POP MASTER キターーーーー(゜∀゜)ーーーーー!!!!!! [Mizuki Nana]

POP MASTER just aired on Smile-Gang.

SUPER GENERATION-vibes! As expected? XD

I swear I was grinning to myself the entire time the song was playing.

More on Smile-Gang later because I missed the majority of it except for the song. ^^;;


2 comments on “POP MASTER キターーーーー(゜∀゜)ーーーーー!!!!!! [Mizuki Nana]

    • The title, “POP MASTER” hints at an upbeat song, and considering Nana-san composed the song, the only other upbeat song she has composed to date would be SUPER GENERATION. Hence I was expecting something similar to that. 😀
      And it would be Smile-Gang 468. It does not seem to be uploaded yet (as of the time I am replying to this comment). :3

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