NHK 第61回紅白歌合戦をPRする「紅白応援隊」に就任いたしました![Mizuki Nana]

No I should not be online, but I saw this when accessing Nana-san’s official website through my phone (was taking a short break), and I saw this.

^Links to official NHK Kouhaku Official website

Like I said last year, don’t jump to conclusions yet! This is merely announcement of Nana-san being a part of the 61st NHK Kouhaku Gassen Support Team.

In other words, PR.

Interesting to note though, that they’re known as the Support team as opposed to Digital Support Team (as they were last year).

And I’m sorry for late/unreplied comments. >.< I just lived through one midterm yesterday and another one is coming up on Friday. Headaches aren't helping. D:


16 comments on “NHK 第61回紅白歌合戦をPRする「紅白応援隊」に就任いたしました![Mizuki Nana]

  1. Given her performance last year, I’d say she pretty much secured a spot for this year’s kouhaku, too. But you’re right, it’s still a little early to tell.
    Good luck with your midterms!! 😀
    Headaches are horrible ;____;. just try to get as much rest as you can. it’d be better not to stress a lot, but I know that’s impossible (damn exams ¬¬). Coffee may also help bunches from time to time. 🙂

    • I would think so too, but it’s better to hang back a little so we won’t be too disappointed if the worst happens. ^^;;
      Thanks! 2 down, 2 to go… And 3 assignments… |||OTL
      I’d say my headaches are a result of stress. D:
      I think I’ve drank too much coffee lately, even for me. XDD;;

      • True. Let’s just hope for the best then @@
        Go you! Good luck with the ones left 😀
        Those are the worst DD: but at least is almost over? >___<
        But coffee is always good XD ok, not if it’s too much, but.. it helps? XDU

  2. Oh dear, Nana-san’s dream is slowly coming true~ <333
    Thank you for this! =DDD!
    And I’m sure you’re gonna blow those midterms away, Do you best Kasumi-san!! =D I hope your headaches go away soon. =]

    • She’s amazing, isn’t she? :3
      Although I think she considered a dream come true already last year, when she got to perform on Kouhaku. The way she broke into tears when Mishi-P told her she would be participating as a singer is something I still clearly remember.
      No problem! I suspect it was widespread news before I got to it though. But I understand you had midterms too. Hope things went/are going well? 😀
      My headaches will go away when stress goes away which… will not be anytime soon. D: But thanks! 😀

      • She sure is. XD!
        Wait, she cried? =O Where? Well I expected that she would, but I would’ve not known it got aired or something. And yes, a singer, and she got her dream duet too. With her fave enka singer. xD!
        Well the only one I knew about was the iCarly one. xD! I didn’t know about it until now. And yeah, it’s going well, just one more week! faito!! xD
        DX! Maybe medicine would help, well for now. DX Working with headaches is just… so. @_@

  3. Yes, we can’t jump to the conclusions yet, but it did increase the chance of her attending this year’s Kouhaku as red team member. Moreover, her name is in oricon’s 61th Kouhaku tentative performer list.
    The obvious absence of some bignames, such as Otsuka Ai (pregnant) and Kimura Kaela (childbirth in late Nov.), may increase the chance, too. So, the possibility is quite high. Let’s hope we will see her on Kouhaku stage again 😀

    • Like I always say, I rather hang back a little and not get my hopes up too high in case the worst happens. XD
      But yeah, I definitely won’t mind waking up 5 in the morning just to watch Nana-san live on Kouhaku again. XDD

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