Nanoha Move 1st Opening Stage Greeting [MSLN, NanoFate, Mizuki Nana, Tamura Yukari]

Due to the amount of NanoFate that have been floating around in my mind, I finally got around around to translating and posting this.

魔法少女リリカルなのは The MOVIE 1st 初日舞台挨拶


^Why yes, Yukarin has her arm around Nana! XD

That’s not the reason I’m posting this though. This is actually from quite a while back, in fact, almost a year ago. But as far as I know, the video itself was only uploaded onto the internet about 2 or 3 weeks ago.

Anyway, we all know that Nana-san is a big NanoFate supporter, right?
And we also know that Yukarin occasionally makes NanoFate comments as well?

So we really shouldn’t be surprised at how things turned out, but I still find it hilarious. XDD

In my translated portion, the only people who spoke were Tamura Yukari (Nanoha), Mizuki Nana (Fate), Mishima Producer (aka Mishi – King Records Producer), and Mizuhashi Kaori (Yuuno). My translation starts after everyone introduce themselves. :3


Yukari: So… Is there anyone here who does not know Nanoha?
Mishi: I don’t think there are many, if at all.
Yukari: Ok then, let’s spoil the story.
*everyone laughs and claps*
Mishi: Well, this is a power up remake…
Yukari: Yeah
Mishi: So the story will, of course, follow the first series.
Yukari: Right. The television series aired in 2004… So it’s been 5 years? 6 years?
Mishi: A little over 5 years.
Yukari: A little over 5 years. So I’m very happy to be able to play the same role again. To have our efforts projected on such a big screen is not something we experience very often, so we’d really appreciate it if everyone will continue to support us!
Look, I didn’t give out any spoilers! I was very mature!
Mishi: It’s because you didn’t say anything important.

Nana: To have the movie open on the big screen after the 3 series is something that has made me very happy. I think of Fate as another part of me, so I really love her. Because it is a power up remake this time, there are new scenes that have been added. I believe everyone will come to like Precia-onee-san *claps and cheers from audience* …so please look forward to the mother-daughter scenes!
(Note: Notice she said onee-san, not okaa-san. XD)

Nana: It’s been a while since I had to be in the role of a 9 year old Fate, so I put all my effort into the role while telling myself “Mizuki can still do it!” *laughs* (In the role of Fate) I’ve been in love-love mode with Nanoha for most of the time (starting from A’s to StrikerS to all drama CDs in between and after), so having to experience this distance between the two after so long made me (sad) *releases a sad sigh* But this is the beginning. Please enjoy the story that tells the beginning of their love.
Mishi: You’re sure it’s all right to say that?
Nana: *laughs* Fine, everyone, please look forward to the story of how they met. Thanks for everything today.
Yukari: Just now, you spoke of their distance, but I’d like to point out that Nanoha always loved Fate-chan!
Nana (Fate): I-I know…! I’m sorry I can’t be honest (with my feelings)…
Yukari: So about the story of Nanoha’s unrequited love…
*everyone laughs*
Mishi: Unrequited love story…? *laughs*
Yukari: Occasionally, the perverted ferret would pop up too…
Kaori: I wonder who you’re referring to!?
*every laughs and claps*
Yukari: But in the end… *turns to Nana* Ne?
Nana: Ne?
Yukari: The feelings will reach a state of accomplishment/fulfillment. *laughs*
Nana: *cheers* Wai wai~
Kaori: What is this? I’m sad now… *laughs*
*everyone continues to laugh*
Yukari: Everyone, it’s okay to think evilly like that (referring to pairings), but please only do so after your third viewing.
Of course, the reason Nanoha is allowed on the big screen is because of all the support everyone has given to the Nanoha series; the themes that come up in the series are related to the bonds between people and it’ll really make you think about a lot of things. So when you’ve reached the end of the movie, please wrap your arm around the shoulder of the person beside you and… sing “Sarai”* or something. *laughs*
Mishi: Sarai? The camera is right there and you said “sarai.”
Yukari: Ah, I’m sorry! Then please sing the “P” something “O” something song.
Anyway, thank you very much! Please enjoy the movie!

*Sarai is a famous song released in 1992. It was the theme song of the “Love Saves the Earth” television series.

Mishi’s comment about “The camera is there and you said “Sarai” and Yukarin apologizing has to do with the fact that, in front of public/media, you’re not supposed to talk or refer to the product (or song in this case) of another company. They can mention it in a way that everyone understands, but they cannot directly say it. For example, when Nana-san or Misato refers to the “World of M,” they cannot say “World of M.” They have to say “Some other world.” We all get it when they say that, but they can’t use the exact words.

What made this whole thing even funnier at the time, was that some anime/game magazine reporters put the headline for this coverage as:

Nanoha Movie 1st – Public Confession!?

