LIVE GRACE 2011 ORCHESTRA [Mizuki Nana, Smile-Gang]

水樹奈々 スマイルギャング第444回【デジラジ音源】

The title for the orchestral live has been confirmed!


As a reminder, this live will be taking place on January 22nd & 23rd of 2011 at Yokohama Arena.

As for the rest of the Smile-Gang, the new “shopping channel” corner was, as expected, hilarious. XD I kind of miss the DJ school corner though, but Mickey-sensei is dead (death from loss of song) — both Nana-san and Misato have written on their message cards on Smile-Gang that they’ll miss that character (actually, not so much on Misato’s part, but she said she had fun). XDD

Anyway, about the shopping channel school corner…

*laughs* We always feel bad for Nana-san since everyone is picking on her, but I think Misato has it tough as well. XD It’s not easy to keep that atmosphere and voice going. XDD

But since this corner is about Nana-san being the salesperson, she was instructed to promote the following items:

NANA CLIPS 5 – it was a looong promotion. XD
Tomato Juice – she actually had to drink it halfway and force herself to say “It tastes good!” XDDD
Ehime-ken – she played two roles, the salesperson and herself (Nana). I lost track of who was speaking halfway. XDD And she’s selling it for… 777 yen?
Book of sexy – I have no words… Just listen. XDD

And of course, since I didn’t write about Smile-Gang last week, the CM for NANA CLIPS 5 (Smile-Gang version) is shocking. XDD When I first heard it last week, I was all O_O I was expecting it this week, so the impact wasn’t as strong, but I still gain a chuckle out of it.

While I’m on the topic of last week’s Smile-Gang (#443) anyway…

Nana-san spoke briefly about the FRIDAY magazine. Apparently (but not surprisingly), o-mama doesn’t know about it yet. XD But Nana-san said she doesn’t think it’ll remain unknown for long as her mother’s students will likely show her the magazine at some point. XD

And Misato trying to describe her thoughts on the photos was funny. Especially when she ended off asking “what colour is it?” XDD

Staff reactions were all “:O” or “hum” when looking at the magazine. XDD

Yeah, I’ve seen the pages the “relevant” pages too. What can I say? Something definitely has changed ever since the “ero-sen” incident. XDD

17 comments on “LIVE GRACE 2011 ORCHESTRA [Mizuki Nana, Smile-Gang]

  1. tomato juice not bad XD for a person who hate it lol!!
    i totally lost alot of blood on the part of the book of sexy lol XD *didnt she say body look very nice or erm….*

    • Yeah, she did mention “body” for the “book of sexy.” XD But she spoke about the “body” for NANA CLIPS 5 and tomato juice too, so that part is potentially part of the script… Nonetheless, still very suggestive. XDD
      EDIT: But then, she did follow up with “Dynamite body” (which I’m sure is NOT part of any script) for the book of sexy so…heh… ^^;;

  2. That CM for CLIPS 5 makes me want to buy it, am I weird? ;___;
    Book of sexy is something that has to be listened to actually believe it XDD The ero-sen incident changed her completely. Srsly though, it’s something I’d never expected from her, even as a joke XDU
    Misato’s reaction is just priceless. XD
    The Orchestra live has to come out on DVD at some point, right? Even if there’s no way the quality will come out as if you were in the actual concert, I wanna be able to watch/listen to them.

    • Are we talking about the same CM? The one with Imanami’s (Smile-Gang) horrible singing? XD;;
      From a marketing perspective though, that CM was really effective. It’s… memorable. XDDD
      Some of the things she said was truly shocking. It completely went off in the wrong direction. ^^;;
      Considering I won’t be at the actual concert, I can only hope they’ll release it on to DVD/BD as quickly as possible. ;_; But then our wallets will be crying again at that point…

      • Yup, see why I feel like a weirdo? XDDDU
        Indeed, I was not expecting that.
        Hope so, too. Our wallets can take it (I hope ;______;) I mean, Nana + Orchestra.. that’s as raw as it gets without being a capella. Should totally be worth the purchase. right? XDD

        • XDD
          I’m sure it’ll be worth the purchase but our wallets will be taking some severe damage until it is released (I’m guessing July or August — unless they do a double release in the winter again with whatever live she’ll perform in the summer of next year). ^^;;

