6th child takes after 1st child [Mizuki Nana, Smile-Gang]

When was the last time I made 2 posts in the same day? :O

水樹奈々 スマイルギャング第468回【デジラジ音源】

Smile-Gang takes on a slightly different format this week. Somewhat FM-esque, in the words of Nana-san. This is because Smile-Gang was canceled on certain radio stations last week, so many people were not able to listen to SCARLET KNIGHT. Thus, they take the first half to re-introduce SCARLET KNIGHT to those who haven’t heard it yet.

They begin with giving their condolences to families affected by disaster. Then they go ahead and talk about how quickly time passes, because Smile-Gang have reached the end of its 9th year! Misato and Nana-san try to pinpoint in what ways the other has changed, but end up concluding that neither changed much.

Moving on to SCARLET KNIGHT… She didn’t say much of what she hasn’t already said on last week’s Smile-Gang and World of M, but she did reveal a bit more details with regards to the production process. It took a while before they finally completed the song because Nana-san and staff kept searching for that perfect song. They even went as far as to get the composer to rewrite certain parts, before the “OK” was finally given.

The song is meant to combine themes of strength, kindness, and healing.

Finally, the PV for SCARLET KNIGHT has a story. Nana-san says it felt a bit like a movie production.
We shall patiently wait for it then. :3

Next is what I consider to be the main event…


Nana-san’s 6th child. Difficult birth process, apparently. XD

She already had a clear image of how she wanted the song to be. In hearing all of the available demo tapes, she kept feeling that something was missing.

Mishi-P finally suggests that if O-Nana already knows what kind of song she wants, why not just compose it?

After a week of thinking about what to do… The melody came to her when she least expected it.

It began with “Ah, I’m hungry.”

The next instant, part of the melody took form in her mind.

And 2 days later, the rest of it naturally appeared before her.

All of it came to her naturally and suddenly. It wasn’t something she thought long and hard about.

Misato comments on how the melody is definitely one of those that is easy to remember and easily leaves an impression on the ears. 😀

As for the theme of the song, I think it’s already quite obvious but…
POP MASTER is meant to tell people to cheer up and never give up. :3

Like I wrote in my previous post, I loved the song on first-listen. I had been grinning the entire time when I heard it earlier this morning.

It certainly reminds me of SUPER GENERATION. :3

So yes, Nana-san’s 6th child (POP MASTER) takes after her first child (SUPER GENERATION). XDD


32 comments on “6th child takes after 1st child [Mizuki Nana, Smile-Gang]

  1. oooooooooooo…!!!! so that the meaning of the song! ^_^ cool! but i heard alot of bad comments abt it *as in they saying ok ok n like another copy of SUPER GENERATION*this may lower the chance to get this single 1st T_T
    on the other hand i didnt no everyone having a hard time to make a better song XD
    *ya! that working hard haha..^_^”*
    looking forward to both PV
    *dark rockish n bright joyful*

    • It can’t be denied that POP MASTER lacks the impact when compared with SCARLET KNIGHT. But at the same time, both songs are of different styles. I personally would hope for a tie between the two singles, but that’s probably quite impossible. XD
      UNBREAKABLE is coupled with POP MASTER though (and the general opinion is that UNBREAKABLE is the best of the 3 songs so far. Will have to see about HIGH STEPPER).

  2. I’ve heard SCARLET KNIGHT and after looping it the whole day, I finally like it >< the tempo confuses me a bit….but I'm really looking forward to the PV. Hopefully a medieval style? cant wait!! *shiver in excitement*
    And lol, the inspiration for POP MASTER came when she felt hungry…hahahha. My respect grew for you nana san xDD. I havent heard the song though…its poppish right? hmmm >>.
    Btw, play PKMN yet? 83
    I swear I wouldnt get addicted….but I did ><. Darn you mijumaru! *runs*

    • LOL after I post this, I found UNBREAKABLE and POP MASTER.
      Thoughts on them: UNBREAKABLE = awesomeeee!!! My fav out of the 3 so far ><. POP MASTER = SUPER GENERATION's little sister 83. Makes me wanna boogie? lol

