UNBREAKABLE [Mizuki Nana, radio: World of M]

水樹奈々のMの世界 #088 (2011,03,19)

There was something very sobering with the way Nana-san was speaking at the very beginning of World of M this week. The only thing we can do is to support Japan in any way we can.

Nana-san speaks briefly about what she had been doing at the time of the earthquake. As mentioned on her blog, she had been in a narration studio, having just got off the elevator. She was shocked somewhat speechless after the quake, and immediately tried calling people (her mother) to check if they’re okay. After many tries, her calls finally connected. Everyone seems to be fine.
Her home ended up to be quite a mess though. Many things fell off tables and walls (broken glass on the floor), but otherwise, no one was injured. (Kei-tan is fine too).

She was also reminded of what happened 16 years ago, when the Great Hanshin Earthquake struck (in 1995). It was her first time going to Tokyo alone (to take the entrance exam), and being only 15 and unable to go home, she was stuck in a business hotel with nothing to calm her except for a radio and her MD player (full of anisongs).

Anyway, for the first half of the broadcast, songs that would give energy and hope to listeners were played. First song was Dream Shift by Kinuko Oomori & SILK, then GONG by JAM Project, and finally Moon by Himuro Kyousuke.

It’s been a while since I’ve heard GONG.
I liked how Nana-san described this song. You can certainly feel energy coming from songs by JAM Project. She also briefly spoke how unique their song feels considering it’s mainly a band made up of males, but Okui Masami’s voice pierces through the otherwise power performance.
…Uu… no mention of Matsumoto Rica? ;_; She was still part of JAM Project in GONG…

But Nana-san quickly returned the atmosphere to what we usually expect from World of M, especially after SCARLET KNIGHT and even more so after UNBREAKABLE.

With regards to SCARLET KNIGHT, she didn’t say much about the song. Instead, she spoke about the characters in DOG DAYS. In general, she mentioned that the characters in DOG DAYS are all very pure-hearted. They are all of the type who, regardless of whether the other party is an adult or not, they would always get their feelings across. However, what is most important does not get told to those who truly matter — they expect that since they’re together, they should understand each other without having to put it into words. Nana-san thinks that shouldn’t be something they take for granted, and has tried to include her thoughts on that matter in her song. She believes they should keep believing and bring out the courage to face it head-on (again, something she tried to include in the lyrics and in the song as a whole).

Next up is UNBREAKABLE. The coupling song for POP MASTER.
Personally, I think I lean towards UNBREAKABLE more than SCARLET KNIGHT at the moment. Anyone else getting an Gundam-feel from this song? XD
It did seem a little “noisy” at first, but it seemed fine after a while.

Nana-san describes the style to be “wild.” The theme of the song is as the title, “unbreakable” in terms of thoughts, feelings, and belief. Unwavering and unbreakable no matter the circumstances, always standing up in the face of adversary and not giving up on the dream. No matter what, always believe in yourself and carry the courage in your heart — those are the feelings Nana-san tried to put into the song.

…That is pretty much all for World of M this week.

I certainly had not been expecting UNBREAKABLE to air here. Whether it will be POP MASTER or UNBREAKABLE to air in Smile-Gang tomorrow (if it airs at all — but it should) is now the question. I had been expecting POP MASTER… but UNBREAKABLE is now very much a possibility.

Speaking of what we can do for Japan… This is a few days late but I just saw this on ANN.

Each viewing of the video above generates advertising revenue towards Shueisha. Proceeds will be donated to help those in need in Japan. This is officially from Shueisha, with the message and art by Toriyama Akira, creator of Dragonball and Dr. Slump.
It’s a real GENKIDAMA. :3


9 comments on “UNBREAKABLE [Mizuki Nana, radio: World of M]

  1. UNBREAKABLE is pure win. I love this song more than SCARLET KNIGHT! I also think it has gundam-ish vibe in it, which is quite odd since it’s a RPG game OP.
    So far, her 2 new singles sound awesome for me. Can’t wait to hear hear a new song (I assume it will be POP MASTER) tonight.
    Btw, does NHK cancel all normal program now? 2 days ago and yesterday, I looked for MJ Anisong SP4 and MJ Haru Matsuri via Keyhole but there were news instead. Not that I mind in time of emergency like this but just curious. ^^”

  2. A cheer and pray for Japan.
    Unbreakable has left a nice impression of Nana chan brilliance. It is been awhile to hear Nana trying another style of music. I liked it very much but I need to get used to Scarlet Knight … but the Nana magic always works when I put on repeat mode. I preordered them today.
    but have Nana chan tried rapping? How cute would that sound 😛

    • I personally still need to adjust to SCARLET KNIGHT as well. It’s a great song, but it’s just not leaving much of an impression on me at the moment (which I’m sure will change after much repeating XD).
      UNBREAKABLE, on the hand, is one of those where the more I listen to it, the more I like it. XD
      Hahaha. To be honest, I’m always half expecting Nana-san to eventually release a rap song. I think that’s about the only style she hasn’t tried yet. XD Not counting those times of Smile-Gang craziness. XD

      • My god … I just listened to M no sekai. I screamed like a little girl when Nana chan is also a fan of Muteki Raijin-oh. At first I didnt know that title name then the tune of the song came. OoOh my fan mode INCREASED by tenfold. Nana chan is surely THE best. But do I also share the same opinion that Nana chan has the right voice and tone to do all type of music? To be honest all jazz, ballads, fast dance music, Jpop, Rock song I like it very much.

        • It’s always refreshing to be reminded that Nana-san was as much of an anime fan as most of us. Especially of older anime (like Mutteki Raijin-oh) that most people have forgotten/never watched.
          But I know how you feel. I was extremely happy when I learned that Nana-san used to be a crazy Yu Yu Hakusho fan. XDD

        • She is indeed an anime fan XD Aside from random anime talks and anime fangirling in radio shows, she talked about liking anime & manga a lot in Shin Ai. The part that makes me lol the most is when she called the first anime shop she went “a sacred place” XD

          • I have to say, I understand how Nana-san felt. I was much the same way (in the way she described) the first time I was in Japan. XDD;; ‘Tis what happens when deprived of anime shops in nearby areas. XDD
            I wonder if the anime shop she mentioned is still around in Shinkyogoku, Kyoto. Would love to go there at least once. :3

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