Seven Pieces ~Live Journey 2011 side B~ [Mizuki Nana]

水樹奈々 seven pieces ~NANA MIZUKI LIVE JOURNEY 2011 side-B~ preview

^Briefly spoken of on last week’s Smile-Gang #474, Seven Pieces is a 4 episode (45 minutes in length each) behind-the-scenes recording in the everyday work-life of Mizuki Nana. According to the website, the first episode airs on May 19th.

It covers everything from rehearsals to song recordings to afureko/narration site (what goes on at the voice acting recording scenes). Misato says she is particularly looking forward to seeing what goes on at the voice acting scene (oi, Misato, you’re a seiyuu too! XD). Oh, apparently, they even recorded behind-the-scenes moments at World of M, which got Misato a little upset that they aren’t recording Smile-Gang. XD

Also, according to Nana-san on Smile-Gang, Yabuki Toushirou (sound producer) kept making inappropriate comments that led to many scenes needing to be cut out. The recording staff complained that, “This could’ve been a great natural moment that we could air if not for that last comment!” XD It happened several times. So Nana-san thinks we won’t be getting much off-shots with regards to the Live Journey rehearsals.

水樹奈々のMの世界 #094 (2011,04,30)

^That is LAST WEEK’s World of M. I’m looking forward to this week’s because I do not doubt the amount of hilarity that will ensue. But until then… I was listening to last week’s World of M while packing, and promptly started laughing during POP MASTER. It was cute. Just listen, you’ll understand. XD “YES!”

The voice-acting corner has Nana-san pretend to be drunk. Amusing, but didn’t leave as much of an impact as the POP MASTER part earlier. 😛


18 comments on “Seven Pieces ~Live Journey 2011 side B~ [Mizuki Nana]

  1. cant wait for the seven pieces!!~~so many behind the scene moments!!! hope they dont really cut out that much…
    LOL at misato too! hahas

    • It’s actually more of a countup of the foods she recommends to people who live alone. But yeah, it is also what she likes as well. XD

      1. Curry
      2. Stew
      3. Chowder
      4. Steamed Vegetables
      5. Pork Shogayaki
      6. Udon
      7. (Waiting to be revealed.)

      • SAME! I actually YES! with her when I listen to it now =D

        Wonder if anyone ripped the POP MASTER (YES! call version) out of M no Sekai… That way we can really hear the YES! =P

    • I think it was because it was unexpected that my first initial reaction was to laugh. XD
      Hopefully it momentarily brightened up your mood from the gloom and doom of finals?

      • Lol, mine too xD That ‘yes!’ was adorabbleeee OwO

        YES!!! It did, thank you xDD This, and Animelo 2010 fired me up to study hard lol.

        Btw, offtopic, but I just remember, your name is Generation A right? Is that from the Animelo 2007 song Generation A? Late, I know orz.

        • Ah yes, I can understand how animelo 2010 can get you fired up for studying. XD

          H-how did you know that was me? O_O
          Oh, right, my LJ…. Is it too late to tell you to not read anything from there because I’m quite embarrassed with half the fics I’ve posted up. XD;; Always thought to fix them up but never found the time. OTL
          And yes, that name was from the Generation-A song. I have severe difficulties when trying to come up with usernames. XD

          • yeah yeah hahaha. I couldnt stop whooping like a dork when watching it xD

            Ohoho actually, I came by your fics first before I found your blog. Eh? why embarassed? Your fics are great! I like Unforseen Eventuality best xDD You should write more you know, angsty ones hehehe.

            Severe difficulties with usernames eh? lol, I can see that seen from the name of this wp blog in particular just kidding 83

            • The duets/collaborations are awesome as always. =D

              Really? :O
              Funnily enough, looking back/reading it again now, Unforeseen Eventuality is probably my least favourite. If I were to go through my writing folder and post something, that definitely would not be one I’d put up. XD I was seriously considering the idea of taking it off ffnet (especially after the section break disappearance thing that I have yet to fix)… But decided that I might as well just rewrite some parts if I ever stop being lazy while fixing the section breaks. XD But thanks! Good to know you liked it (enough to remember it). :3
              I personally thought Pretense came off better as an angst fic though. ^^;;

              Hahaha! At least I admit to it. XD

  2. Oh yeah they were awesome! Especially Nana and Okui Masami’s, omg, I have goosebumps listening to that duet. its just plain EPIC. Unchained World just got 9000x better! haha.

    Haha yeah, really xD Go fix the stories when you’re free? or write some moar hahaha.. Pretense huh? ohhh its been a while since I read that, I’ll read it again later…since I have free time nao. finals are done~!!

    Yes, and for that you get a cookie *gives cookie* >83.dyou have msn or ym or something? lol coz I think wp wont let me reply for the 7th time

    • I am convinced that any duet between Mizuki Nana and Okui Masami will be epic no matter what the song is. XD Though I personally liked their 輪舞-revolution- a bit more during animelo 2007.

      There’s a big difference between being free and being lazy. For the most part, it is laziness that has kept me away from my ffnet account. XD And I haven’t written any sort of fiction in a long time. Idea well has completely dried up.
      And hey, I’m supposed to be dissuading you from reading my fics (again)! XD

      *munches on cookies* That probably has to do with the way I formatted the layout. ^^;; Too used to holding commentsations on LJ to remember WP doesn’t work quite the same way. Anyway, yup, I have MSN. I’m not sure if you can see my email address from these comment replies, but it’s the hotmail one. Or I’ll just send it to you through PM on LJ?

      • Nyan, I havent watched animelo 2007 yet >< havent found a copy.I heard they've done duets 3 times right? with Unchained World counted.

        Ah laziness, people's bestfriend xD. You gotta whip up those muse of yours, coz I can do with some angsty fics about now hahaha. Nope, talking about this just makes me wanna re-read your fics, again muhahaha.

        nope, I still dunno how to see emails in wp. yep, just pm me in LJ.safer and stalker free xD

        • Unless my memory is failing me horribly, they’ve only done 2 duets so far. Rinbu -revolution- (during Animelo 2007) and Unchain World (Animelo 2010).

          You just finished finals! Why would you even want to read angst fics? And sadly, muse isn’t something I can whip up on a whim. XD
          Nooo… Actually, some of my fics have been rendered un-readable without the line breaks so it’s not like you can reread much anyway. XD

          PM sent. :3


    And thank you for the M’s world Reports! xD I can’t stop laughing. OTL. xD

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