“I’m hamburger! Teriyaki Hamburger!” [Mizuki Nana, Smile-Gang]

水樹奈々 スマイルギャング第456回【デジラジ音源】

You know, this is REALLY dangerous. If people actually stopped and listened AND did not know this is for Smile-Gang… :S
Then again, I would find it unlikely that Smile-Gang staff would not take any precautions. They’d be in some really deep trouble if something went wrong with Nana-san’s image. So it’s okay (since she’d be somewhat protected — maybe?). XD Regardless, it doesn’t change the fact that it’s tough on Nana-san to be doing these stuff in public.

But I’m sorry, despite feeling bad for her, I laughed. Hard. XDD

Beginning with sending that so-called “sexy” picture to her mom (the same photo on her blog post with the message “Mama, I’m feeling sexy tonight.” Yes, she actually sent that to her mom! XD …That was worth… 3 points only. XD
Her mom never replied though. 😛 Though it was revealed (near the end) that Nana-san actually made a call (when she was outside) telling her mother to ignore the text as it had to do with a radio show. Her mother’s reply over the phone? “Oh, so it was okay not to reply?” XDDD 天然でしたwww

And then there was the public embarrassment. Nana-san plays the part of a woman who’s telling her lover to divorce his wife to be with her. Misato directs her to repeat after her, and all the phrases Nana-san must say, are related to “Who’s more important?”, “I’m willing to do anything!”, “Stay at my place tonight.”, etc.. It helps that she’s laughing the entire way though. So no one would take her seriously. XD

Imanami is standing 5m away from her, making sure she carries out everything. XDD

After that… street live? XDD Tzukyuun~ Ahahahahahahaha. Ah, I can’t breathe. XDD
I’m surprised Nana-san manage to retain her sanity after this. XDD

Then more embarassing phrases. “I’m hamburger! Teriyaki (chicken) hamburger!” XDD
In the the middle of this, I’m guessing Imanami tells her Baseball Pitcher Kudou Kimiyasu (of Saitama Seibu Lions) just passed by . XDD

A few more phrase reading and Nana-san successfully clears off all 44 points.
Ouch. That’s all I can say. XD

Misato adds in a reminder that there’s just a few more days and it’s Kouhaku! 大丈夫かな?ww

That’s that. XD

For those of you not at work/school, remember to check out this on the 27th and 28th! :3


7 comments on ““I’m hamburger! Teriyaki Hamburger!” [Mizuki Nana, Smile-Gang]

      • Totally. xD! Smagang never fails.
        And Yeah, that too! LOL, the English part just confirmed to be that Nana-san’s English is better than May’n’s. LOL xD (May’n should learn it from Elisa. ROFL. xD)
        “Hey George! Do you love me?” *falls down laughing* xD

  1. Mwahahaha!!! Misato and the staffs are so cruel to her. Far more S than last year that I feel sorry for Nana (though I enjoyed listening to everything she had to go through).
    I saw that “ero” photo on her blog. Not ero enough, need sexier pose XD I think o-mama won’t get mad if it’s not as suggestive as the FRIDAY gravures. She has already seen it (and spanked/scolded Nana), hasn’t she? XD
    Saying embarrassed things in public is so LOL. Teriyaki Hamburger and George W. Bush’s mistress (she said sth about loving George and Barack, right)? They are so evil XD But…like you said in previous post, is this okay for a Kouhaku singer like her to do this? People may think Mizuki nana is crazy XD
    Well, I want Misato to get the punishment next year. She seems to enjoy herself so much in bullying Nana. It’s time for her to endure sth like this, too 😀

    • There was apparently a full Smile-Gang meeting (excluding Mizuki Nana) with regards to the punishment game. XDD
      I don’t think it’s about getting mad on o-mama’s part. It’s more about feeling weird and embarrassed due to the content of the message rather than the photo. XD
      Hahah. Yes, she did reference “George” and “Barack.” XDD
      I’m surprised she hasn’t gone crazy after going through all that. XDD
      I completely agree. It’s time to see Misato suffer at the hands of Smile-Gang staff. XDD

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