水樹奈々の自叙伝「深愛」 – 6万部突破 [Mizuki Nana, Smile-Gang]

Eh? It’s been 3 weeks since I last posted something? Hm… I guess that’d explain why my own LJ looks somewhat foreign. Haha… Anyway, yes, I am still alive. :3

First thing is first:
Mizuki Nana’s autobiography sales have reached over 60,000!
Source here.

I leave the interpretation of the numbers open. 😛

Now onto Smile-Gang.

水樹奈々 スマイルギャング第463回【デジラジ音源】

Billboards Japan Music Awards 2010 talk.
Nana-san thanks everyone who voted for her. :3
About the actual awards ceremony, considering it was a live broadcast, Nana-san was very nervous. She kept worrying about “what if I have to go use the washroom halfway?” and so she was afraid to drink too much. She said that she felt very much like a kid then. かわいい. XD
Everyone in the audience are professional singers, so it added to her nervousness.
Strong performance nonetheless in my opinion, especially Shin Ai. =D

And apparently, one of the owners of Hanshin Tigers was present at the after-party and Nana-san approached him and expressed her “I really like Hanshin Tigers” support. He said he has heard (from others) about how much she likes the Hanshin Tigers and told her to “participate in our first-pitch ceremony some day.” (Cue Nana entering her fangirl mode – “I’ll remember to! I won’t forget that you told me to!”). XDD

Near the end of this week’s Smile-Gang, Nana-san jokes that if people buy both copies of her (new) singles in April, Mishi-P will give a kiss to 777 people. XDD She tells people to look forward to it — or not, she doesn’t want to see that. HAHAHA.


25 comments on “水樹奈々の自叙伝「深愛」 – 6万部突破 [Mizuki Nana, Smile-Gang]

  1. Still find no other places then amazon for Shin’ai. But 60k is still a great number. I wonder if it will reach 1 million.
    I saw Nana chan performing on niconico for the billboard. Its kinda shame that there are only a few in the background while Nana chan was really shining on stage.
    Aside this … I didnt expect you, kasumi chan listen to Cantopop. Are you also those Raymond Lam fans screaming ”Lam Fon AAHHH”??

    • At this moment, 1 million seems a bit too far away for that autobiography. ^^;;
      First thing I noticed for the performance: Lack of Cherry Boys band.
      Hahaha! My crazy fangirling is reserved exclusively for Mizuki Nana. XDD And maybe a few other Japanese singers/seiyuu.

  2. woot! i knew it she was nervous by the pro singers XD but i didnt no she worry this kind of this X_X” well she sang well! ^_^ GRAZ TO NANA!
    EHEHEH……….???!?!?!?!?! Mishi-P!?!? going to give….a kiss?!?!?! *if we buy both single* and is 777 people 777X *faint n die..*i with Nana-chan i dont wan to see his kisses ^_^”

  3. Shin ai has already sold over 60k copies? That’s a very good number, considering it’s an autobiography and Nana isn’t a bigname in mainstream entertainment industry. Glad many people interested in it. It’s a good book of inspiration whether you’re Mizuki Nana’s fan or not. I wonder if it will reach 100k? 😀
    Anyone who watched her performances in BJMA could tell she was very nervous. IMO, those performances are weak compared with her usual standard. Phantom Minds seems rushed and shaky in some parts.Shin ai is also a little shaky in some parts, too. She’d try to calm down her nervousness when she’s performing on TV. She could be more amazing than that! I thought she has already get used to it after her several TV performances since 2 years ago but it seems she hasn’t. ^^” However, they are still good performance unlike what some fangirls of other artist bashed about (yeah, I encountered quite harsh neg comments towards her and the award from some fangirls who watched Nana’s video to see a glimpse of their fav artist). Rabid fans aren’t nice and I don’t like their attitude of other artist can’t make mistake while theirs are flawless – -“.
    LOL a kiss from Mishi-P? No thanks, don’t prefer married men XD But I’ll definitely buy both singles.

    • I agree. Though some people think the number is overstated when individual bookstores report how many copies they sold. But I can’t imagine it to be overstated by too much. :3
      I think 100k is a possibility. :O
      Her performance has been worse before, which is why I wouldn’t be too critical of her this time around. In her defense, we need to take into consideration the environment. Cherry Boys weren’t on stage with her and her fans were outside. She was alone, with no one to calm her down. Under that situation, I’d say she did very well.
      I personally think she has improved in hiding her nervousness. But of course, her voice gave her away. It was her voice that was shaking, particularly during Phantom Minds. She did manage to gain control of her shakiness though (or keep it down to a minimal), which is why I think Shin Ai came out much better than it might otherwise have been at that time.
      But I do agree with you that she could have been better. And I definitely understand how frustrating it can be when others start throwing out negative comments just because of one or two short performances. No artist is ever perfect, and rabid (immature) fans just pretend not to hear/see anything when it happens to their own favourite artists — and continue attacking other artists and their fans (perhaps to cover up for their own artist’s past mistakes?).
      Although I have to say that rabid fans like those exist in the Mizuki Nana fandom too (as sad as I find it sometimes). Not necessarily in the English fandom (YouTube comments are full of immature people so I’m not even going to start), but you see a lot of comments every now and then on NicoNico. *sighs*
      Going back to the lighter note, the question is… Can Mishi-P even get 777 people to attend this “kiss” event? XDD

