NANA-SAAAAAN [Mizuki Nana]

The Heartcatch Precure collaboration is coming soon!! As in very soon!
Unrelated, but the “uki-ki” cries (voiced by Nana) is amusing for some reason.

EDIT: The collaboration was… more of a “uh?” moment for me. Nana-san’s voice was the only thing I focused on.
And there were only 3 other who were singing. :O I don’t think that was what most of us were predicting? XDD


EDIT3: No full song again. But it was a great performance by Mizuki Nana nonetheless! I loved the way she smiled near the end!

No amount of fangirling can express how I feel right now~~!
I love her dress here. It’s clean and simple compared to the big red dress in PHANTOM MINDS. :3
I cannot stop grinning. XD I feel like I jumping up and down right now. XDD

EDIT5: Nana-san is dressed so cutely in Wada Akiko’s performance.

EDIT6: White won again. That is one punishment game point on Smile-Gang for Nana-san already. XDD


40 comments on “NANA-SAAAAAN [Mizuki Nana]

  1. Couldn’t get pplive to start; still trying the ways you described, keyhole sucks.
    But I watched the collaboration on youtube. And I agree with the ‘huh’ part, lol. At least Nana did a nice job and I’m sure some kids in Japan would have been really happy after watching it. 😀

  2. The Uki-ki~!! Are so cute. When they were told to speak while Nana-san (Tsubomi) is on stage. I went, “She’s doing it on stage?!” LOL xD!!
    It was nice. T_T Phantom Minds was so epic. Nana-san looks so happy.
    I’m so Happy for you Nana-san! *fan girls* My new year is now SUPER COMPLETE!! ❤ NANA-SAAAAAAAAN!!!
    *waves red penlights*

  3. WAAAAAAAAAAA….totally miss Nana’s singing….. *got to go some where -_-“* but thank to youtube that upload so many lol XD i just search ‘水樹奈々’ waaaa.. so many n ‘紅白’ even more lol XD…but i cant find the theme song!!! *sob sob*

  4. Firstly, I have to thank you for introducing PPlive to us. That help many Nana fans to watch our fav singer performance in real-time. Yeah, my fellow thai Nana fans and I were fangirling/fanboying so hard, too. It was fun watching Kouhaku with many people XD
    I miss Uta no Chikara part. My computer was hanged at that time T-T I want to see Nana sing that song so bad.
    Nana looks very…very young in Heartcatch, as young as other 3 AKB girls. She is really forever 17! XD >
    Phantom Minds was flawless.It’s pity that she didn’t perform full version again (as I noticed some other singers didn’t as well).
    I really love her performance but frowned a little bit with her costume. Though it looks pretty, that red dress is too large.
    Btw, I’m going to upload her Phantom Minds and Heartcatch with AKB48 vids for my local community.They are HD files. If you’re interested I can share them. :3

    • No need to thank me. :3 I understand how fun it is to watch it together will fellow fans online. XDD
      Will wait for uploads somewhere. I’m sure there will be. If not now, then when torrents are up. ^^;;
      Not that I can torrent as watching the performances live today have eaten waaaay too much bandwidth, but usually youtube or others have uploads of parts after that. 😛
      I completely agree. It was flawless. I just think the dress didn’t fit with the overall theme of PHANTOM MINDS…
      If it is not too much trouble? I am interested in the Heartcatch video in HD. ^^ Thanks!

  5. I fell asleep right after L’arc~en~Ciel’s Bless.
    And woke up only for 3 seconds or so to see Sakamoto Fuyumi-san’s face before going back to sleep haha.
    Didnt watch her part in Uta no Chikara T_____T. Good thing has it.
    White won again?? Dx
    No fair!! Nana sama’s PHANTOM MINDS was mindblowing!!
    even though it was cut mercilessly
    And thank you again for sharing the streaming with us.
    Hope Nana sama would participate in next year’s Kouhaku so we could do this again hehehehe.

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