Happy 10th Anniversary, Nana-san! [Mizuki Nana]

Celebrating the 10th year since Omoi was first released! 😀

I’d write more, in fact, I wanted to do something special, but… I’m in the middle of final exams period right now… OTL

At any rate, congratulations to Nana-san! Her blog post was cute and touching. :3


10 comments on “Happy 10th Anniversary, Nana-san! [Mizuki Nana]

  1. Had the single on loop… definitely a must listen today (yesterday? @@).
    Random thought… Is it wrong that I feel kinda old even if I wasn’t even aware of her existence back then? XDD (this is random.. I know, blame finals/lack of sleep x.x)
    Good luck with your remaining exams! 😀

    • Haha, actually, I sort of know how you feel. I wasn’t aware of her existence 10 years ago either, but it probably has to do with the number ten and the word year. ^^;;
      ^I’m not making sense either. I haven’t caught up on sleep yet. 😛

  2. Ah…this song was the last song played on Smile Gang was it??
    Darn, if only I knew of her 10 years ago…Dx
    On another note, good luck with your exam! Let’s celebrate this anniversary by acing ’em and looping Omoi until next week @_@

    • The last 10 years certainly wasn’t entirely smooth sailing, so you’re right, it definitely is no small accomplishment. :3 And I’m looking forward to this year’s Kouhaku as well!
      PS: I hope everyone has been going well with you? :3

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