  4. Her performance at the Billboards was great. Shin Ai is not an easy song to sing, and you couldn’t really tell she was that nervous (compared to her first Kouhaku). Then again, I find kinda refreshing that even after all the success, at the end of the day she’s still humble enough to accept she gets nervous before a performance.
    Nana fangirling over the Hanshing Tigers is always fun to hear. It’d be hilarious to see a video if she actually participates in the first-pitch ceremony one day. XDU

    • I think that’s one of the many things that separate her from other top artists. Despite her success, she doesn’t consider herself a celebrity much.
      Never mind actually participating in the first-pitch ceremony, but simply being in the presence of any Hanshin Tiger member is enough to generate amusing reactions from Nana. XDD After all, we’ve seen it happen before… Except I can’t seem to find the video anymore. ^^;;

  5. The first thing that popped out to my eyes in this entry is “777” and “kiss”. And my bubble burst when I saw “Mishi-P” in front of “kiss” LOLOLOL. No offense, mishi-P!
    And darn, I havent watch the BMJA talk yet, damn you sucky internet! *shakes fist at home connection*. SMILE GANG have to wait too till I get good internet.
    Nana is a good role model for all fangirls out there, even though she’s famous herself, she’s not shy to go fangirl mode no matter where she is hehe.
    Anyway, glad to know you’re still kicking xD. Hope you had a good Vday!
    I cant believe I’m brushing up my kanji just so I can read Shin’Ai, the power and determination of a fangirl is amazing! I can read one page a day now! 8D praise me praise me 8D

    • Hahahahaha. XD
      Billboards Japan is worth a watch. The way she answered questions near the beginning was quite cute (in my opinion anyway). XD
      Part of the reason might be that she’s not completely aware of how famous she truly is. Or at least, she doesn’t let the fame get to her. :3 And haha, “good role model for fangirls”? That’s a first. XDD
      Yup, ALIVE&KICKING, as one fellow Mizuki Nana fan used to say. XD
      PS: Haha, I laughed at the “praise me praise me 8D” part. That was cute. XD よくやったね XD
      But seriously, that is amazing! =D That is the result of the power of a fangirl combined with the power of Mizuki Nana. XD

  6. Mishi’s kiss event. I think his wife, with the Tamura blood, Tamura Rie-san would sign all 777 spots. LOL. But then again, I wouldn’t want to see that, (I think Yukarin won’t too.)
    Wai~ So many sold copies. ❤ I got a friend who's in Japan to buy it for me. Now I must endure the wait to getting it. xD!
    I still haven’t seen any billboard performances. But since Nana-san isn’t a TV Person/Celebrity, and her only Television Exposure is Music Japan, I’d say of course she’d be bound to be nervous. Nana-san is just a human being after all. Well… I LOL’d at the fact that K-ON! Is there though. I wonder who represented them. LOLOLOLOL xD!
    … Nana-san you fangirl. xD

    • Would anyone really want to see that? XDD
      At least you’ve secured your copy! 😀
      Actually, she’s on various TV performances. Music Fighter, Music Japan, Wednesday J-Pop, Kouhaku, and possibly a few more.
      It’s natural to be nervous. The big thing this time around is that no one was with her on stage. It’s not an environment she is familiar with, so personally, I think she’s done well to carry out a solid performance nonetheless. It wasn’t perfect but she’s been perfect many times before so it’s okay. XD
      K-ON! was there? That I did not know. :O

      • True. xD!
        I have!. Woot! xD!
        That’s right. No sea of penlights. ; ^ ;. But at least she knows her fans are outside, although she cannot see them. I just heard it, and yes it was remarkably good. :3 And yeah, true that, perfectness. xD!
        And K-ON! was nominated, dunno who went or something. XD Lia too. xD!

    • Song name: Thermidor -vingt sept- (or テルミドール -vingt sept- in Japanese)
      It’s one of my favourite songs too. :3
      There’s another version called テルミドール from Noel ~La neige~ depart chisatoxnana. This is the original version of the song. -Vingt sept- is the remake she sang when she was 27 years old (hence vingt sept, which is french for 27).

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