    • *nods nods* The tempo is a little confusing for SCARLET KNIGHT. It’s one of the reasons why I had to loop it many times to get used to it and begin to like it. ^^;;
      As for the PV, medieval fantasy style. :3
      Hahah. Never underestimate the power of food (and the need of it)? It can, apparently, provide some really good inspiration. XDD
      …I am ashamed to admit that I haven’t gotten my copy of PKMN yet. ;_; Maybe after all these assignments and finals… (just so I don’t get distracted) *sighs* Hey wait, so that means you did go with Mijumaru in the end! 8D
      And nice way of describing POP MASTER as SUPER GENERATION’s little sister. XDD

      • Yeah yeah, but the chorus part of SCARLET KNIGHT is what really makes the song stick in me. Well, 37th loop did its work after all >>
        Medieval fantasy with nana in long coat and single ponytail? wait- I just described fate lol. gahh cant wait >< hope we get one of those rotating cameras again, the PV with them is bound to be good 83.
        Betcha she’s eating curry when inspiration strikes 8D
        Haha, thats okay, but if you dont get it by april you aint gonna get Victini 83. People says that its awesome. geh, finals already? wow, good luck with that ><. And yeah…I went with Mijumaru….its karma I tell you! Dx and lol, I named it Misato after you-know-who xDD
        Hahaha, but like its older sister, POP MASTER will need several more loops to grow in me…I dont know why though O_O. I think UNBREAKABLE sucks all of the awesome factor.

        • But if we’re talking about chorus, POP MASTER’s ‘Diving! Diving! Diving!’ is really sticking with me. XDD
          Don’t know about the long coat and pony tail (or any other Fate-like characteristics) but I’d say weapons are confirmed (I think). XD And there will be double Nana. 8D She’s playing 2 roles in this PV.
          I wouldn’t be surprised considering how often she has curry for a meal per week. ^^;;
          No Victini for me then. Unlikely I’ll be getting the game in the next 2 weeks. By the way, I’m waiting for confirmation from the official site, but I’m 60% sure as to who Victini’s voice actor is in the upcoming movies. Smile-Gang duo!
          No, not finals yet. Banging my head against assignments for the next 2 weeks. Finals follow that, so in 2 weeks. Thanks!
          Hurr… I shall name it Fukuen when I get my copy then. XD Or maybe I’ll rearrange the the letters in Misato to get Satomi. XDD
          As of right now, I prefer SUPER GENERATION more. But we shall see if that changes.
          And yes, UNBREAKABLE overwhelms POP MASTER and SCARLET KNIGHT in terms of awesomeness.
          Neither the SCARLET KNIGHT or the POP MASTER can break the UNBREAKABLE. XD;;

          • Everyone seems to like the Diving! Diving! Diving! I’m the oddball one haha.
            Ohhh, nice! Prolly she’ll take the french medieval theme? since the painting in SCARLET KNIGHT’s cover was french painting right?
            Ah, I dont think I will be getting Victini too. Couldnt find the one gamestop that hold its event >>. Are you serious??? Nana san is the voice actor?! BANZAIIII! another reason to splurge for pokemon merchandise ehhh my finals are in may, haha. I hope I wont write my name as Mijumaru or some sort on the paper or something >>.
            lolol fukuen sounds nice xDD I was gonna name it M. Word (microsoft word LOL *runs*) after nana san, but changed it into misato on the last moment lol
            Wow, look, the song make puns already! at least now I know which single to buy ><. Prolly POP MASTER…buying both will rob me of my money D8

            • Imagine the crazy jumps during the live concerts when she sings ‘Diving! Diving! Diving!’ XDD (Though I’ll admit that I am beginning to hear ‘dialing or darling’ now… I swear I hear an ‘r or l’ sound in the last diving-that-might-not-be-diving… But I’m pretty sure the other two are ‘Diving’ so it could I’m just hearing things. XD)
              Potentially? We shall see. And yes, it is a French painting (at least the painter is French). XDD
              Eh? It’s not a wi-fi event? I always thought these Pokemon giveaways are all through wi-fi now.
              It hasn’t been confirmed, so I can’t say for sure, but considering she is listed as “guest seiyuu” (but she’s not the only one and there are many new characters to appear in the movie) and having watched the trailer several times, I’d say the chance is there.
              May? That’s already start of a new term for me. XDD Hahaha! Please do let me know if you do ever accidentally write your name as Mijumaru. *runs* XD
              And I am confused as to what you mean by the Microsoft Word thing?
              If I were to buy only one, I’d get POP MASTER too. 😀

              • I swear, nana’s engrish morphed after several times looping. I’m starting to hear diving! dialing! darling! O_O. It sounds like a tsunami alert ad…
                Double nana san too….double the fun hahaha *runs*
                Yeah,they’re through wifi, but it wont work for my ds for some reason >> I gotta go to gamestop to get them freebies.
                Well, that wont stop me from crosing my fingers >< I just hope nana wont be voicing one of those horrible digimon-mutation-like pokemons…
                oh?summer term?O_O. haha, I will. I’m trying to stop playing now ><. Its addicting!! ahhh its bcoz of that post. You said nana san doesnt understand microsoft word rite? lolol yeah thats why 83.Random I know lol
                So you’re buying both of them?O_O. wait wait, is HIGH STEPPER a song in POP MASTER as well?