^Referring to the “Nanoha had always loved Fate” and the reply of “I’m sorry I can’t be honest (with my feelings).” XDD Yay for NanoFate? XDDD

Since I took a few more screenshots, I might as well throw them in here.


This whole event (with the NanoFate talk and semi-confession scene) made me a happy NanoFate fan. I’m pretty sure the reason I had NanoFate dreams 2 nights in a row was due to this. XDD


15 comments on “Nanoha Move 1st Opening Stage Greeting [MSLN, NanoFate, Mizuki Nana, Tamura Yukari]

    • so the rumor of Yukarin shoulder hugging Nana is true! *jumps as a happy fangirl
      *jumps again
      I’ve been having NanoFate dreams too. =3 The fun of being a nanofate fangirl… *dreams

      • Yup, you’re free to take the translation and use it as subs! …Except there is one tiny problem… There is a line missing between Mishi’s “It’s because you didn’t say anything important” and where Nana’s part begins. I cannot decipher what Yukarin said. OTL “Something-something nakatta deshou?” and “Yoroshiku onegai shimasu” is all I can hear. ;_;
        This is one of those times where I am reminded of how glad I am that Nana-san dragged me into the world of NanoFate. XDD;;

        • Yay~ Now I finally have a new subbing job. =3 I’ll try to decipher that part then, and tell you for confirmation if I actually got it… or something. XD And I need to edit the translation too is it’d fit line by line. =3 Thank you Kasumi-san! =D
          NanoFate got me to Mizuki Nana… and Yukarin. =3 Now that went vice versa for me. =3 Now as to I am curious, xD! How did you get to NanoFate? Except the fact that Nana-san had dragged you into it. =3

          • Yeah, please do tell me when you’ve figured it out. ^^
            Me getting into NanoFate was actually quite a long process. It didn’t happen until 2 weeks AFTER I finished all 3 series. It took some re-watching too. XD I’d give you all the details of how I got into NanoFate, but it’s nearing 12AM right now and I have work tomorrow. ^^;; Sleep comes first in these situations. XDD

            • No Problem! *salutes
              Oh, Of course! Have a pleasant sleep Kasumi-san! And good luck with work =3. I look forward to the full version. =3
              And the same here, xD! It took me some re-watching too, and then here came the doujin! (I got hooked into doujins… because of Nanofate and Tokoharu. xD!)

  1. I actually laughed like a maniac aloud irl while reading parts of the translation. THIS IS NANOFATE IRL, I SWEAR.
    “I think of Fate as another part of me, so I really love her”
    -> OMFG I WISH I HAD THE PRIVILEGE / HONOR OF SAYING THAT BOO excuse me while I go to the corner and emo ): ): ): I never thought of it this way, but in a sense Mizuki Nana is so lucky to be able to play Fate!!! XD
    (yeah you’d probably say something about Fate being lucky to be voiced by her, LOL but meehhhhh 😥 )

    • Believe me, I laughed like crazy at some parts too. Especially the part where Yukarin suddenly said “Perverted ferret” because that was unexpected. XDD
      Contrary to what you may think, I actually don’t think of it that way. XDD;; I’m glad she played the role of Fate, or else I (probably) wouldn’t have watched the series at all, but after a while, I don’t consciously think about it anymore. A character’s voice is a character’s voice. :3

  2. Yukari: Just now, you spoke of their distance, but I’d like to point out that Nanoha always loved Fate-chan!
    The whole thing was hysterical, but that part was the one that made me laugh the most, Yukari’s voice when she said that (as in.. “Seriously??! D:”) was hilarious. It really surprised me, as she’s not usually the one to make ‘serious’ statements about NanoFate, not that I’m complaining. XDD
    Is after stuff like this that I don’t get why they haven’t state their canon-ness as a couple. XD
    Thanks a bunch for sharing!

    • It all depends on what you mean by “serious statements about NanoFate.” XD
      Yes, Nana-san is usually the one talking NanoFate, but Yukari has made her fair share of NanoFate statements too. ^^ Most of the time, she’s simply playing along with whatever Nana-san said previously (that was NanoFate related). XD
      I think they’re currently about as canon as they can get without Fate and Nanoha getting married. XD
      No problem. Hilarious and heartwarming NanoFate-ness deserves to be shared. XDD

  3. Thanks a lot for sharing this. Have to say the obligatory NonoFate and YukaxNana Banzai phrases XD If anyone interested, I ripped this vid from Nico and it’s here:
    By the way, I translated your translation into my native language and shares it in local Nana community (of course, I gave you credit by putting your link there). Hope you don’t mind 😀

    • I’ve already got my own mp4 version of the video, but nonetheless, thanks for taking the time to do all that! I’m sure there are many people who will be grateful. :3
      And yeah, as long as you link back and credit, I don’t mind. 😀 Simply out of curiosity though, what’s your native language?

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