Batsu Game Point = 44 point [Mizuki Nana, Smile-Gang]

First, I am alive. =D Exams are done as of yesterday, but I am still unable to focus properly for long for some reason.

Anyway, 水樹奈々 スマイルギャング第455回【デジラジ音源】

What I feel is most important about this week’s Smile-Gang is… Nana-san asks her fans to please continue being her fan regardless of what happens next week (on Smile-Gang). XDD

Ok, yes, I do feel really bad for her, but I can’t help but think ‘cute’ when she said that. XD Don’t worry Nana-san, I doubt any of your fans would think any less of you no matter what happens! XDD

To think she could successfully accumulate a record-breaking 44 points for the annual Smile-Gang year-end batsu (punishment) game. Forty-four. It was either her or Misato because the two of them were tied 22 to 22, so whoever won today’s game can transfer all their points to the other… and luck really wasn’t on Nana-san’s side. ^^;; To think they’d decide through a dice-rolling game… Better than rock-paper-scissors, I guess. XD

But I found it hilarious that Nana-san referred to Misato as “Fukuen” (it surprised Misato too) right before the game. XD

…And what? Kei-tan is becoming more feminine? Interesting… XDD

EDIT: Forgot to mention, and it’s probably 2 weeks old news now, but Mizuki Nana’s autobiography Shin Ai will be released on January 21st, 2011. The rate of new releases is insane… -__-;;


7 comments on “Batsu Game Point = 44 point [Mizuki Nana, Smile-Gang]

  1. From what she said, it seems Nana will be bullied hard next week. Maybe something more embarrassed than last year’s “I’m a Chimpanzee” in front of crowded train station? XD
    If she has to do something like that in public again it will be more embarrassed since she is more well-known andmore people will regconize her than last year. Anyway, I’m looking forward to hear what kind of punishment she will get. Sorry Nana. 😀
    Yes, the rate of her new releases is really insane. Shin Ai book annoucement makes me feel happy and sad (for my wallet) at the same time.
    Though having a new single from her will be great, I pray she won’t release anything ’til at least mid-April or I will be totally bankrupt.All latest Nana-related merchandises and Live Grace & JP trip really kill my wallet until around that time -_-

    • It goes back to the question, “Is it really okay for a Kouhaku singer to be doing those things?” XD Smile-Gang staff don’t seem to care. Haha.
      There’s a sadist in all of us. XD But I was kind of looking forward to Misato being the one who is “punished” this time because I’m curious to see how she deals with the stuff Smile-Gang staff throws at her. XD
      At least you get to go to Live Grace!

      • I want to see Misato being punished, too. She seems to have more endurance to embarassed things than Nana but it would be fun to see how usual big-bad Misato will react if she has to obey those punishments XD
        Talking about Live Grace, I still don’t know my seat location until Jan 6. All I know from ticket merchant’s site is that it’s in center section. It’s not fc quota so I won’t expect front rows but hope it’s not too far away from the stage – -”

  2. I haven’t even bought Live Games x Academy.. and now she has a new magazine. Can I cry with my pockets? T_T
    And LOL, I wonder how she’s gonna make up for all the punishment points she has. xD I’m sure everyone would think that whatever she’s doing is cute anyway. xD!
    Unless they ask her to do Oshiri Punch! on Kouhaku that’s… orz. xD!
    Thank you for the update Kasumi-san! =3

    • The fact that I’d hesitate to buy Live Games x Academy tells the condition with my money reserves. D: In fact, I didn’t pre-order until the 21st. ^^;;
      44 points is a lot. If 1 point = 1 punishment game (like it did last year), I pray for her survival. XDD
      No need to thank me. 😀

      • I wanted to buy it too… T_T But taxes here are gold. *cries in despair*
        LOL, Poor Nana-san. xD! She hasn’t even finished up everything from last year, right? XD
        Dai ichi ni saku, ichirin no hana~ OTL. xD!

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