Official Start?


Noticed that after logging out of my e-mail and took a screencap without thinking. XD Now I keep wondering if there’s a reason people are searching ‘水樹奈々’ on the Bing search engine. I don’t think there are any particularly big news? (I’m aware there are news, but I don’t think there are any big enough to get people searching her name up all of a sudden?) Or maybe it’s because Live Journey 2011 is coming up…

After messing around for a while, I think I’ll stick with the current appearance. There’s only so much I can do without paying (no CSS tampering). XP

I might do something about the background and header some day, but I think I’ll leave it for now.

So anyway, I think this marks the official start of this blog! …Though I still need to fill out the about/profile page… OTL


9 comments on “Official Start?

  1. guessss whoooo! *stalker mode*

    haha, its depression76 here. with my wordpress account…anyway, welcome to WP!!

    anyway, I was surprise to see the archives dated back from 2008, you must have been working on this a while eh?

    hope to see more posts from you, here and back at the LJ. I shall come over to stalk comment hehee.

    • Heh, you have just added another blog to my “to-stalk” list. XD

      Thanks! =D
      About the archives dating back to 2008… Yeah, that’s when I started making posts about Mizuki Nana or MSLN back on my LJ. Not entirely sure what you mean by “working on this for a while” considering all I did was copy everything from LJ and deleted everything that was not tagged ‘Mizuki Nana’ or ‘Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha’ or ‘music.’ XD And I just read a few of my posts from back then and… Uwah… I think my thought processes were quite different compared to now. Or maybe not. XD;;

      Hehe, please do. I like comments. XD

      • oraaaa I have a new stalker friend >8D.

        Ahhh I see. but then you said you’re gonna return your LJ to its Nana-less state right? and I just realized that you’re never not a Nana fan haha.

        And reading old posts from like uhhh 3 years back is embarassing >< makes you feel like headdesking. Anyway, I better get back to sniffing art history. Finals on monday!!! *dies*

        • You are the second person to say I was never not a Nana fan. *is amused*

          Old posts result in facepalming. Fics, on the other hand, makes me want to headdesk HARD.
          Anyway, good luck with your finals!!! =D

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