              • HIGH-STEPPER is with SCARLET KNIGHT XD
                is UNBREAKABLE the 1 with POP MASTER..whom stole the spotlight from POP MASTER XD

              • Good to know I’m not alone! The more I loop them, the more newer words pop up! XDD
                I’ve never joined in on wi-fi events just because I’m always too lazy to unlock router at home… Must eat out at certain restaurants with unlocked wi-fi connections next time. XD
                Hahah, digimon-like mutation pokemon? XDD But I do agree with you. They’ve been spreading too much since R/S/E. ^^;;
                Yup, summer term. -__- Pokemon is always addicting! XDD No, the part I don’t understand is… You can rename MSWord? O_O
                I will admit that I originally planned on just one, but am now leaning to getting both… Which would probably push Pokemon back by another month if I do. OTL
                POP MASTER only comes with UNBREAKABLE. 2 songs per CD. 777yen per CD is merely a wallet-breaking disguise. XP

  3. Yes. The first song that came in mind when listening to POP MASTER for the first time was SUPER GENERATION. Both are cheerful and upbeat children. And lol what’s with the “I’m hungry” thought during her composing time? She’s indeed a good eater (maybe that’s why she is casted in Toriko anime?) XD
    Talking about my opinion towards the song, it’s a good one but lack of strong impact (I also think the same about her first child). Imo it is weak compared with UNBREAKABLE and SCARLET KNIGHT. Sorry to say that I want UNBREAKABLE to be an A-side instead. However, judging from my personal experience, fans will have more fun with this type of song in concert. I can picture them having crazy jumps during the chorus 😀
    SCARLET KNIGHT PV sounds very interesting. I really looking forward to it 😀

    • It momentarily made me think, “Of all things, she was inspired by hunger and food?” XDD
      Haha, very true about the cheerful and upbeat children. XD
      I personally would prefer UNBREAKABLE to POP MASTER as well, as UNBREAKABLE certainly made a larger impact. However, it is very understandable why POP MASTER is the A-side as they would no doubt want to promote Nana-san’s lyrics-writing AND composing skills. :3
      And I can already picture Nana-san’s actions, hand movements, the way she would run from end-to-end of the stage in this song (applying what we would usually see when she performs SUPER GENERATION and any other upbeat songs). And crazy jumps on the part of the fans. Can’t forget those.
      Agreed. Really looking forward to it as well. 😀

      • I found scarlet Knight PV example pics
        (from Bessatu +act. Vol.4
        magazine) >

        Knight Nana in red dress is so gorgeous. Make me want to see the pv more. I’m sure it’s going to be an epic one ^_^

  4. While most people say, is true that POP MASTER has Super Generation vibe. But somewhere in between I feel it also leans towards ”Happy Dive” Not sure if everyone knows that song.
    But I know for sure which I have to play when I am depressed. I want to yell ”Hai” when Nana chan sings ”Are you okay?” It feels so positive and alive. the song instantly stroke me.
    However somehow Scarlet Knight left me deeper impact which I had to listen more then once to like.
    Keep up the nice work for updating, Kasumi tan.

    • I think I can see why you would be reminded of Happy Dive considering it is also an upbeat song (and the ‘Diving! Diving! Diving!‘ part certainly helps XD), but personally, I think Happy Dive has an air of calm in comparison to POP MASTER.
      And don’t forget, people are comparing POP MASTER and SUPER GENERATION due to the fact that both are composed by Nana-san herself. ;D
      Indeed. For me, POP MASTER gives me the “Ready? GO!” feeling. Positive and motivating. :3
      For me, UNBREAKABLE left a deeper impression on me than POP MASTER or SCARLET KNIGHT.

