-P would never let “daijoubi” pass. He would have told her to rewrite the lyrics just for that. XD

The two of them certainly provided a good laugh. Both Sugita and Nana are awesome on their own, but put them together, and crazy laughter ensues. XD

11 comments on “World of M – Guest: Sugita Tomokazu [Mizuki Nana]

  1. 3-4 hours??? Seriously???? I can’t open my eyes for the rest of the day if I get less than 7 hours of sleep… =/

    • It shows how busy she has been. :S For me, the fatigue does not affect me until the day after. For example, I’m quite energetic after little sleep for that day, but if I still don’t “catch up on sleep” the following day, then… I probably won’t know what I’m doing. XD

      • If she is gonna get so little sleep I’d rather she don’t release so much things at one go and seriously start sleeping =/
        (I am a sleep lover =3)

  2. oooo…alot talks of their childhood/ teen background XD *n Nana didnt look like a gamer from my view XD*

    3-4 hrs…serious? i could open my eyes for some hrs n then close back yet i agree with Sugita that she can sing and dance even she have this kind of sleeping hrs ^_^”

    by the way i one of the Anonymous from your LJ ^_^V

    • It’s quite well-known that Nana is a big fan of video games. Especially of the DQ series. She talks about it every now and then. :3

      Makes you wonder where she gets her energy. Is curry that much of a power food? XD

      Nice to see you comment here too! 😀

  3. Glad to find your new blog 🙂 I also created one myself in wordpress, too. 😀

    Nana & Sugita combo is fun to listen/watch XD He is such a hilarious guy that make a radio show sounds a lot more interesting. Good job, Sugita XD and I heard that next week guest will be Agematsu Mika. Really looking forward to that.

    But Nana…only 3-4 hours sleep? This woman is such a workoholic. It’s bad for her health. -_-‘ How could she sings and dance around in Journey tour with lack of sleep? Is she a superwoman or what?

    Btw, Nana starts to become a S to fans. New single on August 3rd and more hole in my wallet -_-‘

    • I’m glad you decided to drop by. 😀 And I wasn’t aware you were doing summaries, but they’re looking good! ;D

      Sugita can make anything funny and interesting. He’s talented like that. XD
      Yes, Agematsu Mika will be guest this coming week. I’m looking forward to that as well.

      When asked, she’ll probably answer that curry has given her energy. She admits that she’s been eating a lot (of food in general, not necessarily curry). XD
      But jokes aside, considering Live Journey is a looong tour, it is worrying. I hope she will be able to get some more rest in between. She’s already injured herself once on this tour so far (which hasn’t started all THAT long ago), and though it wasn’t too big of a deal, I certainly hope she takes better care of herself.

      When she announced that, my initial reaction was: “Nana-san, are you serious? Take pity on our wallets!” XD;;

      • oh abt the new single coming on 3rd Aug she announced during her 2nd LIVE then post on her website XD….but it not only our wallets is dying..

        but is she serious that she just finish 2 singles on April (4 songs) then go on very long 14 LIVEs from May-July then have another new single that crazy!!! n it very close gaps to prepare that new single

        • Chances are, at least one song (if not more) has already been recorded before the tour started. And probably another one or two in between the tours.

          I would think it unlikely they’d have her record 4 songs right after the tour. Even IF Nana manages to do so, the production team as a whole would be under huge time pressures.

      • Writing Shin Ai summaries takes more time than I thought ^^’. I started writing them since early March but still haven’t finished. Still stuck at ch5 now. Imo it’s the most difficult chapter and I still have no idea how to summarize it without lessening the emotion she put in. It’s the key chapter of this book after all.

        She injured herself? Oh, you make an epic fall in Fukuoka concert, right? Though I feel sorry for her, I can’t help loling at that XD At least she seems to be OK.

        And yes, Nana’s stuffs are killing fans’ wallet. Mine has very huge holes this year ^^’ My first reaction was: “holy…just when I won an auctioned journey ticket at 18k then you announced a new single? Bankruptcy coming soon.” -_-

        • Ah, yes, chapter 5 was the one I ended up crying while reading, after all.

          Haha, yes. She ended up with a bruised finger that started from the nails down for a week. I’ve had a similar injury before, and… it wasn’t pretty. In fact, it was quite brutal as I couldn’t move them for a week as well.

          About killing wallets… No kidding. ;_;

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