Charity Program on NicoVideo [Mizuki Nana]

I will apologize in advance if this post does not make sense. I am severely lacking sleep, I should still be working, but my brain is refusing to crank out any more useful sentences and ideas where I need them.

So anyway…
^Links to NicoVideo entrance page

Nana-san has been saying that she has been wondering what she can do to help out Japan right now. After speaking with a sponsor (Dwango), she has decided to do a charity program with her best friend, Agematsu Mika through NicoVideo.

It will take place 20:30 on March 27, 2011 in Japan time.

All donations will be going to the Japan Red Cross.

I’m half-thinking I won’t join in, if just to leave a space for someone who would donate a lot more through this.

On another note, POP MASTER PV recording and release will be delayed (source: Mizuki Nana blog post on March 23rd). Taking into consideration the amount of electricity that will be required to shooting this PV, Team Mizuki have decided to put it on hold.

But SCARLET KNIGHT does not seem to be affected as recording is already done. Some pictures here and here. Credits go to cc1926 for the heads up. :3

I guess now I’m expecting photos of Nana in sister clothes? XD


11 comments on “Charity Program on NicoVideo [Mizuki Nana]

  1. It’s cool, you make perfect sense πŸ˜€
    I absolutely love how everyone is playing their part with the Japan disaster. It’s really heartwarming reading all the stories of both the ordinary folk and the superstars and how they’re trying to help conserve / raise donations :’D
    JAPAN ❀

  2. I already applied for Nico premium membership for this program πŸ˜€ However, I’d like to ask if
    you are familiar with nico premium membership payment system. Is it a continued monthly payment that you need to cancel if you don’t want to use it anymore? My paypal bill was shown only 525 yen and it’s a 30-days period fee, right?. Sorry for bombard you with questions. ^^
    Nana in nun’s clothes? Hasn’t she already wore it in Live Fever XD

    • If you applied through PayPal, then yes, it’s a continuous 30-day payment, 525 yen per month. You will have to cancel if you decide to “end the contract” (as NicoVideo puts it) by canceling membership.
      On the other hand, if you paid using credit card, it’s for a 90-day period (1680 yen). Membership automatically ends at the end of the 90 days.
      Considering you paid through PayPal, you will have to cancel if you ever decide to stop using it. :3
      Hm… I am trying to remember what happened in Live Fever and is coming up with a blank. Which is funny considering Live Fever is probably the one live I have re-watched the most. ^^;; I’ll blame it on lack of sleep. XD

      • Thank you for your reply πŸ˜€ I have nico points ready for the donation tomorrow already.
        She wore golden mini-skirt nun-like costume in Live Fever. It wasn’t really a nun outfit but quite resembled it XD However, I remembered seeing her wore a real one in Live Academy pamphlet πŸ˜€

        • Now that you mention, I think I do recall seeing her dressed in something like that… But I don’t trust my memory. ^^;; I’ll know when I re-watch the live or see the pamphlet again. XD

  3. The charity program through NicoVideo is a genius idea since loads of Nana’s fans from overseas hunt for her stuff there the most. Even so, I dont think I’ll be joining in >>. ehem,financial problems….
    POP MASTER PV huh….probably involving loads of bubbles and puffy clothes? @_@
    *looks at the SCARLET KNIGHT pics* “…”
    sfgtGHB8io987654eRFjol;!Q@Wed *dies*
    OMG. cant wait for the PV!!! ><
    she looks so awesome there!!! thanks for sharing the pics…I can greet my midterm results with a smile now~
    That is a wig though rite? rite? O_o
    or did she chopped off her hair

    • had been wondering abt the hair too….there is a mention about the hair(style) in the interview in act+ if someone can roughly translate what it means….?

    • Despite that, something tells me most of the viewers of the program tomorrow will be Japanese. ^^;;
      I’d imagine loads of bubbles too. XD
      But it’ll be a while before we find out…
      Oi, don’t die yet! You haven’t seen the full PV yet! *uses revive* XDD
      Hope your midterm results turned out better than you imagined! πŸ˜€
      I would think it is… But I can’t be 100% sure as I haven’t read the mentioned magazine. But I’m almost sure this PV was recorded before the earthquake and tsunami struck Japan… And the last time she uploaded a picture of herself (on her blog) was March 8th where she clearly still had long hair. So as far as I can tell, she didn’t cut her hair. And I recall her saying that it took a lot of “effort” to grow her hair out, so I don’t think she’ll chop it. XD

      • I AGREE!!!! *i m a girl lol XD w long hair* yap she record the SCARLET KNIGHT’s PV some weeks before the the earthquake n after that post u talking abt she still have long hair XD *is not very easy to grow this long hair ar…! i need 1 year to grow to my hips, if not put fake hair lol XD* (girls w long hair should understand this XD)

        ….can I die now? *depression ran out of HP! depression fainted!* 8D
        But good god, the pv was awesome! The army of nuns aside…scarlet!nana is awesome >>. I cant wait for POP MASTER pv…
        hope it wont be too girly for my taste >>.
        Ah I hope so as well D8. if my grades flunk, Imma blame pokemon *runs*
        I think its a wig though…but nana looks awfully good with short hair, bobbed or not. and is that a red highlight on scarlet!nana’s hair…? *thinks of highlighting hair*

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