  5. I love all three songs released so far. ❤ I can't pick a favorite. Unbreakable's Engrish is breaking my brain though. It's Engrish is truly Unbreakable!! xD
    Yume ni koishite YES! POP MASTAAAAAHHHH xD! It doesn’t make sense though. But then again. *shrugs* <3. Almost at least all of the songs she has released are about surviving. And as always, Pop Master is a song about not giving up, it gives more impact right now, cause of Shin Ai.
    She’s certainly like that, never giving up. > v < b

    • For me, it’s UNBREAKABLE that is my favourite. :3
      Eh? Really? I personally thought UNBREAKABLE’s engrish to be quite understandable. :O
      The only line of engrish I would doubt is the second english phrase, but I’m personally hearing “cosmic journey”. At least I could make out everything else. XD
      Not to mention, POP MASTER (do I hear “Gliding”?) and SCARLET KNIGHT (Angels? Endless?) has its fair share of mind-breaking engrish too. XDD
      Or maybe after listening to PRIDE OF GLORY, everything else sounds fine. XD
      *nods* It’s because she never gave up that she’s where she is in her career right now. :3

      • XD I can’t pick llllOTL.
        Yeah. My friend said it’s Comfy Journey. OTL. So far, we have, the unbreakable lines in the choruses. Spread your wings from the first verse, and Don’t waste your life and we were soldiers for the second verse. And then we’re gonna fly for the last line. xD what did you get? xD!!
        And yeah, xD Diving for the first Chorus, then Gliding for the second. xD! For Scarlet Knight, I think it’s Angel’s Light and then Endless World. XD
        LOL xDDDD! PRIDE OF GLORY <3. xD! Nana-san your moe Engrish. xDDDDD
        Indeed. ❤ Nana-san is so hard working. :3

        • it has a higher chance of being cosmic journey too~ to me hahas…although it does sound like comfy journey…but isnt it weird?comfy journey? 0o

          • Well, we all know how epic Mizuki Nana’s Engrish is. xD! My friend just corrected some parts like,
            Spread Your wings -> So Pleasure Wings
            Don’t Waste Your Life -> No Enjoy Life
            but, I don’t know. OTZ xD

            • i not wrong it should be ‘Spread Your Wings’ n ‘Dont Waste Your Life’ it still sound the same ^_^” i been looping this since it come out from the radio lol XD *even with earpiece!!!*

            • I am quite sure it is ‘Spread your Wings’ and’ Don’t waste your life’. Both these english phrases fit with the Japanese lyrics.
              And just going back to your other comment, that’s pretty much all the English phrases in the song that I caught. Everything else was Japanese as far as I’m concerned. And I’m quite sure it is not comfy journey if just because ‘comfy’ is too much of a slang to be used in lyrics in these cases. I maintain ‘cosmic journey’ though I sort of hear ‘oh sweet journey’ too. XD
              And about SCARLET KNIGHT… If it is a mix of Angels and Endless… Then her pronunciation of both are the same. Or it could just be sound quality issue for now. ^^;;

              • True. XDDD And I just can’t comprehend So Pleasure Wings and No Enjoy Life there so I do think as well that it’s Spread your Wings and don’t waste your life. xD
                Oh. I’m so confused. XD A friend of mine said it’s not Unbreakable anymore, it’s Ununderstandable now. XDDDDDD! I’m so sure we would be so shocked of the real lyrics in April 13. Good luck to us all! xD!
                I thought of that too. xD! enjles xDDD I cannot comprehend. But we don’t mind Nana-san because it’s moe. xD!

              • There’s no way it’s not UNBREAKABLE. ^^;;
                I will be extremely proud of myself if I got all the engrish in UNBREAKABLE all right (very unlikely, but I can hope my Nana engrish listening skills have improved? XDDD)
                But yeah, I’ve completely given up on trying to decode whether it’s ANGELS or ENDLESS now. There could be no ENDLESS but all ANGELS as far as I’m concerned. Or vice versa.

              • for UNBREAKABLE there are still phrases like “dont waste your life” and “we are soldiers” XD

              • It’s actually ‘we were soldiers’ but yeah, I’m aware of that. 🙂 As I said in various other comments, the only unknown phrase to me is the second phrase, which I believe to be ‘cosmic journey.’ 😀

            • for the spread your wings i got it when i first heard the song….maybe we all got more use to nana kawaii engrish XD

  6. Thanks for that! 😀
    I agree, Knight Nana in red and wielding a rapier just screams “INCOMING EPIC PV!!!” XDD

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