Allergic to K-tan XD [Mizuki Nana, Smile-Gang]

水樹奈々のMの世界 #087 (2011,03,05)
^Go straight to 23:52. It’s self-explanatory. XDD
Sounded more like some magic incantation to me. ^^;; Nana-san admits that it came out like alien language. XDD Officially (or as official as some nonsense made up and recognized by high school students only), it’s called “babi code.”

What I think it should’ve sounded like is this:

Because the original sentence is: Mizuki Nana kore kara mo zenryoku zenkai de ikimasu!

Now on to Smile-Gang…

水樹奈々 スマイルギャング第466回【デジラジ音源】

I don’t check Misato’s blog all that often… But apparently, she hasn’t updated it for an entire month. The reason? For one, she has twitter, but the main reason is… She forgot the address to her blog update page.

That is oddly hilarious. XD

After that, Nana-san briefly mentioned that, recently, she went to test for allergies. And it turns out that she’s allergic to pretty much everything. Including dogs.

Yes, dogs. K-tan… XD

I loved Misato’s reaction: あれ?

Following that, Nana-san spoke briefly about Hibari 7 days. She wrote about if briefly on her blog as well. All I’m going to say is… I want to see video!

School corner is the highlight for this week though. There is no need to understand Japanese to get a good laugh out of it. XDD
And there’s a surprise. It’s the first week in this “new school” yet the “sensei” exploded by the end of the corner. It took only one week as opposed to the usual four. XDD
Oh, before I forget, the sensei’s name is a play on words, Suimoku Nana. Suimoku = 水木, which can also be read as Mizuki. XDD

The school corner always make me appreciate Misato’s presence on Smile-Gang. We often feel bad for Nana-san because she’s the one being picked on and told to do embarrassing things.
But honestly, Misato’s “roles” on Smile-Gang can be embarrassing too. Not everyone is willing to do this on a close-to-weekly basis. XD

Finally, the 5th Seiyuu Awards were briefly mentioned at the end (as part of Smapedia. They wonder why Fukuen Misato and Mizuki Nana didn’t win the “Best Radio personality” award. XD They came to the conclusion that it must be because the contents are not touching enough. Doesn’t bring tears (I think it occasionally brings tears of laughter XD). Misato expects they’ll win at the 7th Seiyuu Award. XD

By the way, SCARLET KNIGHT will be revealed on Smile-Gang next week! DOG DAYS OP. Don’t miss out!

5 comments on “Allergic to K-tan XD [Mizuki Nana, Smile-Gang]

  1. The Babi code is really funny. xD! And weird at the same time. xD!
    And yeah, I was quite surprised Nana-san wasn’t on 5th Seiyuu awards and nice pun Misato-san. >D
    Nana-san is allergic to dogs, I wonder what kind of allergic reaction she gets since she does own a dog. xD! That’s weird. xD
    Thank you for the update, Kasumi-san! :3

    • It’s weird. Almost like a tongue twister. XD Can people even decode quickly enough to understand it when it’s used? XD
      It mainly has to do with her not being in any major roles the past year. And she’s already won the Best Singing Award and Kei Tomomiya Award before. :3
      Watery eyes and runny nose, apparently. ^^;;

      • We have some sort of language like that here too and apparently youngsters who knew can really decipher it fast. I think they reallycan though =O. and the one in our country is called G sounds. I don’t know hos to use it though.
        True. XD. I wonder when will Tamutamu win an award there. XD still funny how there’s no male awardee xD.
        Ah, poor Nana-san. Well at least it’s not too much like getting itchy marks or something. Quite bearable I guess, in the name of kei-tan! XD

  2. O_O….lol what with the babi code ^_^”
    awww..poor Nana she having allergic to dogs n u say..everything?!? O_O??? *that means dust also?* i think this may affect her nose XD because i kept on seeing her scratching or rub *one time* her nose
    n yap! lets hope they win on *nana* 7th Seiyuu Award lol XD skip 2. Seiyuu Award again ^_^”

    • Yup, Nana-san did say she was allergic to dust. It does affect her eyes and nose a bit.
      Haha, 2 years later. Or they might win next year simply because they said something like that. XDD

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