僕らの鼓動はもう止められないから SCARLET KNIGHT [Mizuki Nana, Smile-Gang]

Considering the current situation in Japan, I do not foresee Smile-Gang 467 on NicoVideo anytime soon. Everyone in Japan is doing their part in conserving energy and trying their best to overcome this crisis.

While I am still worried about the nation, in my attempt to keep some positive atmosphere up, let me talk about SCARLET KNIGHT.

Despite no Smile-Gang at the usual source, I did manage to listen to Smile-Gang on Osaka Radio in real-time (i.e. as it was aired on the radio).
Or most of it, at least. I missed the first 10 or so minutes (and Smile-Gang isn’t a very long broadcast) because I was messing around with the tuning.
Because I had to listen to it in full AM radio glory — with the annoying static sounds, I couldn’t get a clear impression of SCARLET KNIGHT.

Fortunately for most of us, the excerpt of the song has been posted here.

Briefly, this is what Nana-san said about the song.

The song is the opening for DOG DAYS, so lyrics were written in a way to not only reflect Nana-san’s feelings, but also to convey the feelings of the characters in DOG DAYS.

Also true to DOG DAYS, the melody is heavily under the fantasy anime theme. If I heard correctly, this is Fujima’s first time composing an A-side song.

As for the title:

KNIGHT comes from the idea of “wanting to protect the important/beloved person.”
SCARLET comes from “the colour of the heart” and is also a link to the main character’s name – Shinku – which can mean ‘pure red or deep red’.

This song was actually recorded a few months ago. Before Kouhaku. On Christmas Day 2010, to be exact.

And that’s all I’ve got written down…

It was mentioned that another song will be revealed on Smile-Gang next week, along with title name… Except all 4 song titles have been posted onto the main website?

EDIT: Just to follow up a bit more with Smile-Gang 467.

Near the beginning (after title call), Nana-san says the webpage she looks at the most often is JAL (because she likes to travel). For Misato, it is anything to do with biological/diet pages — which somehow led to reading up about koalas (that translates to she randomly surfs the net).

Now, we all know Nana-san doesn’t use the computer much. Never mind the software on it. So Misato asked if Nana-san uses Word, Excel, or Powerpoint.

Let me take this chance to point out that Misato once asked Nana-san the exact same question on Smile-Gang before.

Anyway, her answers haven’t changed.

Reply: I’ve seen it.

Reply: I’ve never clicked on it.

Reply: What’s that?

Nana-san goes on to explain that IE and Safari are the two things she ever uses on the computer when at home. Misato feels proud that she, herself, at least uses Word.

After that, Nana-san speaks about Music Japan 2011 Haru Matsuri. Pretty much the same thing as what she wrote on blog, with a bit more details — such as how Takeda Tetsuya praised her on her singing and that the same Takeda waved penlights (which was something they thought would not happen).

Following that, the editing become very weird. The fact that Shin Ai was aired before SCARLET KNIGHT indicates to me that they cut out an entire section. The campus life corner or Nana-iro mail corner. What I’m guessing is that they must’ve touched upon earthquakes or tsunamis (because the disaster hadn’t struck when they recorded Smile-Gang).

And right before Shin Ai, she randomly talked about E-hime and towels. I couldn’t make heads or tails of it.

Random conversations continue to be heard afterward (that runs over the BGM/title jingle — something that almost never happens). She was speaking about how that person (that was mentioned quite a while back — I wrote about it, but I have no clue when it was so I can’t even find it to link it) still doesn’t remember her or Kei-tan. At least, the person cannot remember that Kei-tan is a chihuahua.

I seriously think they must have been free-talking from the Nana-iro mail corner… And whoever edited the broadcast wanted to keep as much of it as possible and so inserted it in random places? Or just to take up time before commercials can be aired.

By the way, the unfamiliar BGMs aren’t new. Instead, they’re very old; from when Smile-Gang was still young.


7 comments on “僕らの鼓動はもう止められないから SCARLET KNIGHT [Mizuki Nana, Smile-Gang]

  1. I listened to it via Osaka Radio as well. So, the annoying voice came from the station itself not my keyhole. I have to stop whining about how suck it is XD
    For the first time listening to SCARLET KNIGHT, I thought it was good but didn’t give strong impression to me like Silent Bible did. However, after looping it several times, Nana’s magic works again. I can’t stop listenning to it and really like it now. SCARLET KNIGHT has vibes of justice to belive, Pride of glory and Dragonia in it. It will be really epic when she sing it in concert. I’m looking forward to hearing the new song next week as well. Hope it will be POP MASTER (lol love the title, so bold). I want to hear what Nana’s sixth child would be like ;D
    Btw, I’m worrying about current situation in japan, too. I still can’t contact my friend in koriyama. I try to be positive and think she’s safe (at least I didn’t find her name in google people finder’s casualties list) but her house may not since it is in Fukushima pref. -“-

    • I think radio stations on KeyHole comes straight from the radio waves whereas the ones that are recorded (and subsequently uploaded) are from website’s radio streams. At least that’s what I think.
      SCARLET KNIGHT didn’t give me a strong impression either. Neither did SILENT BIBLE. It’s only after looping SILENT BIBLE did I start liking it as much as I do now. So I expect the same with SCARLET KNIGHT.
      I’m 99% sure it’ll be POP MASTER next week. Sounds like a upbeat song, I’m hoping for something like SUPER GENERATION. 😀
      I hope you’ve managed to contact your friend since posting that comment? If not, you might want to check these survivors lists here.

      • I also think POP MASTER will be an upbeat cheerful song. She may want to make the twin singles totally opposite from each other. Hope it will be as cool as this one.
        Btw, I knew Nana is safe but it’s strange that she hasn’t updated her blog more than 3 days. Last time something like this happened was when her father passed away. I wonder if she’s ok now.
        Thanks. I finally received contact from my friend. She is fine but doesn’t have enough food and the situation still isn’t good because she lives not far from where nuclear plants are located (around 60 km) ^^”

        • She updated a little while ago, saying that both her and Kei-tan are safe.
          She’s thinking about what she can do for everyone.
          A lot of voice actors are keeping their updates to a minimum in an attempt to save energy and not to hold up internet traffic lines (except those with twitter)… At least that was what happened 2 days ago. A lot of voice actors/singers have come back yesterday/today to say once again that they’re okay.
          Yes, I’ve been keeping up with the news. The nuclear reactors are a major concern at the moment.

  2. Wow. This song has been old I must say. And the staffs did a good job, keeping the song from leaking. And true, Japan has been in a disaster, but everyone’s trying their best to help each other. It’s a very heartwarming sight.
    I wonder what they’ve been doing now as well? I wonder how they’re helping. A lot of J-Artists have started a concert charity already. It’s really heartwarming.
    Maybe the next song for Next Week’s Smagang would be POP MASTER? The 24th Single. Nana-san’s new self composed/written song.

      • It definitely did comes as a surprise that this song was recorded “last year.”
        Indeed. Everyone is doing absolutely everything they can.
        Now we just hope there’s no meltdown at the nuclear plant…
        I’m 99.9% sure it will be POP MASTER. It’s pretty clear from the way she said it on Smile-Gang… But I leave that 0.01% in case of a surprise. XD

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