  3. You make me feel curious about Nana Clip 5 CM. Will listen to smile gang tonight to find out how interesting it is. Book of sexy ad seems like something that is a must-listen XD
    I think o-mama won’t be happy about her little girl’s gravure shots in Friday magazine. They look very “revealing” compared with other mags. She may get scold after o-mama sees them XD However, shouldn’t she be worried about Friday Dynamyte tomorrow more as most contents of this mag are NSFW? I don’t understand why Nana agrees to take gravure shots in those mags. It feels like her management tries so hard to make her looks more like a sexy adult while she’s still a 30-year-old kid even with 4 ero-sens XD
    Talking about Live Grace, my friends couldn’t get FC tickets, so I have to fight for it on Nov 13 on public sales. Hope I will be lucky this time or have to fight for it again in auction and say goodbye to more $ 😦

    • I hope you’ve listened to the CM and gained some sort of amusement out of it? XD
      And yes, book of sexy is a must-listen.
      Compared to that one particular shot in Friday Dynamyte, everything in the Friday magazine seem tame. Of course, all photos were still “safe” but… I certainly don’t want to be caught looking at them during work. ^^;;
      *nods* I agree. It’s almost as if they’re trying to change her image… And I’m not sure I like where it’s going…
      Yup, I certainly like the 30-year old kid more. XDD
      Speaking about being scolded, considering o-mama’s reaction to Etsuraku Camellia, I don’t doubt there will be a reaction to the Friday magazine photos if she ever saw them. ^^;;
      Good luck with the tickets! Really. :3

      • I saw her gravure pics in FRIDAY DYNAMITE. One of them is quite…uhm…daring. I think o-mama will scold her for sure 😀 I don’t mind her being sexy sometimes. To tell the truth, I really like her classy sexy looks in B.L.T. and CUT but FRIDAY DYNAMITE pics look a little bit perverted. Hope she won’t take a photo from weird angle like that again.
        Listened to smile gang already. Raped version of Mugen is lol. Perverted Misato is awesome and I agree that Nana becomes more perv after the 4 ero-sens incident. Self-realization? XD

        • Hope the scolding won’t be too bad though. ^^;; But yeah, I personally would hope she won’t take photos with weird poses/angles like that again as well.
          Smile-Gang listeners will be hearing that version of Mugen for a while to come. XD

  4. LOL! I can’t wait to listen to the Smile Gang episode now, I haven’t listened to one for a long time. XD!
    And I can’t wait for Live Grace, how I longed for this Orchestral Concert *dreams*
    And about FRIDAY, yes… hmm.. I totally LOL’d when Misato asked around, 3 times what color her pantsu that day. LOL! XD Misato-san really, xD!
    Is the Ero-sen proving its significance now? >D

    • Smile-Gang brightens up my week. XD
      I think the Live Grace will be a really interesting experience for all her fans and for Nana-san herself.
      Misato is awesome like that. XDD
      I think the better question about the ero-sen is… For better or for worse? ^^;;

      • I agree. XD! I’ve been stressed lately, and now it has brightened my week. XD!
        Yes, I hope I can go. T_T Live Grace!! XD!
        And yes, Misato is terrifically awesome >D
        XD! Well, I guess it depends on the situation. xD!

          • Yes. I hope I can get more vocabulary so I can understand more every week though. XD! What is the latest episode of Smile Gang? XDDD!
            Nope, I hope I can though. T_T I really like orchestras, and now Nana and Orchestra is like dual kill. XDDD!

            • Ok, this is VERY late, but latest episode is 446. 447 will air tomorrow though.
              The best way to learn vocabulary, in my opinion, is to watch anime/video game. In particular, games like the Tales series where the majority of the game is voiced. :3
              No doubt it’ll be awesome. We’ll just have to wait for the DVD/BD release… which will be another stab at our wallets when the time comes. ;_;

              • oh. XD! So many. XDD! Smilegang has been a long broadcast. ❤
                Really?Hmm.. well yes I believe, it improves hearing too, xD! And pronounciations xD!
                Yes. We should, and get our wallets stabbed. T_T

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