NANA CLIPS 5 – updated [Mizuki Nana]

Just checked Nana-san’s official website. It was updated with more NANA CLIPS 5 related information. Mainly just a list of CMs that will be included on CLIPS 5.

…It’s actually a long list… It makes it look as though they’re desperate to fill this DVD/Blu-ray with content, even when there’s already a lot.

Aside from the usual music video/making of footages, it comes along with the Shachou Kouen Complete Edition. Complete to the point of including the pre-performance mini-concert. First time Trickster was sung live, if I recall correctly.
I was expecting that mini-concert to be on the DVD that came with Ultimate Diamond, but as we know, we never got it. Whether it was planned to be that way from the start or if it had been the issue surrounding Discotheque is now irrelevant as we’ll be getting it in NANA CLIPS 5.

I’m more interested in the live version of Tenkuu no Canaria sung at Tales of FESTIVAL. Though we’ll probably get only the live portion and nothing else… The Tales fan in me wants to see more, but that’s expecting too much. XD

Also very interested in Mysterion (full version) PV. Unlike Shin Ai, it doesn’t say “another edit” but rather, “full version.” Still don’t like Mysterion much, but the “full version” does make me curious.

Before I forget, the jacket photo has also been uploaded. It feels so “plain and normal” that I’m a little unused to this Nana. XDD


As it’s already October (time really flies), the ē”·ćØ儳3 -TWO HEARTS TWO VOICES- album containing Nana-san’s duet with Inagaki Junichi has been released.

I can’t help but be amused at how Nana’s voice overpowers Inagaki’s. The duet was also sung on Music Fair.

It’s funny, because Nana-san said on Smile-Gang that she was extremely nervous during the recording of Music Fair (to the point where she was acting a little unnatural — forced smile and rapid blinking), but if anything, I think Inagaki is the one who is tense. XD Nana-san looked like she was enjoying herself. XDD

^Watch it while you can. I don’t expect this video to be there for long.


3 comments on “NANA CLIPS 5 – updated [Mizuki Nana]

  1. Have seen Nana Clip 5’s cover. It’s more plain than the previous ones but I like her looks on it šŸ˜€ The clip’s content is good, too. There are many interesting stuffs, which help making up for its higher price at 5,800 yen. However, I’m still sad that they cut off the making of of Etsuraku Camellia and Silent Bible. Those two are the PVs that I’m looking forward to seeing their making of the most.
    About Nana & Inagaki Junichi’s version of Egao no Yukue, words can’t descbribe how happy I am when I first heard it. It’s awesome! Nana’s voice really fits DCT’s song as I thought since sometimes her singing style reminds me of Yoshida Miwa. Kudos to Nana for great interpretation of this song and thanks to Inagaki-san for giving Nana a chance to sing it. Seeing my current jpop love’s singing my first jpop love’s song makes me really happy XD
    Anyway, I’ve watched Music Fair already. Nana doesn’t look like she’s nervous at all šŸ˜€

    • I’m actually surprised they’re not including the ‘making of’ of those 2 songs… Considering how much I liked the PV of Silent Bible, I definitely wanted to see the ‘making of’ for that as well…
      But until CLIPS 5 is actually release, I’m going to continue believing that they’ll put it in. XP
      Nana-san said Egao no Yukue had been a difficult song to sing. And compared to DCT’s version, it sounds quite different. :3 The duet has a unique spin to it (mainly due to the arrangement).
      I know! But Nana-san said herself that, when she watched herself after the recording, she thought she looked really unnatural. XD

  2. I agree. XD! Man I can’t wait but look forward to Nana Clips 5. XD! I hope I can buy it too. T.T
    And yeah I agree. I’m sure Nana-san must’ve been nervous, but Inagaki looks like he drank laxative or something. LOL! I am kidding. Inagaki is good.
    And yes, Nana-san just enjoyed it. XD! And I still find it epic that she can harmonize. Normally, it’s hard to harmonize with a guy who has a higher singing voice then you are. So it is still.. oh-so-awesome.
    Good thing I was able to grab it before it was gone. XD!

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