Compact Nana! XD [Mizuki Nana, Smile-Gang]

水樹奈々 スマイルギャング第451回【デジラジ音源】

Nana-san mentioned a recent experience she had that I find somewhat interesting (though Nana-san found it “kanashii”. ^^;; I can’t say I don’t how she feels.

To make a long story short, she was in a store when she heard two girls saying, “Hey, isn’t that Mizuki Nana?” Probably not wanting to make a fuss, she headed for the exit but couldn’t avoid the two girls. When they made eye contact, Nana-san wondered if she should say something (or if they’ll say something to her) when one of the girls said, “That can’t be her. This girl is tiny!”
And so, dejectedly, Nana-san left the store without a word… XD

Misato affirms afterward that Nana-san does look different (size-wise) through media when compared to her real person. In fact, when Nana-san takes off her shoes (during recordings), she is surprisingly “small.” That’s because the heel of her shoes average about 10cm (4 inches). People joke about her compactness. XDD

Should I take pride in the fact that I’m short, but at least I’m still taller than Nana-san? XD <–I joke, of course. XD


23 comments on “Compact Nana! XD [Mizuki Nana, Smile-Gang]

  1. I can’t help laughing even though I feel sorry for Nana XD
    I agree with Misato that Nana looks taller than her real size when she appears in the media. If I didn’t know she’s only 153 cm., I would think she’s around 158-163 cm. High-heels’ fault? LOL
    Btw, isn’t Misato shorter than Nana? I guess that’s why she didn’t tease Nana much about this topic. XD

    • I think it’s the high-heels. XDD She’s almost always seen in high heels when in front of cameras. XD
      You know, I never looked up Misato’s height until now, and… You’re right. :O Nana-san is taller than Misato (according to their respective official profile/website). I always had the impression Misato is slightly taller. Although, I won’t write off the possibility that Misato grew a bit taller after the profiles were written (since those are hardly ever updated).

  2. lol how can they say that! XD but ya she 153cm *n i m taller by 4cm haha!! no differents* but if she wear her high heel shoes woot! she taller than me X_X” *i wonder if those 2 girl hear this also lol XD*

  3. lol
    omg, I can imagine how Nana felt haha.
    the despair of the little people…
    but darn those two girls, they met the Mizuki Nana in a store and they cant recognize her! *head desk*

    • I think it’s more of a double shock to her, because not are the two girls saying that she’s short, they are saying she is not Mizuki Nana. XDD;;
      I know. There are so many people (myself included) who wish to meet Nana-san in person (shake her hand and ask for an autograph — possibly exchange a few words)… And here are two girls who had this chance but didn’t recognize her… *sighs*

  4. Well, I am proud that… I am heaps taller than Nana-san and Yukarin…and Aaya. xD
    if Misato says that she’s small… and Misato’s smaller than her. so what is Nana-san’s height? 4’8″? LOL XD! Poor Nana-san, *pats*, so kasumi-san, do you mind if I asked you your height? xD
    Well I’m sure they recognized her face. If I saw her, I won’t be amazed by her height, but just walk up straight and ask for an autograph on my shirt or whatever I have that day (even my phone) and have a photo taken and walk away with glee. XD!

    • And Yukarin is taller than Nana-san. XDD
      Nana-san’s height is 153cm according to her profile. Sounds about right…
      My height is…*cough158cmcough*… so yeah, she’s taller than me when she’s wearing her 10cm heel shoes. XD
      I personally think I’ll be incoherent if I actually met her. XDD But yeah, definitely get her autograph. XD

      • Indeed. Thay’s Yukarin always calls her tiny, LOL. Even though she isn’t that much taller herself, the fact that she’s taller than her is enough XD.
        Don’t worry, at least we all know that if she becomes taller than you its a cheating! XDDDD! I’m 163cm so yes. =3.
        I think.. I am too at first but, I want a photo~~ I should do my best to get it. It is for height comparison XD. But since nana-san is an M. Even if people like Misato is shorter than her, they still bully her LOL.

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