Live Games x Academy – Release Date [Mizuki Nana, Smile-Gang]

Happy 10/10/10 everyone!

水樹奈々 スマイルギャング第445回【デジラジ音源】

Important announcement!

…Or so I say, I’m sure most of us was expecting this anyway…

Live Games x Academy Blu-Ray and DVD
To be released on:
December 22nd, 2010

As expected, there will be two versions:

Live Games Red Stage x Academy (Live Academy Tour – E-hime) = Red Version
Live Games Blue Stagex Academy (Live Academy Tour – Osaka) = Blue Version

And here is the rest of Smile-Gang #445

Because it’s October 10, 2010 – (10/10/10)… They began talking about what to do on July 7th. They came up with 7 hour Smile-Gang. XDD They’re suggesting that for the 10th anniversary for Smile-Gang… We shall see what actually happens when the time comes.

Then Nana-san began talking about how Mishi-P used to be a heavy smoker, but 3 weeks ago, he quit (because his wife kept asking him to “stop”). According to Nana-san, Mishi-P says he feels much lighter and can wake up at 5AM feeling energized. His wife has been treating him much nicer too. XDD And not only has he stopped smoking, he’s on a diet too.

Nana-san doesn’t think the diet part will last though.

Similarly, the A.D. (Assistant Director?), Ueki-san, for Smile-Gang is also doing the quit smoking + diet thing since 3 days ago.
Misato and Nana-san are betting on whether Ueki-san can continue staying away from tobacco or not for a year. Nana-san says ‘yes’ but Misato is betting ‘no’. The person who loses will accumulate a punishment point. XD

Then comes the shopping channel school corner.

Misato at the beginning made me laugh uncontrollably. XDD

The one thing that Nana-san had the most trouble with was the ‘fake’ Mizuki Nana autograph set that says the following, with a ‘fake’ signature following each ‘message’.
1) Niku Niku yakiniku (meat meat grilled meat) shabu shabu – That is my one week
2) I was actually born in Aoimori, currently 35 years old!
3) I bathe every 3 days

They even have a fake version of “the bird” that Nana-san said looks awful, even though Misato said they look similar. XD
And she’s selling it for… 7 yen. XD

That is all for this week. :3

As a side note, midterms start in 2 weeks for me, so if I seemingly suddenly disappear, that is the reason.


12 comments on “Live Games x Academy – Release Date [Mizuki Nana, Smile-Gang]

  1. …..-_-” i wonder whoes idea to do that for LIVE GAME X ACADEMY….i feel like killing that person for killing our wallet to buy both!!…if is Nana herself i……*faint*
    at shopping channel school corner lol didnt Nana copy what Misato said even the ‘bording bording bording’ O_o? n me wan to see that FAKE Nanette XD

    • It was expected though, with Red and Blue versions. ^^;; Though yeah, prices were slightly higher than what I previously thought… *looks sadly at wallet* ;_;
      They actually said “body.” XDD

  2. Us fans are going to be poor… with Clips 5 on Oct… Nanoha Movie on Nov… and Live Games x Academy on December… *pokes wallet open*
    I will have to listen to this soon as to my net is bullying me so much. T_T
    And Good luck on midterms!! =D Well the same for me, that in two weeks I get our midterms too but.. let’s faito Kasumi-san! XD!

  3. Two versions is great… but I think my wallet just fled. Wasn’t expecting the release date to be so close to Christmas though, it’ll only take longer and I’m gonna have to pay EMS. Somehow I don’t think I’ll be getting the Nanoha movie this year ;___;
    Oh and I said it before, but good luck with your midterms!! 🙂

    • Her past releases were also around Christmas, so I wasn’t really surprised about that. I’m not going to pay EMS though… I’ll just… wait… and obsessively check my mailbox like I’ve done for the past 2 years. XDD (since when has it become a ritual? XDD)
      I’m still going to get the Nanoha movie this year… But I’ll probably hold off on NANA CLIPS 5 for much longer than expected now. 😦
      Thanks! 😀

      • If the release date would have been just two weeks earlier, I wouldn’t have to pay either. But a package ‘got lost’ a couple of years ago, so now whenever I order something that close to Christmas/new year I have to pay EMS ;___; I can keep track of it, but it should be totally worth it anyways :DD (even if my wallet won’t have any good use after that D8). If she keeps releasing stuff like this, it’ll definitely become something to look forward to every year. XDU
        I’m really trying to get around ordering it, but yeah.. decisions, decisions. *sigh*

        • If the DVDs (and we’re talking about 2 sets here!) weren’t THAT expensive, I would pay for EMS too (because as you said, it should be worth it)… But… *looks at wallet* ;_;
          Haha, it’ll be like a Nana present every year. XDD
          *sighs* There are simply way too many things trying to pull at my money in the near future. D:
          It wasn’t like this last year! -__-“

          • At least they didn’t price it at 9000+ ¥ or something (and I’m quite grateful both the DVD and BD versions have the same price). BUT, there is a bunch of hours to look forward to…5 DVDs per set is kinda insane. XD
            Yep, but that’s a present I can look forward to. XDU
            Indeed. ;___;

  4. Price of both sets of Live Games x Academy DVD/Blu-ray is out. They are 7,770 yen each which make me feel a little bit relief since I first expected them to cost around 10,000 yen each. But, they still make a big hole in my wallet -_-”
    BTW, good luck with your exam.

    • What’s more surprising is BD price is the same… To be honest, the price is 770 yen more than I previously expected… She might as well have made it 7777 yen. XDD;;
      And thanks! I’ll be needing all the luck I can get. :3

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